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i am so scared of what will kill me in the end

Who: Cibo + All
What: Dreamwalker Event
Where: A-B.NetSphere / C.Slums / D.The City (aka: Cibo's Headspace)
When: May 16 - 26
Warnings: For prompt B and C: gore, body horror, violence and possibly death. D may not be as bad, but still may contain violence/language!

▒░ A. HOPE - NETSPHERE ... **Access Granted**

There's nothing in all directions. Only tall grass and blue sky. It's straight out of a dream.

And Cibo just stands there. Breathing fresh air she never thought she'd know.

It's not real, of course. Simulated smell. Simulated wind in her simulated hair. But she's free. She'll never have to suffer the horrors of the City again. Not one more day would she need to live in fear for her mortal life. Or continue the endless quest for the Net-Terminal Genes. She doesn't need them anyway if she made it here without them.

By even seeing the NetSphere without alerting any protocols, the human race is saved. She has full access to the Safeguard system with authority of the Governing Agency. She can modify their programming. She can stop them from hunting humans to extinction so they can finally take control of their own existence for the first time in thousands of years. She did it.

But she didn't do it alone. She knows that Killy must be here somewhere. They were always together. She almost can't remember a day where she didn't think about him. If he weren't here, he would be here soon. She's sure of it. While she waits for her closest friend, she breathes in total peace.

She finally made it.

(cw: body horror, gore/blood, possible dismemberment and death)

It's possible that the humanoid-synth dressed in a dark cloak has been standing there the whole time.

It stares. It waits. It's confirming the intruder.


Cibo is frozen in place. She sees it. She knows what it's doing. She's terrified.

(cw: body horror)

When she wakes up from that nightmare, she's right back to where she started. Before Hadriel. Before Killy.

Strapped to a pillar in the sewers beneath the wreckage of the City. A large machine is plugged into every port in her body. It forcefully pumps fluids and oxygen in and out of her. Long after she loses feeling in her hands, her legs, her entire body, it continues to keep her alive long after she has a will to live.

How long has it been...?

Too long

Skin decomposes and hair falls out. She doesn't taste or smell anything but the rot of her own flesh. Organs maintained by the immortal machine she's hooked up to. The data that makes up her personality is unchanged, if not altered to harbor a hatred for those that put her here.

It occurs to her how machine she really is. That she may be trapped in this place forever. Alone.

(cw: Violence, Language)

The City echoes with machinery in between long lengths of silence. Old metal creaks against the breaking concrete. There is no sky. There isn't an end to it. It goes on forever in all directions. In the corridors there are suspicious shadows; things lurking in the corners and pipes. A constant paranoia that something is watching. Hunting. This is her home. This is her life.

Free from the dank hell of the sewers and strong enough to begin collecting parts and materials, Cibo's one-track mind distracts her from anything else. Somehow she managed to find a body with her white hair and pale skin, the blue body suit it came with is specifically designed for technological functionality. And that's exactly what she's going to use it for. To hack into systems and bring her absolute wrath.

When you arrive in one of the many dimly lit rooms of the many structures that make up the district, you'll be guided by the sounds of work: Pounding, welding, snapping and the buzz of electricity. Each new turn looks as safe as the last. Though a skittering sound in the ceiling seems to creep along with every step. It may just be your imagination...
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Knowing the darkest corners of her own world, it doesn't immediately occur to Rey that this horrid dream isn't a product her own mind. For a brief time, she wanders the scape, seeking life where there may be none.

What she finds is something beyond her expectations. And yet, in some ways, it's almost like peering into a mirror image she knows all too well. The memories of her own past selves, their vessels preserved long after they've been sabotaged...

Having seen her own fair share of horrors, Rey doesn't balk at the sight. She is slightly surprised, however, to realize that there's a hint of recognition in this not-corpse.

It should be dead, and yet this body still lives on. Preserved by the machinery that keeps it living.

"Who are you?" Rey inquires, knowing full well that this isn't one of her other selves before her.

How she can expect it to respond? Well, it isn't real, after all...
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As in the synthetic woman, Cibo? Come to think of it, Rey can recognize a vague semblance, if you could call this husk even that.

She steps closer, canting her head to the side as she peers at the woman and the machine that she's connected to.

"What the hell happened to you?"
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Given their situation, Rey doesn't feel that they're pressed for time. And it seemed that Cibo had plenty of it. Enough for her to have decayed to the point she is in now, anyway.

But her latter suggestion does pose a bit of a problem.

"How? Won't you die if you're moved from that?"

The machines, she means.
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That's not disturbing or anything.

Rey raises her brows at Cibo and her malfunctioning vocal system. But then something else captures her attention more.

"You can be transferred to a new body?" She blinks. Suppose she shouldn't be too surprised, given that Cibo is synthetic, and that's a thing that synthetics from Rey's world can do as well... Including Rey herself.

Considering that she's just a torso, Cibo also shouldn't be too difficult to transport. Especially with Rey's strength. She takes a step forward, examining the synthetic and her wirings and the machines connecting to her, trying to get a better scope of the situation.

"So, um. How do we do this?"
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Rey definitely doesn't sound like she knows what she's doing... simply because she really doesn't know what she's doing in the slightest. Can't even pretend like she does. So there is some unspoken appreciation in that guidance Cibo readily offers.

"Mid-machine. Got it." She can remember all that other stuff. Computer brain giving her an eidetic memory and all. Still, she runs through the information in her head as Cibo lists off what needs to be done, keeping all of it in mind as she moves to do what she's told.

They can discuss the body-thing later. Right now it seems more pertinent to get out of here. She has a terrible feeling about this place. Rey makes it quick when she sets Cibo up, taking a moment to try and figure out how she's doing to do this.

Okay. She can carry a decaying torso on her back while she takes the one machine part that she's supposed to bring.

Nothing weird about this at all.

"Down the tunnel, to the ladder," she repeats as she makes her way towards this facility Cibo talked about.