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oo4. open . now you see me, now you don't

Who: Shadow and you.
What: Being a creep, Guard duties... the usual
Where: The streets, the tunnels, the outsikrts, the temples, the orchard, the park, the... bridges... mini Silent Hill... hmm, the rooftops? pretty sure i'm missing things just everywhere... & City Guard HQ
When: Any day between August 1st and 9th/10th-ish
Warnings: idk, it's Shadow, will be updated.

( ᴏᴘᴇɴ | ᴀʙsᴏʟᴜᴛᴇʟʏ ᴀɴʏᴡʜᴇʀᴇ ɪɴ Hᴀᴅʀɪᴇʟ; ᴏᴜᴛsɪᴅᴇ ᴍᴏsᴛʟʏ )

[ Why, hello there! Good morning, good evening or good night... It doesn't matter the time, Shadow seems to be there, observing from the rooftops or from the shadows at whatever you're doing. Sometimes he lingers and follows, especially if you're going into the tunnels, but sometimes he simply moves on.

While he's not exactly hiding—he's just doing his job, okay?—maybe you can't figure out why you feel observed, or maybe you just know exactly where he is and it's about time he stops creeping on you! Maybe he can help you instead of just watching, you know?

Hopefully you're not the kind that minds someone reading over your shoulder... ]

( ᴏᴘᴇɴ | Cɪᴛʏ Gᴜᴀʀᴅ HQ )

[ There hasn't been absolutely nothing worthy to report lately, but Shadow is there anyway, sitting at one of the few desks (actually, he's kneeling on the chair to reach the desk...) filling in a report.

He seems to be absolutely immersed in the activity, paying all the attention in the world on making his handwriting as clear as possible. He's been practicing, it might easy to tell for those unfortunate souls who actually read his reports. It no longer looks like if a five year old is among their ranks, maybe just like if a twelve year old is, instead.. He's improving, that's what matters. Pay no mind to the few crumpled papers on the desk, by the way... ]

{{ ooc; stalking permissions! }}
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It doesn't take long for Rey to realize that she's being followed. Hadriel hasn't exactly been the sort of place where she can afford to get rusty; not with the lingering uncertainty of what you may run into.

Ironically, Shadow happens to catch Rey while she's finishing up a patrol of her own. Having spent most of her time keeping an eye on her roommate, she hasn't been seen at the Guard HQ that often. Certainly not often enough for Shadow to have crossed paths with her before.

Until now, that is. When she's crossing the bridge in the direction of the headquarters. She has a bag in hand and a fresh set of scars peeking from under the straps of her tanktop in the shape of a claw mark, dragging across her shoulderblade.

She stops halfway across the bridge, though. Glancing over her shoulder, she looks in the direction of Shadow.

"Seems your stealth could use a little more work."
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Considering that her scarred face is something she so rarely, if ever, reveals to the network, her voice is all anyone would have to go off of. Her deadpan monotone is one that would possibly leave an impression on some.

Stranger things having been presented to her in recent history, the hedgehog's unusual appearance doesn't elicit much of a shocked response. Her eyebrows do raise slightly at it, acknowledging the fact that he does speak and therefore can't be one of the mindless creatures that found their way out of the tunnels.

"So you were being purposefully obvious." Rey shrugs like there's no difference whatsoever. "Are you still intending to follow or do we happen to be headed in the same direction at the same time?"

Neither would actually surprise her.
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Rey blinks, raising a brow at Shadow's observation.

"What, you mean this?" She reaches over her shoulder, touching the edge of her newly made scars. "It's no big deal."

Plus, she gets hurt all the time. Just another Rey Day.
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Staring has never troubled Rey. She's had (and done) her fair share of it.

Her mouth tightens at Shadow's response, though. "So what if it does? What's a few more scars matter to you?"

Judging by her face alone, Rey is hardly timid about her appearance. And it's hardly the only blemished facet she is sporting -- just the most obvious one.
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People skills may not be Rey's strongest suit, but she at least recognizes sarcasm when she hears it. Most of the time.

As if to add to her resounding, obvious apathy, she just shrugs.

"Good luck hauling this vessel's dead weight," she mutters, though audible enough for Shadow to hear. Thanks to being partially held together by metal, her body's got some heft. "But yes, anything serious gets seen to. Doubt the roommate would be happy finding blood tracking across the carpet."

Of course, that isn't all that Nick would be unhappy with.
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Although his reasons for his curiosity is dubious, Rey responds without hesitation:

"Nick Valentine. He also works for the Guard."

Implying that she is a Guard member herself, though her phrasing could leave that going over anyone's head.
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If his retort tells her anything, it is that Rey has been rather negligent lately. Her mouth tightens, bringing a hand up to scratch her scarred cheek in thought.

"Hm. Should've probably taken the time for introductions with people am going to be working with on the Guard from the start. Oh well."

She shrugs, speaking more to herself than to Shadow this time. It isn't like she's in the headquarters that often as Nick is.
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She scoffs. "You'd think."

It's just as on her as it is on the others, though. It isn't like they have regular meetings or something. Perhaps that should change.

"Rey. Think we've spoken on the network before."

In fact, they very much did.
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Odd. Rey is hardly an expert on any specimen of the animal kingdom, but she's pretty sure that hedgehogs have a much different look. Then again, she's also sure that they don't talk, either.

Remembering the name he had given her during their text conversation, Rey shakes her head. "No, was just patrolling. Or walking." It's basically the same thing, right? "Don't really have a gun for bullets to be of any use, anyway."

A shame that the armory is so useless in that regard.
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"Run-in with a zombie bear in the tunnels, back when Hope requested a little extermination."

Considering what she was up against at the time, it's a surprise that she managed to come out of that scrape with just a shoulder wound. But Rey doesn't need a gun to deal with most monsters. It'd only be more convenient if she did.
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The sudden (but welcome) shift in topic almost catches Rey off guard. It helps, however, that it's Nick that Shadow is asking after.

"He could be doing better." She blinks. "Honestly, it'd be a lot easier if we could get the synth parts to replace the damage. But he doesn't want to be saddled with any IOUs with the gods."

Damn stubborn robots. Such a pain.
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Rey really starts to wonder what it is that Nick could have mentioned, and then she's immediately distracted by Shadow's suggestion.

"That's the problem. Did a couple runs for Hope to get him parts the first time already. He wasn't too happy about that."
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Having an idea as to what Shadow is considering, Rey can only do her best to elaborate.

"Opened up Nick a few months back to check something. Noticed he had some parts that needed to be replaced. So, asked Hope for them. All he requested in return was for the extermination of a few monsters." Nothing big, really. Well, the bats were pretty big, but that's besides the point. "Anyway, Nick wasn't happy to find out where they had come from. Said he didn't want anyone putting themselves at risk for his sake.

And then another thought comes to her: "That isn't to say that Hope doesn't offer a less dangerous alternative. Am just more adept at combat than making people... hopeful."

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