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"I love it when a plan comes together!"

Who: Members of the City Guard, Sato, and a few others
What: Catchall for everything associated with Assault on Guard HQ
Where: City Guard HQ
When: From after Sato's network post through the next morning.
Warnings: Many violences, much death (likely mostly Sato's), wow.
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Salamander vs. IBroM

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Despite the occasional threats of stray bullets, Rey isn't too concerned. By now she knows that it's Firo up there, and that he isn't stupid enough to try and put a hole in her head. Especially when his primary goal seems to be taking Sato out whenever things get a little hairy on his end.

Eventually there comes a time when the firing just stops. It's been a few minutes since she's heard the sounds of gunshots. Whether that means that something has happened to Firo or if he's decided to have a change of heart, there isn't much room left to question it. During times like these, Rey knows better than most that the only answer is to move forward. Work with what you've been given.

So, for now, she makes her way towards the Guard HQ, leaving her kukri behind in one of the run-down buildings. At first, she seems to come unarmed. Unprepared. Not that anyone will get the chance to see that.

What they'll see is something that appears human only in shape alone. Everything else indicates that she is anything but. From the thick blackness of her skin, to the blades of her nails... even her eyes are empty. White. Her colorless third lids shielding her vision from the scorching heat emanating from her flesh.

Samandrine can be a tricky substance. Unknown to most even in her world, and still but a mystery to herself, but time and memory has given her the chance to utilize it in other ways. Find that it isn't just a toxic heat regulator that communicates with her vessel and its capabilities.

Turns out, this shit has its multifarious purposes.

Right now it is both an armor and a guise, hiding the figure underneath the now-dried up and oily substance. But the form of the black creature itself is very much visible as it begins encroaching upon the scene at the headquarters.
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The nails help, but it isn't all what she needs. She pays attention to the footfalls, the movements, the way the dust kicks up off the ground with every stomp it takes towards her way.

With practice, even the blind can see -- and maybe the same could be said for things that are visibly imperceptible. Rather than keeping track of the floating nails, the density of her third eyelid clouds over her vision, turning from white to black. Leaving only monochrome shapes before her.

For all intents and purposes, she is sightless.

The vibrations resonate through the air. Whatever it is, it's close. And fast.

She senses its movements. Its attempted assault. She grabs what feels like an elbow, before using her other to press against its front. Swinging it overhead to throw it down onto its back.

Somehow, this thing is vaguely human-shaped, but it is hardly human. Regardless, she has little trouble tossing it like it's a sack of flour.
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As the nails fall, her attention draws in that direction. Then the sounds of those claws, slicing through the space between them.

Her current method may be effective, but it's far from infallible. The first strike sails past her face, but the second only catches her shoulder just as she moved to evade a more fatal attempt. The black surface over her skin chips, revealing blood underneath. It doesn't gush, and doesn't bleed for very long before the fresh wound seals up in a process similar to cauterization. What's left are some thick red marks on her arm.

From what she can discern, this thing is bipedal. About six and a half feet... maybe taller. It speaks in that same echo she heard back when she had found Sato's 'corpse' for the first time, during the city's blackout.

She moves back a few paces, only to hurl her body forward, feet first. Sending all her weight into a swift kick to its abdomen, before bouncing back onto her own two legs.
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By now she is getting a better feel of its anatomy. What she heard and felt did not seem to indicate this thing to be an organic being. Not machine, but an entity made out of something else entirely.

It's damn fast, too. She can sense the swipes and swift motions through the surrounding. Feel its attacks before they make impact. She may be mostly organic herself, but the samandrine is a synthetic substance. Manipulated by the energy that her vessel controls. It hardens when it dries, like a layer of kevlar over flesh. But something tells her that this thing can easily cut through even kevlar.

She throws her hands up. A typical defensive close quarters combat stance, allowing her to brace for impact without causing terrible damage. Before attempting to draw an uppercut that does not quite meet a human chin, humanoid that this thing might be.
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So, it isn't as carnal as it would seem. It's an effective fighter, between its movements now and what Rey had seen it do to the Working Joes in the tunnels. But it isn't indomitable. She just has to figure out what makes it work.

Like what in the hell that sizzling sound is.

She hits the ground, her weight landing her with a harder thud. Her teeth grit from under the layers of samandrine as she attempts to breathe through it. But the wind is knocked out of her.

Wherever it attempts to strike while she's down, she'll roll from under in an effort to avoid a more fatal attack.
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If not for her own mouth being sealed shut, she'd have yelled as the claws pierce her side. Though her bone structure may be synthetically composed, the pain and the organic insides are all very real.

But she has experienced far worse. Enough that she doesn't hesitate when she finds an open mouth over her. She doesn't stop to think about how this can be possible. Just throws her hands up and clasps them over the upper and lower jaw. Its teeth sink into her palms, but blood doesn't gush out.

Rather, the heat from her skin causes trails of smoke to emit from her wounds. Her grip tightens, willing to risk whatever damage to her vessel to prevent her face from being chomped off.
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The heat helps her more than damage the ghost. What would have sent blood and innards from her wounds only makes to mend before any organs can fall out. That is more of a band-aid than a fix; not caring for any of the internal damage that its claws are doing. Adrenaline keeps her from focusing on the pain too much and instead on what's in front of her.

Her muscles tense as she pushes all her strength into her arms than her feet. Her head wavering off the ground, still silent and blind. She makes to pry its mouth apart. To dislodge its jaw in two.

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Eyes snapping open and peering through the lens of her third lids, she drives every bit of her upper muscles against those teeth. Not paying mind to how much they're damaging her hands, her fingers. Or her inner organs against the sharpness of its claws ripping out of her side. The back of her head slams against the ground, nearly wavering her grip when she's knocked back down senseless.

It isn't long before she is at her task again. Propelled by the sharp pain searing through her vessel like a wildfire. Unable to breathe through her mouth under the immense pressure against her throat. She's suffocating.

All she needs is a few more seconds.

A split, fleeting moment.

And the top of the creature's head tears, severing from its lower jowl.
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It's gone.

No thud of a corpse. No spilling of blood over her. Whatever is left just vanishes.

If this turned out to be another ability it has and could just materialize nearby, it had every chance to take advantage of it now. As it is, she flops towards her stomach, holding herself upright by her elbows. She scans the surrounding area, but nothing manifests to make a return appearance.

Flakes of the dried black layer shed from her face. Allowing her to gasp, draw in a breath of air through her mouth into her lungs after having it nearly choked out of her.

More of the samandrine falls down her head, giving her more breathing room. Using her forearms, she pushes herself onto her legs, keeping her shaking, mangled hands out. She starts limping towards one of the shops where she has left some of her things, trying not to trip over her feet all the while.

She can't stop. Can't fall here. Because she has an urgent call to make.