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They look like monsters to you?

Who: Rey and Sato.
What: An introduction to failed attempts to fuck up the gods.
Where: The leftover Silent Hill area of the city.
When: After this conversation.
Warnings: Probably violence and Silent Hill things.

What had been an idle question had turned into an interesting little expedition idea. Sato had been under the impression that usually there weren't many monsters in the city, and was new enough to not have experienced the taste of Silent Hill that Hadriel had, or even read anything on the network about the fallout. So he had no particular expectations, other than Rey seemed to think it was dangerous.

And speaking of dangerous, it was clear that his first impression of her hadn't been quite right. Maybe she wouldn't be a problem for him later... but then again, it was hard to say. Some people, like Firo, were so easy to get a handle on, but he still hadn't quite figured out what to do with Rey. So it couldn't hurt to have her accompany him for the trip, and see what happens.

Sato hadn't visited Sorrow's temple before. It didn't seem like an interesting landmark, or an interestingly themed deity for that matter. Although 'sorrow' would be far too strong a word for any of Sato's unhappy feelings, he doesn't think that there's any point in dwelling on the unfortunate parts of his past. So he keeps a little distance from the temple proper to avoid any annoying little emotional flickers, leaning up against one of the crumbling ruins nearby and toying with a rather vicious-looking hand axe he picked up from the armory while he waits.

In fact, in flagrant defiance of their conversation some weeks ago, Sato is fully equipped with his current monster-hunting kit: Machete, the aforementioned axe, and several knives to complement his pistol.
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When Rey had made the suggestion that Sato take a promenade through the pocket hellscape on the corner of the city, his response wasn't surprising. Unlike her brother, she isn't much of a gambler, and she doesn't often take chances. If there was even the slight possibility that he wouldn't take the proposition, then she may as well have said nothing at all.

Part of her wants an excuse to test out the rifle she had acquired with Lilith; scope out the quality of the trade. Another part is hazarding a different sort of test: She wants to see how Sato handles himself in perilous circumstances.

Armed with only the aforementioned rifle and a combat knife strapped inside her boot, Rey makes a timely arrival at their rendezvous point by Sorrow's temple. At the risk of powering any of the gods, she has made a point not to linger on certain emotions. Despite the sentiment that this temple is supposed to elicit, it doesn't take much for her to bury those feelings without going all out as she had before. Being able to control your emotions is what makes a good soldier, and an even better agent playing 'soldier'.

It doesn't come as much of a surprise when she finds that Sato has come pretty prepared as well.

"You almost look like you're ready for the Congo," Rey remarks as she approaches, before steering her direction towards the darker, foggier side of the cave.
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At the moment, the sniper rifle she had obtained is strapped over her shoulder, keeping the gun at front so to make for a quick grip. She glances down as soon as Sato calls attention to it.

"Mm. Think it came from some other world-- planet. Haven't had the chance to give it a spin."

Which she is now remedying.

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"It was tempting. Supplying Lilith with the ammo for her gun was part of the trade agreement, though. Am just as efficient hauling bodies to Rage's temple without needing firearms."

She may just have an alternative mean of acquiring bullets after all, but that isn't something she's allowed to talk about.
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Not having yet found herself purposefully (or on accident) stumbling into this side of the city, Rey wasn't certain what all to expect. The familiar fog was a given. It was like that back when things had gone to Hell in a hand basket.

"Hard to say. There were some creatures around that aren't in the caves, and you still won't find them there. One guy called this thing a 'Pyramid Head', which supposedly has a liking for skinning and disembowelment. Never saw it firsthand, though." She scoffs at the still-stupid name for something that was supposed to be so threatening. "Other than that, there were... apparitions. Mostly harmless."

Sometimes not, as one of them had possessed her at one point. Fortunately the one she had been made to stab at also just happened to be immortal.

But, you know. Details.
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Mouth tightening into a thin line, she absentmindedly listens to Sato's remark while keeping her attention on their surroundings. The environment seems pretty innocuous right now, but nothing is gained by letting your guard down.

"There's someone who has special abilities. Can warp reality to an extent, creating an alternate world on top of this one. Not much different from what happened a few weeks back, but instead of rainbows and fluffy animals it was all rust and monsters and gore. Shit you'd normally see plucked from a nightmare or a horror movie." As she talks, she grips the rifle in front of her. "Anyway, her aim was to try and kill Hope. Ended up just pleasing Fear instead, in the end."
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"No shit. Seems he's got more going for him than he lets on, if he was able to survive whatever it was that killed the other gods in the first place."

However that managed to happen. Things would be a lot easier if they would just be straight with their information.

Rey follows Sato's direction, noting the lack of unease when regarding any sign of potential hazards. No, he just walks right to it.

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Is she sure? Not really, now that Sato mentions it.

"Well, wouldn't that be interesting?"

Unlikely as it may be, one would have to wonder. It isn't like they know much of anything about the nature of these beings.

