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In dreams I have watched it spin

Who: Ronan Lynch ([personal profile] greywaren), Adam Parrish ([personal profile] unknowable), OPEN!
What: Open log for November!
Where: Raven House, Fear's temple, scavenging, etc!
When: Throughout November.
Warnings: Ronan Lynch is a warning tbh. Underage drinking and emotionally constipated teenage boys in the starters.

[Starters are in the top levels. Feel free to pick any and reply to them, or throw your own at me! c: ]
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[Well, you know. When in Rome - or wherever the hell this is, Nick still isn't sure. But there are empty shops and she has to eat eventually, and it's not like she's any stranger to five finger discounting things.

Still, it's kind of blatant, this kid grabbing things and just knocking others over with wild abandon. So Nick decides to do a thing she frequently does - say something about it.]

Jesus, kid, you could at least pretend like you give a shit.
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So that's your excuse for trashing it?

[She folds her arms across her chest, leveling a singularly unimpressed stare at him.]

Might be crap somebody else could use. You think about that?

[Nick's no philanthropist, but she grew up poor enough and has struggled to make ends meet for enough of her adult life to find waste distasteful.]
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[She rolls her eyes.]

Look, kid, I'm guessing this is your first time away from mommy and daddy, so I'm gonna give you some free advice here. Beans can make the difference between starving to death and making it back home. I don't care if you don't give a shit about 'em, but fucking it up for everyone else here is just a dick move.
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[It's not the first time Nick's been called trash or something similar, and she's cynical enough to know it won't be the last, either. At this point in her life, she's come to expect it - embrace it, even. The reaction it elicits from her is a laugh.]

I was here first.
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[Nick snickers at him, taking a half-step forward with her hands on her hips.]

Or what? You gonna sic your pet bird on me?

[She grins, cold and defiant, all teeth. Nick didn't earn a reputation for being a bruiser by backing down at the first sign of trouble.]

You don't scare me.

[She's seen scarier things in her life than a boy with a bad attitude. She's been scarier things.]
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[This time, when Nick laughs, it's a loud, full-body response, like he's just told the funniest joke in the history of time.]

Kid, I'm not a girl.

[And she halts, for just half a second. She's been no stranger to brawling when the occasion calls for it, in the past - she's not a seasoned fighter by any stretch of the imagination, not even trained. She could approach this as she is, but the truth is, she has a new method of meeting challenges now, and she wants to go the other way.

If Graham were here, she thinks, he'd probably scold her for using her powers for such a stupid reason. But if Graham were here, Nick would point out that he's the one who keeps insisting she get comfortable with her other form.

Nick quickly closes her eyes, concentrates on feeling her body shift and grow and hollow out from the inside. When her eyes open again, they're glassy doll eyes with hinged eyelids, still the same shocking blue. It only takes seconds for the transformation, and when it's done, she stands as a towering porcelain doll with long, dark hair, clothed in impractical black frills and lace, a visible hollow spot fissured in her forehead.]

I'm a monster.
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[Nick might look frangible in her Morphus form, but she's actually much stronger; despite the crack in her forehead, her porcelain shell doesn't break easily. The drawback, however, is that she isn't as agile as she is in her Facade, so she isn't able to dodge quickly enough to move out of the way of the toppling shelf. She goes down under the weight of the shelf and the objects it holds with a high-pitched scream.]