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Intro Log: None Hadriel With Left Shark

Who: New arrivals and everyone else!
What: The intro log for February
Where: The colosseum and all around the city.
When: February 10th-16th
Warnings: Shark week

Once more, new arrivals will wake up on the ground level of the ruined colosseum. There isn't anything particularly comforting about it, either- everything is a bit cold and impersonal and there is, of course, the fact that nobody remembers just how they managed to wind up here in the first place. That can all be explained in time, though- until then, you've got quite a bit on your plate already.

And why is that? Well, that may be because you're also surrounded by sharks.

Yes, on land.

It doesn't mean that they're totally incapacitated though- you still have your two headed sharks, your giant sharks, and your sharktopus that are more than capable of flopping in your general direction before taking you into a death roll. And don't forget the (far more dangerous) sand sharks, capable of swimming through the ground as if it were water itself. You might want to start to find a life raft high ground soon.

But hey, if you manage to get away from the sharks, feel free to help yourself to one of the odd food shaped blankets. These cozy comforters are perfect for your new bed, but they tend to carry a faint scent of the food they represent, so be sure not to sleep on an empty stomach!

Listen to the Jaws theme, grab a harpoon, and get cozy! On your way to safety, make sure to explore the rest of the city! Find a house, a new monster, a project to help with, or simply scavenge for supplies. Good luck, and enjoy your stay in Hadriel!

► This log covers February 10th-16th.
► Feel free to make your own logs as well!
► All characters arrive with phones that have network communication and the newbie guide installed.
► Please put your character's name and open/closed in the subject line of your starters!
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[personal profile] survivorsguilt 2017-02-11 02:22 pm (UTC)(link)
[The white hair already makes Napstablook stick out to Ellie, but that wouldn't be reason enough for her to approach them. When she sees the way they stumble and struggle to stay upright though, she gives up avoiding interacting with them in favor of saying something.

She can't just leave someone who looks legitimately hurt to fend for themselves... But she does keep her distance. She's been tricked before.]

Hey... Are you okay?
soundtest: redvelvetshock on deviantart ([Human] I can't unsee it)

[personal profile] soundtest 2017-02-12 04:32 am (UTC)(link)

[They look up suddenly, and the moment they stop concentrating on walking forward, they trip over their feet. With a startled yelp, they tumble and smack right into pavement.

There's a muffled "ow" from the pathetic-looking figure on the ground.]
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[personal profile] survivorsguilt 2017-02-12 05:04 am (UTC)(link)
[...uurrrrrgh. God damn it. Joel would probably chastise her, but- they seem genuine.]

Here, gimme your hand.

[She hurries over and braces herself on one knee, offering them a hand up.]
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soundtest: http://ask-human-napstablooky.tumblr.com ([Human] Are you okay)

[personal profile] soundtest 2017-02-14 08:23 am (UTC)(link)
[Napstablook slowly lifts their face from the ground, seeing a hand outstretched to them.]

oh... thank you...
sorry for being such a bother...
i haven't really gotten the hang of walking yet
but i think i've mastered falling at least...
survivorsguilt: (➽ what the fuckle)

[personal profile] survivorsguilt 2017-02-15 08:31 am (UTC)(link)
What? No way, it's fine.

[She pulls them up as best she can, shrugging off their words.

Wait. Hang on. What?]

...Did you just say you haven't got the hang of walking?

[There's nothing inherently cruel in her tone, just a whole lot of confusion.]
soundtest: icon by sayorisan on tumblr (Oh okay)

[personal profile] soundtest 2017-02-20 08:14 am (UTC)(link)
well... up until a few hours ago i didn't have legs...
so this is all pretty new to me...

[It doesn't occur to Napstablook to explain that they don't have legs because they were a ghost a few minutes ago.]
survivorsguilt: (➽ shaun of the dead)

[personal profile] survivorsguilt 2017-02-23 08:24 am (UTC)(link)
What do you... what do you mean?

[Arm still strung around them, she stares blankly at the legs that are very clearly there.]
soundtest: http://ask-human-napstablooky.tumblr.com ([Human] What?)

[personal profile] soundtest 2017-02-24 08:49 am (UTC)(link)
well i mean... up until recently i was a ghost...
so this whole being human thing is...

[Not what they wanted. But they're stuck. Their soul is completely fused to this body and it's incredibly disturbing that they don't even know how.]

... it's different, i guess...

[They don't need to tell a complete stranger about how weird this is for them, especially when the person they're talking to is human too.]
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[personal profile] survivorsguilt 2017-03-04 06:08 am (UTC)(link)
[She just blinks at them for a moment, dumbfounded.]

Wow. Uh. No kidding. That's really different. Holy shit.

[Ellie can feel a headache coming on.]

Soooo... The gods do this?