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my childhood spat back out the monster that you see - closed

Who: The UD crew, Carlisle, Glacius, possibly Nick Rivenna (tag urselves, frands)
What: Possessed by a pride demon, Emily turns into an abomination and attacks her housemates. Chaos ensues.
Where: House #1503
When: November 21st
Warnings: Demonic possession, violence, maybe body horror idk it's a transformation, possibly blood and broken bones, death x 2, fighting. Will edit if anything else comes up.

She'd meant it as a joke.

"Shit, if I could like, make a deal to get my boobs back so I'm not flat as a board here, I might do it."

She wouldn't, of course, because Emily's not a fucking idiot. However, demons don't care about that. They just see opportunity and take it. In another context, Emily might even respect that, but this being shithole cavetown, she's not here for this.

Before she even realizes it's happened (long enough for her to see her breasts do in fact seem bigger), Emily stops being Emily and becomes something monstrous. The abomination doesn't see friends anywhere in the house, only things to test out its new magic on (sorry, Carlisle; bet you never expected glyphcrafting to be used like this) and to kill when they stop being useful.

It starts by blowing Emily and Matt's bedroom door to bits. Satisfied, it walks through the doorframe and down the hall, more than ready to attack.
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[Nick doesn't really have a plan - she's just fighting whatever she can find that needs to be fought. Better this than running and hiding, like she's done for so long. Better to fight back against the horrors of this place than to remain a victim.

There's no recognition here, no understanding that the thing she's facing now in her monstrous doll form used to be Emily. Maybe she would feel differently about this encounter if she knew.]

Hey! Why don't you go back to your own fucking hell dimension, huh?