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the first, the first of the children

Who: Lilith and you!
What: The Firehawk starts taking things a little more seriously.
Where: The god temples and anywhere else in Hadriel.
When: Backdated to various periods in the Silent Hill event.
Warnings: Violence, freaky body horror, feelings-- all that good Otherworld stuff.
Note: If you'd like a specific prompt separate from these, please feel free to hit me up over PM or on plurk!

1. SPIRE 3 (early event | 6/15 - 6/17);

[The walls of the spire and its apartments have changed. Every crack seeps dark liquid; every shrouded place oozes blood, sticky red drying gradually to a sickening brown. Until the world shifts and the building returns to normal. Back and forth, over and over again.

This is where Lilith returns, every once in a while. She's willing to test her fate if she can get something out of it-- that's how she's always worked, and a stupid haunted town won't change shit.

When she's lucky, she catches her apartment in its everyday state and hoards her things, dragging back as many supplies with her to the safe places, to the gods' temples, as much as she hates to keep extended company with any of them save for Delight. She scoops up as much food (and, let's be honest here, alcohol) as she can and hauls ass back to the nearest safe place, over and over again, until there's nothing left.

When she's not so fortunate, which happens more than a couple of times, she's stuck in the twisted Otherworld of her spire: broken stairs, monsters skulking around every corner, all supplies turned rotten and unusable. All she can do is move, repeater pistol in hand, doing her utmost to get to the exit alive.

Find her in either state. She'll need a hand, regardless.

2. SILENT HILL (mid event | 6/15 - 6/17);

[Every time the sirens blare, Lilith's on the move to the gods' temples. Delight, if she can manage; Hope or Rage if there's nowhere closer. (Fuck Fear. He's a dick. She'll risk getting eaten by something if it means she doesn't have to crash at his place.)

At the first sight of someone rounding a corner, or the first sound of someone shuffling about in the fog, she's at the ready with her gun and pointing it in the direction of the source. No use being polite if it's life or death, here.

If you're not one of those things, come out. [she states plainly, repeater leveled steady and sure.] I will shoot.

3. THE GUARDIAN (all event | 6/15 - 6/20);
(cw: body horror for the image; lmk if/when you wanna find lili in the thread or if you'd like to encounter her monster alone.)

[The being lurches when it walks, tottering and unsteady. With flesh and skin and bone stretched thin and contorted upon its strange frame, it's almost as if its torso and neck are too heavy for its fragile, thin legs to support evenly. Even in the distant fog its gait is unnerving-- clearly inhuman, and clearly very, very wrong.

Whether or not Lilith is in sight, it's constantly hunting her down. The creature wheezes through its dripping gap of a throat, smiles impossibly with a painted-on mouth; the useless protrusions that jut out of its back twitch erratically as it walks ever on, searching for its mark.

It cannot be killed. Only distracted.

It turns its swaying head. In the fog, it's sensed something.

4. DELIGHT'S TEMPLE (mid event | 6/16 - 6/17);

[This is the worst she's ever had it in Hadriel. Being confined to a temple, even Delight's temple, is both incredibly dull and incredibly frustrating. At least being in Delight's midst is pacifying her enough to keep her from snapping out of anger.

Whether she's pacing around impatiently, rearranging her stash of supplies for the fifth time, sorting her stash of bullets for the tenth time, or gearing up to delve back into the fog and horror of Silent Hill, she's around.

Say hello, if you like, but Lilith is not in a good mood.

5. HOPE'S TEMPLE (late event | after this thread);

[It's a good thing she's already swallowed her hesitance about being part of the Guard.

Lilith has been awake for far too long, stressed and on edge for nearly all this time, but that doesn't matter. The more active and busy she keeps, filling this role she's been given, the more she can stop thinking about Henry. About Maketh.

Lilith stands a resolute, near-constant guard. The impatient skulking she'd done at the last temple she'd held post at continues, but this time, she doesn't stop: she's always at the ready. She'll climb up on the roof every once in a while, too, pistol swapped for her sniper rifle, and pick off any monsters that draw too close.

She looks, quite honestly, exhausted. But her eyes are hard and clear with resolve. Henry had almost certainly died for this. Maketh had trusted her to back up Valentine, and to protect these lives. Hope or not, no one within the shelter of his temple is going to get killed-- over her dead body.
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[Who has two thumbs and is not heading for the gods' temples for safety?

[This gal. This one, right here.

[By now Rey has gotten used to the fog, and has been wandering the fog for some time. When it gets dark, she finds some way to contend with the things that shuffle around in the shadows. One way or another, she survives. It's what she does, and what she always will do. After all, she had made a promise.

[That isn't to say that she is without her own bodily injuries. Rey is sporting some cuts and bruises here and there, her bare arms exposing hints of dried blood and scratches and there's a gash in the upper right side of her forehead. Otherwise, nothing serious. She has survived far worse scrapes than this.

[Making her way through the streets, it's a while before she runs into any other sign of life. Lucky for her (if one could call it luck), she knows the sound of a gun when she hears one trained on her.

[One doesn't need to have been a soldier to feel strongly about being at gunpoint. Rey stops moving, squinting through the fog at the figure obscured in the thick of it. It's a voice she vaguely recognizes.]

If you were dealing with one of those things right now, do you really think that would stop them?
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[Rey visibly relaxes once the gun is withdrawn. She's fallen back into old habits, too hyperaware to put her guard down and not expect someone not to freak out and shoot her anyway. If such a thing ever happens, she'll just have to be ready for it.]

Doing better than a lot of others, probably.

[A few cuts and bruises is nothing compared to being dead.]

Are you?
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[Yup, having all your limbs still intact is definitely a high note.]

Agreed. Don't intend to stick around the temple for very long, though.

[She's remiss to having her emotions fucked with. Even more so with the possibility of being attacked in her sleep. Needless to say, Rey hasn't been sleeping that much.]