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"I love it when a plan comes together!"

Who: Members of the City Guard, Sato, and a few others
What: Catchall for everything associated with Assault on Guard HQ
Where: City Guard HQ
When: From after Sato's network post through the next morning.
Warnings: Many violences, much death (likely mostly Sato's), wow.
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Sniper (for Nick and maybe Rey)

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Firo sets up shop with the rifle where he has a clear view of Sato’s battleground. Stealth isn’t really his MO, so though he crouches in one of the abandoned buildings with the gun, he hasn’t otherwise made an attempt to hide himself.

This shouldn’t be too hard, he thinks. Relatively speaking. It almost reminds Firo of his old job catching cheaters in the casino. His eyes have stayed sharp over the years, so seeing when he should fire and where isn’t too much of a problem. He can thank his job too in helping him neatly dismiss any of the moral difficulties he might feel doing this. It’s easy to set stuff like that aside.

He lets Szilard’s muscle memory take over when it comes to aiming and firing the gun. The Martillos trained him on some firearms, but they’ve always been fonder of the knife by far. Szilard, on the other hand, used his centuries of life to learn whatever he could—especially when it came to things that could give him an advantage in destroying others’ lives. And he always wanted to do it right, so of course he honed his aim just like everything else.

He settles down to watch the action, firing whenever it looks like Sato’s in too much of a bind and needs to “reset,” as he calls it. Though he’s focused on his task, he’s aware enough of what’s going on around him to be alert to someone who might be trying to sneak up on him. If he hears someone get close, he’ll keep his hands on the weapon pointed towards headquarters while he looks over his shoulder at the newcomer.
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Down below, Rey has been hanging back a bit. Part of the plan is to approach from the side, and keep an eye out in the event that Sato's invisible friend comes along.

Granted, there's something to be said about watching for something that can't be seen. Whatever this thing is, it isn't using mere cloaking technology that exists in her world. Nothing that shows itself through hints of mirrors.

The gunshot calls her attention first. She whips her head in the direction of the noise. She shifts her location on the street, positioning herself behind an alley wall when another shot rings out later. Her eyes rise towards an open window, squinting when she catches the hint of the barrel of a rifle and a familiar figure on the other end of it. But it's not someone from the Guard, that much she knows.

Hoping that she's wrong, Rey pulls out her phone. With what she has in mind, she's going to have to toss it somewhere for safe keeping. For now, she only needs it for communication with the others around her.

Phone placed to her ear, she hears the message box recording before she speaks.

"Firo?" Her eyes narrow at the window. "You better answer that phone before I blow up that building I think you might be in."
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Firo flicks his eyes down at the phone. He's only kept it with him in case Sato needs additional help or in case one of his friends somehow gets tied up in the trouble. The worst thing that could happen, he thinks, is Muscovy getting caught in the crossfire. But from what he can see, Sato isn't touching his phone and Muscovy's nowhere to be found.

But it's from Rey. She's important too, so answering is a merited risk even if the call turns out to be inconsequential. He couldn't bear missing out is she's calling about some sort of trouble that could harm her or Muscovy--the whole reason he's here is to build up a favor that could maybe help them out in the long run.

He picks up, balancing the phone between his shoulder and cheek. "You're here too? Are you with him or them?"

Hm. He wouldn't have thought Rey would be involved.
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Judging by what he's saying, it seems that her fears are not unfounded. Goddammit.

"Neither," she says immediately. Then sighs, scratching her forehead. "Maketh asked for help when she was setting up the Guard, and I agreed. All I do is make sure that idiots don't get killed." She pauses a moment, letting a dark silence sink in. "...Or stand by when other idiots decide to run amok and get other people killed."

It's still too early to assume what Firo's role in this is. She doesn't know what he's doing up there with that rifle. But where Rey is standing, the situation doesn't look good.
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For a moment, Firo's silent on the other end. Should he tell her? When you're on opposite sides, admitting you won't fight is a major weakness. It lets the other person know that they can do anything they want to you, that you're defenseless and nonthreatening. Two very bad things to be in a fight.

He has to tell her. It's the truth, and she's important to him. "I'm not gonna fight you. I'm only here to take him out." He sighs. "I don't expect you to get it, but I've got a reason. It's good enough for me."
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Right now, the picture is still not clear enough for her to gauge the whole of it. For all she knows, Firo doesn't realize who or what Sato is, and he's making a huge mistake.

Ironic that they're both aiming to do the same thing, just in their own different ways.

"You do realize that, by taking him out, he comes back. Right?"

