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Got nowhere to go, we could be here for a while

Who: The UD cast (Chris, Sam, Ashley, and Josh) and any visitors!
What: General catchall for whatever trouble they get into
Where: House 1503
When: 01/06 through 1/15 or so.
Warnings: Probably discussions of canon events, which would include warnings for all sorts of horror stuff.

[ooc: Catch-all log! Feel free to make your own starters (including as many scenarios/threads as you want), and indicate in the subject generally when the starter takes place.]
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[Well hey, look who didn't die in the snowstorm after all. It's Nick, and she's out on a supply run, and - oddly enough - smoking a cigarette. Life's funny like that, sometimes. She's got an empty backpack-ish thing slung over one shoulder and a semi-scowl on her face, just her usual resting expression. She stops when she spots Chris from a distance away, squinting until she's satisfied that she is, in fact, seeing what she's seeing.]

Hey! I know you.
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Yeah, you too.

[Contrary to what people might believe about Nick - or what she may lead them to believe - she is capable of smiling when she feels like it, and right now, she does, so there's a wide grin on her face as he approaches.]

Chris, right?

[She remembers, of course; it's a hard name for her to forget. She points a thumb at herself.]

Nick. [Just in case he forgot.] So I guess we both survived that snowstorm, huh?
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[The comment on her height elicits a quick laugh from her.]

Yeah, took after my dad in that respect, I guess. But it comes in handy, getting stuff off the top shelves. They used to call me "hey tall one" at the bar I worked at.

[She takes a final drag off her cigarette and drops it to the ground, crushing it out under her toe, carefully exhaling the lungful of smoke out of Chris' way, nodding to answer his question.]

I've seen enough winter bullshit to know when it's suicidally stupid to be outdoors. Midwest girl, born and raised.

[She shoves both hands into her front coat pockets; her right hand finds the lighter stored there, and her fingers wrap around the plastic barrel. It's a nervous habit, seeking out the familiar soothing shape.]

Glad it finally stopped snowing, though. I was going pretty stir-crazy for a while there.
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Could be worse.

[She's heard worse from her mother, in fact. Nick shrugs, then clicks her tongue at the next part.]

Damn, you're gonna make me take back what I said about you not sounding like a big idiot, huh?

[Teasing, though. Clear from the way she's still grinning at him.]
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No fucking joke. I ran into one of those ugly fuckers right when the snow started.

[And it's a wonder she managed to survive it. She'd thank Kamina for killing the thing but the guy seriously irritates her.]

So what qualifies as a good reason for running around in a blizzard?
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[Instantly, the teasing manner drops from Nick's voice.]

Shit. I'm sorry, man, that's - that's fucked up. You didn't find him?

[It's not like she has many friends of her own, but she can imagine if she did, and one of them suddenly vanished, she'd be pretty upset over it.]
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[Nick's gaze drops to the ground, watching as her toe scuffs at the snow. That's just the shittiest thing. Fuck this place, seriously.]

Well, what's he look like? If I see him, I can let you know.
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"Really good looking"? [She quirks an eyebrow at him.] Is that like, an objective opinion? People voted on that?
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No shit? [She laughs quietly.] And is one of those votes yours?
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[Nick wasn't either; she barely finished high school, and she did so in firm standing as a social outcast.]

I just don't think I've ever heard a guy call another guy "really good looking" unless he was into him. I mean, not that there's anything wrong with that. [She holds up both hands in preemptive mock-surrender.]
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But you have thought about it? [She grins teasingly, then shrugs.] I'm just playin'. I used to think it was weird - you know, hick girl from a small town. [She rolls her eyes.] But then I had a girlfriend for a while, so. That changed. [Mostly.]
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[The laugh fades from her face as she thinks about how to describe Kennedy.]

She was ... a complete shit most of the time. A real smarty-pants, y'know? Totally in love with the sound of her own voice.

[Nick's words are gruff, but there's an element of fondness running underneath, and wistfulness too.]

She used to say shit like "Nick, labels are for cans!" and "reject the gender binary!" and "resist the patriarchy!" [With each one, she makes a fist and mock-shakes it toward the lack of sky.] She'd talk a lot about "the personal is political." Kinda made me wonder if I was just another political statement to her.

[They'd fought a lot of the time, in fact. Sometimes, in her more bitter moments after the breakup, Nick would wonder what the attraction between them was in the first place.]

But she was a good kisser. And she was right about one thing, I guess - you can't help who you fall for. Feelings are pretty stupid like that.
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She was ... definitely not boring.

[And it's definitely Complicated, what happened between her and Kennedy, how it ended. It's one of the reasons why Nick took off and ended up in Canada - she needed space to sort herself out, and Vancouver was about the farthest she could get from Chicago.]

A few months, I guess? Just kinda happened - she's Andy's cousin, and she moved in with us, and then she was just always around, and ... you know. Shit happened.

[Furious makeouts is what happened. Nick clears her throat and scuffs her toe into the snow.]

Anyway, enough of my sob story. I don't usually talk about that - but you're pretty good at getting people to talk, huh?
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Nah, I was just thinking - you'd make a good bartender. People love to talk when they're drinking. They usually tip better if you at least pretend to give a shit about what they're saying.
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Hey, if I can do it, pretty much anyone can.

[Because clearly he wasn't trying to say she's pretty. Right? Nick shrugs.]

Just watch out for karaoke nights, or you might wind up shoving a broken beer bottle through your ears.
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[She's actually caught off guard by that, a quick burst of laughter ringing out around them as she drops her gaze to the ground at her feet.]

Sure. If you say so.

[She's never believed there's anything remotely attractive about her, even the times she tried to believe Kennedy when she said it. How could anyone really think she was pretty? She's a monster. Nick quickly clears her throat and switches back to the other subject.]

I'm just sayin', drunk assholes warbling "I Kissed a Girl" gets pretty tiresome after the third hour.