Just as Rey starts to add to that thought, she dials back in time to parry the creature's lunge. Sato, however, is not so fortunate when its bladed limb tears into him. Nothing that would kill him unless they give it a chance to follow up with its other arm.

An opportunity that Rey doesn't squander. Rifle handy, she kicks back a pace to draw her piece. Aim raised at the creature's torso, she squeezes off a shot...

Which somehow ends up firing off five projectiles in one. Good thing to know. Bad news for Sato caught within the spread.
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That's no good. The scatter must've caused some internal damage, judging by Sato's cough and the blood. Rather than going for another shot and only risk putting more holes into the old man, Rey lowers her weapon. If the damage was too much, she may as well shoot again even if he would just get caught in the crossfire. But it seems he had enough left in him to complete that finishing blow.

And then keeling over like that.

Despite the look he gave her before crumbling, Rey regards the two bodies with vague interest. The creature, being something that she hadn't seen before, and Sato, who she probably could've handled with a little more care if not for the fact that she had seen him walk away from worse. As such, she's seriously thrown caution in the wind this time.

She moves forward, still gripping the gun in the unlikely event that the creature wasn't dead after all, or for any other jumping surprises to come barreling out of the fog. Her eyes then veer towards Sato's body, giving his shoulder a brief nudge with the toe of her boot to flip him over and check if he's breathing.


"Not very effective for close quarters, then. We'll have to keep that in mind." Rey shifts her glance from the gun back to Sato, frowning as the itch to grin and laugh in face of the like-human corpse crept from the back of her mind. "Stop that. I know you wouldn't enjoy this. He just comes back, anyway."

Technically, they all come back, but that's neither here nor there. A sigh escapes her as she retreats a step, biding her time as she distracts herself wondering how long it took for Sato to revive when that invisible thing had killed him. What a pain.
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When life springs back into the bloody body, so does the muted jubilance fade as Rey expected it would.

Smug fuck.

"Apologies. Wasn't expecting a sniper rifle to fire five bullets at the same time," she retorts, knowing well that there's an absence of anger and blame in Sato's tone. But still, she can't let it get around that she can't shoot for shit.

On the plus side, at least she was lucky enough to have tried out the rifle around someone who could conveniently resurrect themselves without Hope's intervention. Small miracles.
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Impractical, indeed. Beggars can't be choosers, though.

"Merging a long range and close combat weapon is a pretty fucking weird idea to have, but it'll do."

She will just have to get a feel of it. It's strange, but she can adapt to weapons. That's what she was made for, after all.

Seeing that Sato isn't particularly offended by Rey's little mishap a moment ago confirms that he's taking this all in stride. No need to worry. "Will avoid using that unless it's necessary. Am just going to stick with the knife for now."

While it's possible to be less destructive with that ability, it's always been easier to use when not having to think about allies.
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Between all her time spent here and the things she's seen the synthetics create from her own world, the twisted monstrosities lingering in the hellish reality Sharon had left on the city leaves Rey a little numbed to its horrors. If nothing else, she doesn't have to concern herself with supplying Fear the power he craves, and Sato doesn't strike her as the type who would, either.

Having caught glimpses of those movements as well, Rey checks the fog and squints. She recalls the creature that had stalked her from the time before, but hadn't seen it since the city changed back to normal. Either it disappeared entirely, or it was a strict feature of this warped reality.

In the distance, the sound of dragging can be heard from somewhere out there, along with the faint rattling of chains.

"Yes. Would advise that you stay on your guard, but dying doesn't seem like such a big deal to you," she says as her feet start moving in the direction of the distant dragging.
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Having several memories of pain and dying, it really isn't all that surprising to her. It's no wonder that she walked off a bear taking a chunk of flesh out of her, and a bullet to the head.

But then the sirens wail, and the change begins. Unlike the events Sato had been present to witness the city transform into a cheery, more colorful version of itself, this one is its polar opposite. Rust and decay spreads as the layers peel off the surface of this already alien world.

"Shit," Rey says with all the annoyance of a stubbed toe as she stares down at the grated flooring beneath her feet, revealing an empty abyss beyond. "It's still doing that, too."
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For someone who claims to be fond of 'healthy living', Sato sure has no visible qualms with the gristly transformation. Not that the lack of terror in his response is an unwelcome development, it just adds to the notable pile of things she'll never have the mind to ever write down.

"Wouldn't expect all of them to be small, but that's the general idea. All guts, gore, and shock value."

Of course, it's not so shocking when you've lived the opposite of a healthy lifestyle, which begs to question Sato's definition of the concept.

She follows the noise, her footfalls carrying an odd heaviness than they probably should be for someone of her stature. Typical for anyone who's a walking tank, really. Her pace only slows when she begins to recognize to silhouette of the shape now moving under a flickering streetlight, just barely illuminating the area.

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