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the taste of blood

Who: Dean & YOU
What: The Mark of Cain Compels You. as in it compels dean. to kill things.
Where: the caves & around the caves & heading back to the spires (dean lives in spire 1, room 501 so feel free to bump into him around there, too)
When: right now!
Warnings: gore, violence, blood, dean being dean.

There was only so much Dean could take of the constant screaming in his mind. Only so much he could withstand when it came to the compulsions he faced on a second by second basis, the ones that forced him to question his every move, his every breath. Every face he passed was an opportunity to kill and every moment was one he wasted not handling the needs that lay crawling under his skin. It was something he told Sammy nothing about because he was fully aware that it was wrong, that all he would do was worry and mull and try to come up with a solution that didn't exist. Because if there was something that Dean knew, it was that there was none. And the only solution, the only one that meant he would stay alive, was to find something to kill.

He'd heard about the caves, brief explanations of the monsters that crawled within. And so he finally decided, after being here for too long without reprieve, left to flickering memories of Leviathan and Purgatory, to take care of what needed to be taken care of.

Making his way to the edge of Hadriel, it took nothing to dip inside the caves and begin to hunt. It wasn't a rare thing for him to go looking for monsters; there was no inkling of the fear that should likely have existed riding the pulse found in his throat. But it was the first one he stumbled upon that made the world around him vanish, that made nothing but the beast in front of him stark and real and necessary to demolish. His demon blade made in appearance in seconds flat and as the cat like creature pounced, he was quick to jam it into its underbelly, wrenching his fist and slicing through skin and muscle, blood immediately pouring over his fingers, down his wrist, soaking beneath his jacket.

It was only the beginning.

Anything he couldn't kill straight off, couldn't demolish with a blade took a shot to the head, blood spattering across the cave walls, a fine most of it hanging in the air. The rest he gored, struck through, tore open - any flesh he could sink into was decimated to the best of his ability. It was a constant rush, his heart crammed up somewhere into the back of his throat as he killed until he could find nothing else. He reeked of death, of remnants and innards and his boots stuck to the floor with sticky, congealed messes. He was soaked with his own need to kill and finally, by the end of it, he felt sated. Numb would have been another word for it, his being finally tamed for, how long? He didn't know.

But it would do for now.

Making his way back out of the caves, Dean wasn't quite sure what to do now. He had to clean up, had to get back to the Spires without making a scene and that wasn't going to happen. And so he did exactly that: just began to walk. Because what else could he do? He'd done what he had to and now he had to face the music. It was the only thing left.
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Night after night of sleep plagued with intensely uncomfortable dreams has already worked a heavy toll on Nick, and she doesn't much relish the idea of many more nights of the same to come. Even the dreams that had been pleasant in the moment were too close to something painful to truly be enjoyed, and Nick woke every time with a lingering sour aftertaste that she couldn't shake.

So today, she's out walking. She doesn't typically go near the caves, because that's where the monsters live, and that would be stupid, but she also tends to fall on self-destructive habits in times of emotional turmoil. Maybe she's looking for Kamina, holding on to a tiny glimmer of hope that he'll show up again like he did before after an extended stint in the caves. Maybe she's looking for trouble. Maybe she's simply looking for a distraction.

What she finds, though, is Dean - bloody, disgusting, but on his feet all the same. They've only spoken once in the waking world, and she was fairly drunk at the time, but she remembers him, and she remembers his name, and she can't help feeling overwhelmed with panic at the sight he presents.

"Christ," she says, wide-eyed, "what the fuck happened to you?"
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"You got bored? Seriously?"

Just like that, the feeling of trepidation drops away, replaced by irritation and an exaggerated rolling of her eyes. What is wrong with people in this place?

"Is there some kind of merit badge in the Macho Scouts for fighting cave monsters or something? Fuck." Nick turns half away, throwing up her hand in aggravation and disgust. "You know what, I'm sorry I asked."
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"We already are in the next Lord of the Rings," she says, sighing heavily, hands propped on her hips. "Haven't you noticed? I mean, I know you're new here, but you're not that new." He's been here long enough to know that fighting monsters is dangerous - that's such a given Nick can't believe anyone here is actually stupid enough to go looking for that kind of a fight voluntarily.

"So - what? If it's not some macho bullshit, what is it? They started it first?"
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Questions of good and evil don't have much place in Nick's life. She abandoned her parents' religion early on, deciding that God must not exist if so many shitty things kept happening to her, and with it went any strong sense of morality. Nick didn't bother herself with deep philosophical questions about ethics or existence - the world is a shitty place, in her opinion, and shit happens, and all that matters is you keep going and don't let on how much it bothers you.

She exhales loudly through her teeth, shaking her head. What is she even doing; she met this guy all of once, and she's not his mother. She doesn't really care what happens to him (does she?) because she doesn't care what happens to anyone except herself. (Right?)

"Whatever, man. Do what you want. Go play monster-hunter in the caves, if that's what gets you off, just don't expect anyone to show up crying at your funeral."
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She might have laughed about the description of his potential future funeral, if not for the fact of what he'd said just before that, about precedence in killing monsters. This shit, she thinks, probably includes people like her, and the realization sends a hard chill through her, icing over her expression. Back in Vancouver, there had been other Nightbane intent on attacking her, but here, only a few people knew her true nature, and despite the fact that she nearly killed a woman last month, thanks to Rage's influence, no one had come after her with malicious intent.

Yet. But maybe that's all changed. Nick folds her arms across her chest, taking on an immediate defensive posture - Dean may not have threatened her directly, but she still feels threatened all the same.

"So - what, you're some kinda professional monster hunter or something? You go around killing things all the time for fun?"
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Nick gives him a full-shouldered shrug, deepens the frown creasing across her face. "Fun and profit? You tell me - you're the one out here killing monsters." Like she would know. Her father took her fishing all of once, and that was traumatic enough that Nick never pursued hunting any further, despite repeated offers from her uncle to include her on his trips.

(Maybe, a small inner voice whispers to her, maybe she deserves to be hunted like the rest of these things in the caves. Hadn't she almost killed Maketh just weeks ago? Hadn't she told Chris he should shoot her on sight if something like that happened again?)
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What he says - that's what monsters are, it's what they do. And Nick can't help thinking that this is part of her life now, this is what she will forever been seen as - something evil, something terrible, something that needs to be exterminated, like any other malevolent pest.

"Well, lucky for you that you ended up here," she says, all hard edges and taut jaw. "Plenty of monsters for you to deal with here, huh."
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Nick, on the other hand, doesn't bother holding back an exaggerated roll of her eyes. "Whatever, dude. Look, go play with the cave monsters, have a party, I don't care. Just leave me alone."