She grits her teeth, not nearly as eager to explain how she knows this.
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Firo sighs. This is awkward. Really awkward. "...Yeah, that's why I'm here. Look, like I said, I have my reasons. I don't expect you to be okay with it, but I've made my choice."

He's surprised to realize that he's actually anxious when he waits for her response. But why shouldn't he be? They're friends, and he's always hated to think about going toe to toe with a friend.
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For what it's worth, Rey isn't quick to judge. Maybe it's true in that Firo has his reasons, or maybe he simply doesn't know what he's up against.

His answer, for that purpose, is less than satisfactory.

"Did he tell you how he was going to trade people's bodies for Rage's deal?"

Whether or not that was the point of this or just a convenient side effect of Sato's plan to stir shit up, she isn't sure. Does it really make a difference, though?
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"Oh, yeah?" He doesn't sound too surprised, just mildly interested. "I guess it's 'cause using his own before didn't work. Funny, before he kept complaining about how it'd be so hard for him to carry bodies from the tunnels."

Firo hopes he's not going to be asked to help with the lifting.

"If he's just using bodies, what's it matter? They're dead anyway. That's definitely not the worst thing he's done." Now, he won't even try to argue that the killing isn't a problem. Especially now that Rey's one of the people here. But she's tough... if anyone can hold their own here, it's her.
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Similarly, Rey doesn't find herself all too surprised that someone like Sato would try to trade his own parts for Rage's deal. He's got creative ways of trying to cheat the system.

"Would it matter to you if he uses the bodies of anyone you care about?" Rey quips. She doesn't know how many connections Firo has to the people here, but she knows he isn't devoid of compassion.

She stops, glancing towards the direction of the Guard HQ before turning her eyes back to Firo's makeshift sniper's nest overhead.

"Does he have something on you?"

It's the only thing she can think of that makes sense. Firo may be immortal, but his type of immortality would make him easier to neutralize than, say, someone who can be killed and later revived by Hope at his temple. No doubt Sato would figure out a way.
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That hits where it hurts, because of course Firo cares about Rey. "Ever since Shadow quit, you're the only person in the Guard I care about." He sighs. Damn it, Rey, he wishes he'd known--but no, this is his own fault.

He tries to keep his voice businesslike as he continues, "No. This is my choice. And I can't really back out now, you know." Firo'd hoped that his cooperation would make it easier to protect his friends if Sato ever started going after people. He has no illusions about what might happen if he pissed the guy off.

"...You won't let him get you, will you?"
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"Wrong," she retorts immediately, without hesitation. "This doesn't just affect the Guard. Do you really think he's going to stop there after this? What if Muscovy ever gets caught up in the middle of it? He follows me around, Firo!"

No thanks to Nick telling the kid to 'keep an eye' on her. Even when he might not think that Rey notices, she catches glimpses of him here and there. For the sake of keeping appearances, she tends to play along.

But playing isn't an option this time.

"I know you can't tell him to shove those plastic explosives up his ass right now. Just be smart about this. We'll talk about it later." The muscles in her jaw tighten as she looks away again, huffing. "Don't worry about me, either. If this goes all right, he won't even know I'm here."
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Firo can't stop his temper from flaring up at the mention of Muscovy. He doesn't take his brotherly responsibilities lightly. "He's why I'm doin' this. You think it'd be easy keepin' Sato away from him if we're enemies? And I've been watching this the whole time, so I know he's not around here."

Another 'perk' of taking the task he did. At least he gets a good vantage point. And if somehow Muscovy did stagger into the fray... Firo's in a good position to do something about it.

His voice is still taut with anger, but there's nothing false or halfhearted about his next words, "Good luck."

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Nick said he wouldn't go to the Guard headquarters; however, a ruined building within eyeshot of said headquarters does not constitute the headquarters itself. While he knows good and well that's skirting the issue Rey had with him going to this attempted riot in the first place, he can't just sit by when he spots the glint of a gun barrel from the corner of his eye, especially not when it's pointed in the direction of the Guard and their standoff with Sato. He's seen enough Commonwealth caravans picked off by raiders who managed to get their hands on a sniper rifle; the idea of someone sniping the Guard members, of taking out Henry or Maketh with a single shot—

He can't stomach it, couldn't even if he had the proper organs for it. There might not be much he can do, but he has to do something.

So to the building he goes, carefully dodging rubble with his uneven steps as he heads up the stairs, keeping his steps silent as he ascends to the second floor and stops by the threshold to the room where the gunner should be. He leans carefully around the doorway and peers around the corner.

