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Who: Armand ([personal profile] oversear) & Carlisle Longinmouth ([personal profile] tongueamok)
What: A clergyman and a vampire meet up for their monthly dinner date.
Where: Carlisle's rooftop garden
When: Forward dated to January 8th, just past the Tranquility Resurrection event (because what is the sun, Armand).
Warnings: PGish for blood

The beautiful, open sky and the bright sun fully vanish just as the 20th day rolls around -- the recurring day that Carlisle has set to meet with Armand each month or so to make good on his word. It's just an exchange: a meal and his silence for a modicum of protection from an abomination and his vile habits. He hasn't heard of the vampire attacking anyone else, certainly not anyone he knows -- despite his low level of trust in Armand, Carlisle can only assume that he's keeping his end of the bargain.

And so, he does the same: every 20th day, they meet in his garden, away from his friends who may be prey, away from the safety provided from his roommate. It's gone smoothly so far, but Carlisle and his general paranoia can't help but wonder if that trend will continue for much longer.

As usual, Carlisle busies himself until Armand arrives, but he tries to keep his senses open, to pick up on the vampire's presence the moment he's close enough. Though the clergyman is pruning away at one plant, noticing how much it seems to have grown with the ample light the city had before, he's listening carefully between the snipping of his shears for movement; there are moments he holds his breath, so sure he can feel that chill that runs down his neck whenever there's an undead in the area. Then again, that might be his neck preparing for the inevitable feeling of teeth sinking into it. At least the bearer of said fangs won't be rending his flesh from his body to sate his appetite.

Well, maybe. He is an otherworldly vampire, after all. Carlisle shouldn't be surprised by anything anymore, but despite his request Armand not startle him, it's almost hard for anyone not to, especially when he starts getting lost in his own thoughts. He wonders how close an eye Armand keeps on him, and if the vampire has noticed he's moved in with Glacius; he ponders what the alien would think if he knew of this arrangement. He cannot know, Carlisle reminds himself inwardly. He must keep his word, lest Armand turn on him. His word and his healing, after all, are all he has.

Well, that, and a lot of overgrown plants in need of a trim.
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Not surprising Carlisle has been on of the stipulations of their deal and for the most part that was an easy requirement to fulfill. Instead of using his supernatural speed, Armand approaches the rooftop garden on foot, making sure to apply human weight to his footsteps. The soft thud as they connect to the ground is a little unusual to his ears. He usually walks with the silence and skill of the ancients, but he does not want to be invisible tonight.

He can hear the soft snapping of shears coming from up on the terraces. In one skillful leap he lunges up on to the roof and lands deftly on the very edge, a respectful distance away from Carlisle. He can be polite when he wants to. He watches Carlisle's back for a moment, wondering what this encounter will be like. He occasionally scans the minds of the people of Hadriel and has yet to skim the word 'vampire' from any of their thoughts. This must mean Carlisle's has kept his word.

Armand steps off the ledge and lets his feet make a stamping noise as they connect with the roof. He is in a sour mood tonight. From what he gathers there had been 24 hour sunlight for the past week and it caused him to sleep his death sleep for that amount of time. The tricks of these gods infuriate him. He looks a little bedraggled as a result to his lack of care over the week; his auburn hair a bit messy, and the denim jacket he found too big for his small figure. He looks at Carlisle with an intensity, daring him to comment on these things.

"Good evening, clergyman. You look well."
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Armand scowls and crosses his arms. He looks very young when he does this and it's especially exaggerated now that he is swimming in this jacket.

"I do not own things such as brushes and clothes. I don't know where to find them. I'm not concerned with appearances."

That is a complete and utter lie. Armand is rather in love with fashion and looking the part of a modern human boy. He supposes he could always ask Delight or Hope for the items he needs to pull this off but he's beginning to suspect his presence in a cave full of mortals was a mistake on their part and he does not wish to draw attention to himself.

"It was restful. That is the problem. I do not wish to be like an ancient and bury myself in the ground for decades."

That might be a bit more information about his kind than Carlisle needed to know but he is distracted by the pale blue line that is running through the clergyman's neck. Instantly his thirst is inflamed. But he does not approach. He is waiting for an offer.
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Armand shoots him a suspicious look. Handing over information like that is reckless, but he supposes it's not terribly damning since Carlisle already has a way of destroying him.

"The sun is one of the only things that can destroy us. However, if one is old enough in the Blood then not even the sun may kill them. When I--"

He stops himself. That was too much information.

