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he was down on the floor with his lips to a glass

Who: Maketh Tua and open
What: Aftermath of the doubles event.
Where: Apartments, Guard HQ
When: 26th and onward
Warnings: Alcoholism, depression, mentions of death and torture, probably swearing. I will match format.


[Stars, she's tired. All the time now. Ever since Henry took her home from Hope's temple, she's been drawn to her bed and its blankets, a refuge that she can hide in and forget everything else. Anyone who knows Maketh will have noticed a change in her routine. She's sleeping almost the entire day, getting up only to drink or vomit from the drinking. If she goes out at all, it's in the middle of the night, a move engineered to let her avoid as many people as possible.

The best way to get in touch is to bang on her door, loud enough that she can't ignore it.]

Guard HQ

[Quietly, Maketh has changed all of her shifts to avoid the most people possible. So while she's still performing her duties, she's doing them out of sight and largely around two in the morning. If you've got insomnia and happen to wander in at odd hours, you might see her rewriting damaged reports, or trying to clean the mess off the floor.

Often she keeps a bottle of whiskey on her desk. Not to drink - not when she's working - but as a taunt. She often stares at it.]

Around the city

[By choice Maketh has turned into something of a nocturnal creature, rarely leaving the apartment - or indeed the room - during the day. But at night she goes out, either to check things with the guard or just to wander. Sometimes she goes to the river and tries to imagine what lives at the bottom. Either way she's alone.]


[Dealer's choice. Hit me.]

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Guard HQ

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It's the first time Rey has revisited the headquarters since she had been unearthed by Nick and Sharon. Memories of what her other self had done during her hours underground haunt and plague her more than the pain in her chest, where her double had struck her with a machete.

She staggers over the wreckage where a wall had once been, stepping into the building to confirm that dread dug in her chest: She had done this. Maybe not Rey herself, but 'Rey' was enough a part of her that she knows what she was capable of. That she is always inclined towards violence and destruction. Bringing down the hard work that others have made.

Amid the aftermath, she finds Maketh. Guilt, whether it be unfounded or not, stings when she sees the other woman tending to some reports. No doubt due to the display that 'Rey' had made at the time.

"Apologies," she mutters, scooping up a toppled over box from the floor. There's so much work to be done here, though.
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"But it is necessary," Rey insists. "Am responsible for what happened here. At least, partially so."

She should have taken out her dopplegänger when she had the opportunity to. She should have been quicker. More vigilant. The Salamander wouldn't have allowed herself to get dropped on like that. No one ever survived such an encounter.

Yet the Rey she is now is not the Salamander, and she is not nearly as prone to attack on sight without mercy as she used to be.

Maybe that should be different, though. There's something about the way she's been doing things that just isn't working...
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Stuffing her hands in her pockets, Rey's shoulders just sag. "Fine."

Be that way.

She glances around at the damage that's been done to the place, her face shifting into an uncomfortable expression at the thought she's having.

"You know, Tranquility might be able to do something about fixing this place up."
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Her reaction is understandable. Rey is loathe to making requests from the gods as much as anyone, even Maketh.

"Repairs on this place is going to require a lot of equipment that we don't have. Have you ever tried putting together concrete with superglue? It probably wouldn't be pretty."
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"And what exactly is your duty?" Rey asks flatly.

It's almost accusatory. Saying that you'll hammer two rocks together to build a city is one thing -- actually doing it is another. And everyone has their limitations, and their breaking points.
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For a moment, it's like looking into a reflection. Seeing herself, beating her head against walls. Her fists into holes until her knuckles cracked. Sliding the gashes across her face with pieces of broken glass, until streams of red oozed from the surface.

Don't worry. It's only skin.

Skin that isn't hers; no more than the many names she has claimed over the century.

Sad to say, however, that this is almost an improvement. Rey acts quick, though. Moves forward to pull Maketh towards her in what could be perceived as a bear hug. But, really, she's putting herself between Maketh and the wall. To prevent the other woman from hurting herself again.

Just because she has been there herself doesn't mean that she is going to let this happen in front of her. Not if she can help it, anyway.

"Stop that," she snaps as she tightens her grip.
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Claw as Maketh does, Rey's hold only tightens. It's preferable this way. Having that anger directed somewhere other than herself. Rey doesn't mind.

"No," she hisses between her teeth. "You can hurt me all you want. Am not going to let you hurt yourself."

Not like she doesn't deserve it.
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The teeth are minor stings compared to what she's been through. Lucky for Rey, she has the pain threshold of a shark, and barely flinches at the reaction. Which is pretty unlucky for Maketh trying to escape her hold. She can thrash and struggle with all her might, but she isn't going to let go. Not if Maketh is going to hurt herself again.

"Then do it. Try." It comes out almost as a dare, almost a threat. Hard to tell what she means, even to herself. "You'd be doing me a favor."

To the old Rey, maybe.

The Rey she is now? That old sentiment is more confusing.

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It is disgraceful. Horrid to watch, even. Rey can only imagine how she just have looked to her brother during similar -- and oftentimes worse -- episodes.

Blood drains down the bite mark in Maketh had left in her arm, but Rey gives it and the pain little regard. She rears her head back as Maketh tried to slam the back of hers into Rey's face.

The strain of her hold only eases up a bit as Maketh ceases her struggle.

"Are you going to do that again?"
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As the harsh syllable leaves her lips, she throws Maketh forward with enough force that she'll either stumble or fall. It's obvious that she has something to work out, and it's going to take more than words to clear it up.

Or, at least, it's best not to leave it up to Rey to solve problems with words. That's something her roommate is more apt to do.

Flinging her arms out, she makes for an opening for a starting blow. Whether or not she'll retaliate, it's hard to say. Her deadened expression does no one any favors.

"Do it."
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Contrary to Maketh's expectations, there's no attempt to block or dodge. Not even a counter. All she does is turn her head, making it so that at least one eye can be salvaged. She's come back from being impaled and near-disembowelment; she can handle this.

After a flash of a second, Rey is just caught off balance. Feet shuffling back a bit. She regains her equilibrium fast and easy enough, as any weapon capable of being shot and blown up multiple times and still keep on trucking should do.

"That the best you can do?" She spits at the ground, both at Maketh's endeavor and her insult when there's not even a hint of blood drawn. She's been called worse. Been hated much worse. Was hit and knocked around infinitely worse. "Fucking pathetic."
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Once again, Rey doesn't attack. But she isn't about to let herself get stabbed in the eye, either.

The alternative just isn't much better.

Her hand lashes out. A blurred motion. Rather than seizing Maketh by the wrist as she very well could have done, she goes for the blade. Her hold stops all the way to the hilt to prevent Maketh from stabbing any farther.

Under the force of the knife, her fingers do bleed. However, it's going to take more than a swipe to sever those metal bones that hold her body together.
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That punch barely gets a reaction. It's clear that Maketh only hurt herself in the process, anyway.

Eyes narrowed, Rey focuses her attention on the woman before her. Fingers not releasing the knife.

She could turn this around, easy enough. Overpower Maketh and knock her to the floor. Beat her to a pulp if she wants to. But still, she does not.

"Why? So you can feel better about killing me?" Rey yanks the knife towards her abdomen, intending to keep Maketh's hold of it. Though she had been stabbed there quite recently with the machete her double had weild, the wound has already healed over. "Go ahead. Don't make a liar out of yourself. I'm waiting."

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