Well, he'd expected a trouble-maker. He hadn't expected that one in particular though, not when Rey is working for the Guard, is out there now trying to keep people from being hurt. Nick isn't one to jump to conclusions though: he is one for talking, for trying to see reason. Maybe it's not what it looks like, he tells himself -- it'd better not be.

That's why he announces his presence as he steps into the room, his cane rapping on the floor, his golden eyes glowing brightly as he scrutinizes the man his only family would call a friend.
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Firo grimaces when he turns to see Nick. Damn it. He'd hoped that their plan wouldn't get found out so quickly.

It's hard to play innocent when you're holding a gun, so Firo doesn't bother. Besides, it wouldn't do any good, based on what he's learned from his experiences with the police. He still lumps Nick in with them, different world or not--those people are all the same.

He straightens and looks out of the corner of his eye at the fight--Sato looks like he's okay for now. Firo focuses on Nick, poised to move. "What do you want?"
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Nick stays where he is, both hands resting atop his cane before him.

"I want to know just what it is you're doing up here," he replies, his tone even, but deadly serious.
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"I get the feeling that you think you know what I'm doin' already." The only reason a cop would hear you out is to give you a chance to incriminate yourself. Firo's pretty sure of that.

He tosses his head. "If you think I'm shootin' at your Guard buddies, you can relax. I'm only aiming for him." Sato, that is--Firo's sure Nick can fill in that blank.

Of course, leaving it there would be disingenuous; Firo realizes that Nick may even think that he's trying to slither out of retribution out of shame or fear, and Firo just can't have that. "Not because I'm on your side, obviously, but I don't need to tell you everything."

Maybe Nick has the plan figured out, maybe not. Firo doesn't really want to do the legwork for him if he hasn't.
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So he's not firing on the Guard, but on Sato. While that comes as a surprise, it tells him everything he needs to know about this situation -- he's read Rey's report on the guy. He's some kind of immortal who, when killed, comes back like nothing happened. Firo is either a well-intentioned guy trying to help in a way that'll ultimately hinder them, or he's acting as Sato's reset button. Nick has a feeling he knows which one of this it is.

And he's not happy about it, but he doesn't let it show just yet, his expression of stone. He holds his position, his brow knitting -- his tone remains collected, curious rather than outright irritated. "Why are you helping him?"
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Firo rolls his eyes, and when he speaks his voice drips with sarcasm. He intends it to seem tough and aloof. It may just look bratty. "Oh, you know, I just figured he was such a nice guy that I had to help."

He sighs through gritted teeth, no longer hiding his frustration. "What's 'why' matter? You're gonna try to take me in either way, right?"
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Nick doesn't take that sass well; his voice is sharper when he cuts back.

"I want to know why because Rey is down there, damnit!"

And more importantly to Nick, she trusts this guy, and Nick wants to think he might be able to, as well -- for her sake, and Muscovy's.
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Firo's shoulders bunch. He's not really watching the scuffle now, and the full force of his anger is on Nick. "You think I'm gonna go after her?! Rey's my friend--I'm not gonna hurt her."
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Nick's eyes narrow, his nose wrinkling in stifled anger.

"That's what I'd like to believe, but you're making it real hard when you're helping the guy we're standing against, her included."
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Firo hesitates. He could protest that he had no idea Rey would even be here until she called him, and it would be true. But that sounds too much like an excuse, and making an excuse to this guy would be humiliating. Better to ignore it.

"So what? She's picked her side, and I've picked mine. She can hold her own, and I'm only hitting him, anyway."

He hopes, in the long-run, that what he's doing will help Rey. If he has an in with Sato, he might be able to keep the guy away from the ones he loves when things really go south.
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Nick finally moves from his spot, taking a step into the room, his cane heavy on the floor. He doesn't know Firo's ulterior motives; he only has Rey's trust in the guy to go on, and right now, it's looking like that trust is worth about as much as a counterfeit bill.

"You might not be firing at her or any of the rest of the Guard, but the point is that you're helping Sato. You're keeping him fighting, and in turn, keeping her fighting. You do know that, right? Is that what you want? Is that what friends do where you from?"
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Firo's whole body tenses, and he doesn't relax even when it looks like Nick might not strike. Yet.

He bites his tongue; he wants to be angry, but the words hit too close to home for him to lash out. His eyes flick off to the side. "...Sometimes that's how it goes. Friends in rival Families have to fight each other when it comes up. Everybody knows that goin' in."

Not that Firo has any firsthand experience with such a thing... In part, that's why he can keep to the original plan now; he's been emotionally preparing for something like this ever since he joined the Martillos instead of the Gandors. That and the fact that betraying Sato now would put him and his family in a worse place than rejecting his request outright.

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