"It would take days of exposure to kill someone my age."
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Armand nods and walks over with his hands in his pocket. It has been a very long time since he's had a mortal aware of his nature and awaiting for the passing of blood. The difference being Daniel had always been desperate for immorality and Armand's blood, where Carlisle found it repulsive and the act of feeding despicable. Armand could remember his own human years, how he had delighted in his Master's kisses, filled with blood and gold. It seemed strange that this clergyman was above it all.

"Do you find no pleasure in being drunk from?"

He lays a hand very gently on the side of Carlisle's throat. He angles his face towards his neck and hovers his fangs just above the artery, waiting for an answer before he plunged in.
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"Questions are good, are they not? Knowledge is power or so they say..."

He doesn't wait for a reply, he simply spread his lips and punctures Carlisle's throat. Although he can withstand not feeding for a month it is a hard thing to do and the blood washing over his tongue makes him moan. He sucks hard at the pulse, bringing in large mouthfuls. He presses fingers into the other side of Carlisle's neck, feeling for when the pulse weakens.

He can feel the memories passing through this sacred blood exchange. This time it was of Marius, a man of forty, tall, impeccably kept long blonde hair and dressed all in red velvet. He hisses at Armand who has lash marks all up his thighs.

'There's nothing worse than for a fallen saint to be a horrid devil!' the words rang out harsh and clear in the memory, startling Armand out of his drink.

Armand let Carlisle go in an instant. It had been a long time since he thought of Marius.

Wearily he looks over the clergyman.

"There you have it. Another month complete."
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Armand watches Carlisle closely and not to his surprise he was asked the question anyone would ask.

"That was my Master. He was punishing me because I broke down his door with an axe."

It had hurt like hell at the time but centuries have dulled the memory into something far away and dreamy. Only Marius could make him feel young and foolish and that's what it felt like right now. Like having his master beside him whispering in his ear 'why are you merciful with this human when you've slayed so many others'. He didn't know. Maybe his encounter with Castiel where he proclaimed he wanted to be a better person was making him kinder, more compassionate. It is what God would want.

"That is a very old memory."
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Armand blinks and then laughs. Rey had asked the same thing. He remembers how he asked his Master childishly if he was a slave to Armand. He had answered 'yes'. Of course it was easy to enslave a vampire when they felt nothing but love and bloodlust towards mortal flesh.

"A pet? What sort of world do you come from, clergyman?" He lets his laughter die down.

"No, I was taken in by my Master and given education and riches. He was my sire as well."

It occurs to Armand that Carlisle's world vampire might be born and not made. That was a curious thought.

"I was a rebellious mortal. He was frustratingly distant with me."
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Maybe he took more blood than he should of. But it felt good to have warm hands again. He watches with an amused look as Carlisle is all but keeling over.

"Yes. I would have followed him to the end of the world. He wanted me to have more years but at the time I was dying from poison. There was no other way. It was the Dark Gift or death."

He didn't really understand why he was telling him all these things. Perhaps it was the same impulse that made him tell his story to David. Just to be understood for a brief moment.

"Perhaps it's time for you to answer some questions yourself, Carlisle. Would that not be pleasant?"
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Armand laughs again. There's that old excitement, watching prey struggle for life. It ignites a type of mania in him, but he stays still, just watching. If only humans could appreciate how fragile their lives are.

"How did you come by your magic?"
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Armand nearly sneers. It appears Carlisle is trying to be cute. His weakened state doesn't particularly inspire a kinder opinion of the man. He doesn't remember Daniel ever being this out of it, but he supposes he never regularly took so much blood from him.

"No, clergyman. The other thing. How you melted my flesh in an instant. That power."
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"Minor? That is hilarious."

He does not sound even a little amused.

"So, it is not taught in your world. Is it forbidden?"

He seems reluctant to talk about it. Armand suspects that his goddess does not support such a perversion.
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Armand shoots Carlisle a highly suspicious look. Seconds tick by as he just stares at the orb, seeming to think over his options. Should he trust Carlisle? This deal was built on threats and bullying. He could easily offer this orb claiming to be harmless, only to have it blow up in Armand's face. He briefly imagines dragging his shambling corpse back to Castiel for another healing session. He would be so disappointed in him.

But if this was a peace offering, would it be wise to turn it down? If Carlisle was more trusting and friendly towards towards Armand it would be easier to manipulate the man. Armand sucks on his fangs and then finally he moves, extending a single finger and touches the orb.
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Cupping his hand, Armand scoops up the orb, turning it this way and that, inspecting it. Despite himself he feels a bit of awe. It's the closest thing to a miracle he has ever seen a regular human produce. This goddess has given a great gift and he is pissed about it.

"Then your people must be proud of you, to have discovered such an ingenious way to incapacitate the undead."

He can't help but sound a little bitter.

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