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do every stupid thing that makes you feel alive [mostly closed]

Who: Asgore, Asriel, Chara, Frisk, Sans, and Shadow; plus potential guests, later
What: Two plans get executed simulataneously
Where: The orchard, the Kid House, and eventually the Silent Hill zone
When: March 1st - 9th
Warnings: Discussions of and implications of suicide. Likely more to follow.

[ * besides. ]
[ * chances are... ]

[ * i've already tried to steer you in the right direction. ]

[ * ... ]
[ * so what can i say? ]

[ * what can i say that will change the mind of a being like you? ]
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[She met Frisk, once. They were fighting a shark monster with a stick.

Wandering through this creepy fucking fog covered place, she can only hope these kids haven't come across any monsters. Sure, they could probably take care of them, but Ellie doesn't know that. She's scared for them.

She readjusts her gun in her hands and glances up at the guy who is apparently meant to be her search buddy, trying her best not to stare too much. What's up with the costume?]

So, uh. Do you know these kids well?
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[Wade doesn't glance back at her. Not because he's doing the aloof anti-hero thing-- that sort of personality quirk hasn't been in style since the 90's-- but because... well. He knows this place. And the creatures that usually make their home here. One creature in particular, actually, and Wade's not exactly keen on seeing him again.

He's reckless, but not that reckless.]

Not really. Patched 'em both up during the whole clusterfuck a few months back. Took care of 'em while Sans was off havin' a case of death. They're good kids, though. Quiet. Been through some serious shit, from what I can gather.

[Not that that has any influence on his need to find them. Wade hasn't taken his weapons out yet, but every so often, when a sudden noise echoes through the choking fog, his hand strays to the red hilts hooked onto his belt.]
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[She has no idea what clusterfuck exactly he's referring to, but the anonymous network post from not too long ago gives her some idea. And Sans- died? Okay. Wow.

She picks up from his terse mannerisms that it's not exactly the time to ask about either of those things.]

Yeah... When I got here, Frisk w-

[Whatever she's about to say is cut off by another elongated, definitively inhuman cry. The difference is, this one sounds much closer. Ellie spins to face the direction it's come from, but can't see anything. She cusses under her breath.]

I don't fucking like this.
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Easy. Easy there, kiddo.

[Quietly, so as not to attract unwanted attention from the creepy-crawlies that roam this part of he city. He supplements his words with a fleeting hand on her shoulder-- not in a condescending manner, though it might definitely seem that way regardless of his intentions.]

I don't like bein' here any more than you do, but we're gonna do fine. Just take deep breaths and focus on what's in front of you. I got your back, okay?
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[Maybe it would normally annoy or frustrate her, but... it just kind of twinges at her heart. It's too familiar. But there's no room to dwell on that right now when her focus is needed elsewhere, so she shoves those feelings right down, far away.

Deep breaths.]

Right. Got yours, too.

[She's not here to be a burden. Ellie nods and follows him closely. God, if they don't find these kids soon...]
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[It's at this time that Wade would engage in small talk; in jokes, anything to break the silence. Not much use for stealth when virtually nothing can kill you, after all. But the presence of the young girl beside him-- barely even more than a child herself, although considering his mental and emotional maturity he might not be the best judge of that-- pings something in the part of his brain that isn't fueled by reckless abandon; tells him that maybe he should take things slow and quiet this time around.

He offers her the slightest of nods at her declaration, as encouraging as it is curt, and even affords a quick thumbs-up sign in her direction. No reason to give her the impression that he's all business. A strange, almost insectile shriek suddenly catches his attention, and he quickly flattens himself against the nearest building, trusting that Ellie's savvy enough to do the same.

Peeking around, he catches sight of dog-looking creatures mired in all manner of blood and filth, shambling slowly away in a painful looking lope. It's obvious they haven't caught sight of any intruders yet. Wade pulls back behind the cover of the building and utters a soft curse.]

Shit. Can't make this an easy rescue mission, can it?

[At least it's not the Verdugo situation again. The thought of that time back in Haven-- the day he'd met Jesse-- causes an odd feeling of wistfulness to rise up in his chest, and he quickly swallows it down; turns to his partner with the same question he'd had that day on his lips.]

Hey. How are you with knives?
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[She's quick to mirror Wade, feet light and movements careful. Back home, a lot of the monsters were guided solely by sound- so she's very used to making herself silent.]

Confident. What are you thinking?