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oo7. missing is that purpose in my life, but I can get it back

Who: Shadow and Rey, Carlisle, Henry and Maketh.
What: Monster hunting, vengeance (i wish i was kidding) and resigning from the Guard, like, for real this time.
Where: Places.
When: Feb 12th, 21st and 22nd.
Warnings: Violence, language and stuff. edgyhedgie!

( Rᴇʏ | ᴄᴀᴠᴇs | Fᴇʙ 12ᴛʜ )

Now that he had made sure nothing too terrible had come through the Door, Shadow finally decided it's time to finish his deal with Hope.

Sure at first he thought it would be easy, let's face it, those Deathclaws hadn't been much of a challenge for him, they were brutal of course, resistant, but he was always faster. But as it turns out, finding just the last one remaining... well... that was proving to be a little more difficult!

With zero knowledge of how to use his hunting instincts, Shadow had been wandering around the caves for far too long now. Dammit!

"Where the hell is it!?"

Yep, someone is getting desperate.

( Cᴀʀʟɪsʟᴇ | ʜɪs ʀᴏᴏғᴛᴏᴘ ɢᴀʀᴅᴇɴ | ғᴇʙ 21sᴛ )

[ Time passed.

Time passed and Shadow still felt used, betrayed.

It had been a while ever since he felt that way. And for the first time ever since he had arrived to Hadriel, he wasn't exaggerating about it. It wasn't like that one mistake Kate had made, that, he found out a little too late that he could forgive, but what Carlisle had done...

He couldn't get over it. He probably never would.

Carlisle had deliberately used him. His double had made sure of letting him know that. And for his own sanity, he tried to not believe it. But that nagging what if kept bothering him. What if what the double said was true? What if Carlisle had indeed manipulated him before? That heavy sensation he had when he was under that odd spell... He cannot shake the feeling he's felt it before when around the man. Not only once either.

With the general cheerfulness that the prior event had brought now gone, the dreadful thought of what Carlisle might have done to him returned at the simple reminder of how they had been forced to show their affection in ways he would never have. Of course, that only lead him to remember more that merely his time spent at Hadriel, but memories of another time, when he was yet again, manipulated. His own creator had tampered with his memories in a way.

So, Shadow waited for the cleric to make an appearance at the garden he had created. He had to make sure... Even if he already knew the answer to his questions. ]

( Hᴇɴʀʏ | ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴀʀᴋ | Fᴇʙ 22ɴᴅ )

[ It was amazing how much Henry had been pushing him with the whole training thing, it wasn't the first and it probably wouldn't be the last time that the whole thing made his muscles ache, hell, he even seemed to ache from places he didn't know he could! Not only he had been learning how to handle a sword, but he had been learning to measure his own strength, there was no way he was going to use his whole raw physical force on the poor human, no matter how resistant Henry was.

It was good, however, Shadow wouldn't have it any other way. There was something oddly satisfying at how at the end of their training, the hedgehog seemed actually burned out, breathing heavily though his nose as he tried to cool down, he would never allow himself to literally pant or show any weakness to Henry after all. But no matter how much he tried to hide it, Shadow didn't seem to have much energy to banter by then.

Having finished the training for the day, Shadow then pads towards where he left his little sword's sheath at the beginning of their training, together with a piece of paper, carefully folded. Keeping it in his spines wouldn't have been a good idea, given how his fur seems a little damp at the moment. ]

Percy, wait.

[ It's before they part ways that he calls him out. Approaching to the man and extending the paper, which, in fact, looks more like an envelope, a handmade one, it seems. On the outside it reads, 'Henry Percy, Guard commander', in pristine handwriting, incredibly alike Henry's, though there might be a few shy strokes still. And in the inside... ]

It's my resignation from the Guard.

[ There is no real need to read it, is there? ]

( Mᴀᴋᴇᴛʜ | Gᴜᴀʀᴅ HQ | Fᴇʙ 22ɴᴅ )

[ Not too long after his training with Henry, Shadow decides he owes her an explanation too. He probably wouldn't have cared before but now, she had earned his respect in a way Shadow wasn't really aware of. Besides, she had expressed her concern before, about him coming back to the Guard.

Yes, the least he can do is letting her know in person as well.

Leaning against the post's door frame, he waits for her to arrive to her shift. Hmm, Henry and Maketh... they are too predictable with that tight schedule they imposed on themselves... ]
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While Shadow is working on finishing his deal with Hope, someone else is finishing the one she has with Tranquility.

It hadn't taken her very long to track down the first one. By some stroke of luck or miracle (neither in which Rey was a firm believer in), she managed to stumble upon the gristly, decaying bear she had been tasked to bring down.

A few shots to the head hadn't been enough to bring it down, but the sudden eruption of heat and flames put an end to its life in the Hadriel tunnels. Everything else after that... Well, the stars hadn't aligned properly, it would seem.

Some days had passed since she started tracking down the animal, carrying only a small pack of supplies on her back to keep her going. Fueled by the occasional drop of water, coffee, and makeshift energy bars she made at home, she's pushed onward for the last day or so on minimal sleep and rest.

She can't afford to let the exhaustion show when she finds that she's no longer alone for the first time in hours. At first she goes for the kukri sheathed at her hip.

That is, until she catches the echo of a familiar voice down the passage.

The blade slides back into its sheath with an audible shnk! as Rey eases her stance, only enough to not pose an immediate threat to the hedgehog.

"What are you looking for?"

Rey, on the other hand, has had to hunt on quite a few occasions to survive. Tracking and navigating long and confusing paths is something she's learned how to do, it's all just become instinct now.
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Answering a question with a question turns out to be more annoying than Rey would have thought. She slides her hand from the long knife, but keeps it within grasp in case they find themselves greeted by unwanted company.

"Tracking a bear," she says simply. "Last one."

That's all he's getting right now.
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Well, that should be a no-brainer, if not for the fact that Rey comes here looking for a fight more often than she'd care to share with her roommate. It blows off steam.

Not so much the case this time, though.


So helpful.
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Sadly Rey is one of those who enter the caves with no reason, but now she has the convenient excuse of that not being the case.

"Only one of those assholes left?" She scoffs, remembering what just one had done to Nick and that was reason enough to hate the things. "For Hope's deal, right?"

Since Shadow at least doesn't seem like he'd come here for no reason.
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Killing is easy, for Rey. Hunting she can make do. Trying to track down one remaining specific creature in a den that's full of them? That's a different matter entirely.

All of those thoughts fly to the ditch when Shadow thanks her. Considering how their previous conversations and last physical encounter had gone, it was the last thing she could have expected, regardless of her intentions.

"Of course. It was annoying seeing him make excuses for hobbling around like a rusty bucket." Then, she adds with much less levity: "Plus he's family."
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"No," she says, definite and deliberate. "But we have a bit in common -- including certain... problems, in our worlds."

Certain synthetic-related problems. Which is more than she'd ever wish on anyone here.
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That's Rey for you. Vague enough not to spell out the whole picture, but not so elusive so as to give the wrong impression... sometimes. She might've gotten lucky for once.

Either way, one thing is most important: Nick means more to her than most do. Someone she would rather try and live for.

Hence, her senses spike when it becomes very clear to her that they're no longer alone. Guess it was only a matter of time...

She reaches for the kukri again, sliding the curved blade out of its sheath.

"Could split. Cover more ground that way."

Bad idea, Rey. Always a bad idea.