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and I will try to fix you [CLOSED]

Who: Rey and Nick Valentine.
What: Nick's been in bad shape. Time for his roommate to fix that.
Where: Beep Boop House, 1401.
When: February 10th, after Nick's encounter with a dirty synth-hater.
Warnings: Some gore of the robot variety and possible mentions of trauma -- both of the physical and psychological variety.

To say the least, it has been a day. And that's putting it mildly.

Between the sharks, the newcomers, and Muscovy's... change (to call it a 'growth spurt' would be an understatement), the only thing now that Rey wants to do is come home and rest. Or at least give her mind some time to process everything.

Rather than driving herself (more) mad with all the strangeness and matters that she can't change, Rey diverts her thoughts towards what she can do in the immediate moment: She can take care of Nick. Make use of Shadow's time and utilize it to keep her roommate from falling to pieces. Keep him existing for as long as she possibly can. It isn't like he came with an maintenance manual, so it's all been trial and error so far. It just isn't good enough.

The opening and closing of the front door announces Rey's return before she even calls out, "Nick? You home?"

She kicks off some dirt from her boots at the doorway before entering, trudging over the carpet as she listens for any signs of the house's second inhabitant.
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The first sign Rey gets that her roommate is indeed home is his coat lying across his easy chair; the second is his cane leaning on the wall just outside the bathroom door. Third is the voice of Nick himself, his hushed tone audible through the open door.


There's a sigh that follows -- he'd been hoping to get himself in working order before Rey got home so she wouldn't worry, but he only managed to fix the loose duct tape on his internal piping and get a part of his head unscrewed. His left eye is still offline, the light behind it completely out; his shirt is sporting a new coolant stain right around his middle, one he'll have to wash out when he's got a minute.

But for now, he has other things to deal with, namely explaining to his roommate what happened to him this time. He sets the screwdriver on the side of the sink, leaning on the fixture, his nose wrinkling in irritability as he fesses up. "You're home earlier than I thought you'd be."
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Nick remains at the sink, his eyes -- though it looks like just the one, given the lack of lights in his left one -- rolling just a hair at her suggestion.

"Just help me get that back on line, would ya?" he asks, offering her the screwdriver.
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He tilts his head to the side to give her a better angle to work with. She's partially in his blind spot now, one he hopes he doesn't have to adjust to. He's just now gotten used to the bum leg.

"I had a feeling that might be case. Damn thing isn't exactly in the best of shape."

And hasn't been since that time she clocked him, though to be fair, neither is the rest of him.
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Nick nods, grabbing his cane and heading into the den to take a seat on the couch. Though he might not have explained anything yet, he expects Rey will be able to piece together something given the damage -- not only is his eye offline, but someone with keen sight and knowledge might pick up on the dent to his temple, as well. Something hit him there, hard and repeatedly; he's very lucky his processor only got rattled a little, sustaining no damage itself.

As for the coolant leak, there are some buttons on his shirt that are still undone from where he patched it in a hurry -- the one that took the bullet from her double has a new bend in it, one that will definitely cause him some problems if not replaced. Something hit him there, too.

No bites though, no new tears to his synthetic skin. Whatever did this wasn't a shark. Nick knows he's got some explaining to do.
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With a sigh, Nick settles in for some maintenance, leaning his elbows onto his knees. Though his blind spot keeps him from seeing what all she's brought in, he knows this will probably take a while.

"One of the new arrivals didn't take kindly to synths."

Understatement of the century, Nick.
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"Yeah, unfortunately." Nick holds still as Rey works, not wanting to make her job any harder. Given the fact she's dealing with machinery from an entirely different world, and said machinery isn't exactly in pristine condition, he's thankful whenever she manages to get him back into working order. As they both know, synth parts that are compatible with his aren't exactly plentiful in Hadriel.

"You remember what I told you about the Brotherhood of Steel?"
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She would, and Nick knows it -- the things one does for family.

"We'll see. I don't expect everyone who's new to town to get on board immediately with how we do things here, but if he sticks around, he'll have to learn to play nice."

And that goes for not just Nick, but for all the other people classified as non-human, as well. At least Danse seemed to have the biggest beef of all with the old synth himself.
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As Rey works on his eye, Nick keeps his remaining one off her, trying in equal measure to not draw attention to the fact that he's literally going to pieces, and probably wouldn't be around by now if it wasn't for her repairs. They're both painfully aware of the dependence they have upon one another; neither wants to think of the loss the other may one day suffer.

"Danse, according to the tags he had on him," Nick replies. "A Paladin in the Brotherhood, though don't expect he'll charge you on sight the way he did me. Not unless you intend on pulling some of your skin off to reveal what's underneath."

And even then, he might be more merciful. Danse apparently had other ideas as to why Nick couldn't be trusted.
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"Really." Surprise makes Nick turn Rey's direction -- oh hey, there's his eye in her hands. Back he goes to looking away a second later, not wanting to make working on something as seemingly alive as him -- as well as someone she considers family -- any more awkward and grisly than it has to be.

