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Piano Man

Who: Lucifer & Anyone brave or foolish enough to walk into his dreams
What: The devil decides to try to charm Delight
Where: Dreaming Event
When: Towards the latter half of the dreaming event
Warnings: I have clips of Lucifer playing the piano inside. They're not really enough to be considered spoilers, because they don't really tell anything about the episodes they're from but just an FYI all the same.

In the end Lucifer decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

He'd been dozing throughout the event, finding himself in the dreams of others more out of his own curiosity than anything else. Because while he was certainly suggestible he was also stubborn enough to be willful about bending to the games played by Fear and the others.

But it had slowly dawned on Lucifer that perhaps he could use this to his own advantage, and if there was one thing Lucifer liked, it was anything in his advantage. He had yet to find a piano anywhere in Hadriel (he may just have not been looking closely enough ) and the truth was he missed the outlet. He'd also decided that of the four godlets currently running this show, he liked Delight.

This was completely arbitrary mind you, he'd never met her or Fear, Hope or Rage. But Delight appeared to have the in on the booze supply and of the four emotions she annoyed him the least.

So he decided to go for a little twofer. Give in to the urge (and it really was intense by now) to sleep and sink into his own 'dream like state' in search of a piano and also to show his support to Delight, as finding a piano and playing it would delight him. Even asleep he had enough awareness of his own mind, enough Willfulness over his own state of being, to build and construct the 'dream' he wanted. The memory of Lux wasn't that difficult to bring over from his subconscious and soon enough, Lucifer had his beautiful grand piano once again under his fingers.

Smiling he sat down at the bench, in the dream and began to indulge in one of his less destructive vices. ]

Jazzy number
Knockin on Heaven's door

OOC Note: None of the other characters/circumstances in these clips are in Luci's dreams. He's just playing the music.
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[Of all the things Nick misses from the world she left behind in being brought to Hadriel, music is probably the one thing she misses the most. It's funny how that works, how something that's always been a part of her everyday life is suddenly gone for months - no radio, no recordings - and then hearing it again after such a sharp absence feels like discovering the fact that she's been missing a limb all this time.

She's drawn to the piano, pulled forward by the vibrations of the strings ringing out in the air around her and resonating inside her chest. She thinks, hazily, that she might recognize the song he's playing and singing - maybe something she heard Kennedy play once, in a coffee shop, or maybe when they were alone together in the house in Pilsen, before everything fell apart and Kennedy left and then Nick too eventually left, to find a place far enough away from the ghosts of Chicago where she could piece her ripped-up heart back together.

Nick watches, rapt, as he plays, waiting until the song ends and the applause fades to approach closer.]

I think I heard that one before somewhere.
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[She huffs a quick laugh at the first statement.]

Yeah, I think I've heard that before, too. My ex used to tell me all the time, "You know, the world of music doesn't begin and end with the Rolling Stones."

[She shrugs after giving her exaggerated impression of Kennedy.]

I don't think I've been here before - I'm Nick. You're really good with that.

[She gestures to the piano, smiling warmly.]
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[Nick laughs at that, recognizing in a distant way that he's probably flirting with her but not thinking much of it. She's been a bartender for too long to take the things guys say - or imply - seriously. Besides, she'd have to believe in her own worth as a person first in order to believe anyone else would find her worth anything (except the obvious). She may be dreaming, but Nick still has her own mind, her own thoughts and beliefs and perception of self.]

Yeah? Good to meet you too, Lucifer. [She doesn't really bat an eye at his name. This is a dream, so even weird things seem fine.] Why don't you tell me more about Nina Simone, since you're something of an expert?
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many apologies for my lag here /o\

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Well - yeah, of course. I mean, I'm not some egghead historian or anything, but I know my way around their discography.

[She shrugs, arms folded over her chest.]

Not just the popular stuff, either - people always remember "Sympathy for the Devil," but mention "Blue Turns to Grey" and you get blank stares.