He could stand to be more shocked, but it's a small world (or city, technically). "Good. You might be easier to patch up than me in some ways, but let's not go put that to the test. I don't know how keen he'd be on attacking other synths the way he did me, but he seemed to have it in his head that I was working for the Institute."
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Though Nick can't help but smile at her remark -- she knows exactly how he feels about the Institute -- there's concern in his voice as he replies.

"If you do run into him again, be careful."

This is coming from the guy with a busted leg and a coolant stain on his shirt, whose eye is currently in Rey's hand. He knows he doesn't have to tell her to keep on her toes, but it bears repeating. He does worry about her.

"Maketh had a talk with him already. She's the one who got him off me."

Because yes, Danse did have him pinned to the ground. Don't think too hard on how much more damage he could have done to him, Rey.
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"If he doesn't realize it yet," Nick returns with a sigh, "he'll figure it out soon enough. Let's just hope Henry and Maketh don't end up dead a third time."

Maybe they're better people than he is and throw themselves into more danger, maybe they're foolhardy and don't think too hard on what would happen to the city without them, or maybe they just have rotten luck, but Nick is grateful that, unlike his bosses, he has yet to kick the bucket in Hadriel. He's come close -- that emergency shutdown after he ran into a deathclaw really put the fear of God in him -- but he still doesn't trust Hope can bring him back the way he does the others, certainly not with what the insides of those mopeds look like. Things run on magic in the city; Nick doesn't. Last thing he needs is for them to bring him back nonfunctional and for Rey to have to deal with his lifeless shell.
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Nick had been thinking more along the lines of if whatever the gods brought in next took them out, but hell, with how furious Danse had been with him, maybe he'd categorize both Henry and Maketh as synth sympathizers. Rey's right though, and Nick knows it, deep down -- Danse had been after him, and no one else for now. He hopes to get more answers regarding exactly why at some point, but for now, he'll settle just for being back in some semblance of working order.

And that's why what she says next gets a smile on his face. "Thanks, Rey. I don't know what I'd do without you, other than start shopping for an eyepatch."
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If Rey was expecting a suspicious look, she's getting one now: Nick's mouth draws itself into a thin line, his brow over his darkened eye rising.

"Yeah? You been busy?"

Yes, she's been busy with doubles and sharks and who knows what else; she doesn't need the gods and their nonsense on top of all that, and especially not for his sake. She has to get parts from somewhere, though, as much as he'd rather she didn't -- she can't just fix his leg from nothing, and getting what's required means asking the gods for it. Rey did say she wouldn't go that route -- if only because he asked her not to -- but Nick can't say he honestly expected she'd keep her word forever, especially if he got so worn down that he was hardly able to function.

But he's not there yet, which begs the question of where any spare parts she might suddenly have came from.
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It takes Nick no time at all to piece together what she means. Parts like his don't just grow on trees. That leaves him with one question:

"Who else would be getting parts for me?"
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Rey stops him before he can protest; much like she knows it's no good to lie, he knows it's no good to argue with her. He's certainly in no condition for it, given the repair work she's doing. Besides that, they're family, so they have to take care of each other for each other. Rey looking out for him helps her, as well.

He sighs, leaning back so he can prop up his busted leg. "I guess you're not the only one who gets to claim that now."
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It might be a bit of a guilt trip, but it's done lightly enough that Nick smiles. "I've always given you a glowing review when asked."

He really shouldn't be surprised when folks go out of their way for him, yet here he is. He'll just have to keep himself in better condition this time so Shadow, Rey, or anyone else doesn't have to do it again. That's easier said that done, of course -- no telling when the Door will bring in something else looking to knock a few pieces off him.

"I'll have to thank him later," Nick continues finally, that half-smile still tugging at him. "He's rough around the edges, but he's got a good heart... a little like someone else I know."

Nick clearly has a type when it comes to making friends.
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Nick pushes a quiet sigh out of him at that; it's been a while since the Door's sudden influx of visitors, people who were there and gone in such a short time, but some wounds just don't heal. "Even if she'd managed to take it," he utters quietly, that soft rumble lying in his tone, "you'd still have more heart than she'll ever have."

And he absolutely means that. Hell, some people would say the same about Nick himself, and he doesn't have a heart at all -- not in the traditional sense. Wanting to get away from the subject of IV, he's thankful for the distraction as his eye finally comes back online, the light within glowing brightly.

"Guess it's official," he continues, giving Rey a smile, both eyes settling on her. "You're a miracle worker."
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"And here I was finally getting used to it."

As facetious as that statement is, he'd rather be back on his own two feet, as well. Having a bum leg hasn't been too much of an ordeal, save for when it gives out from under him when in a fight with a Brotherhood Paladin or Rey's evil twin.

In other words, it hasn't been trouble, except for when it was. "I'll be glad to leave the cane at home from now on, though. I'll be honest that I wasn't sure how I was gonna get out of the hole Sharon and I found you in." She knows the one. "We didn't know what kind of condition you'd be in when we got you out of there, and neither of us is exactly a light load."