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do every stupid thing that makes you feel alive [mostly closed]

Who: Asgore, Asriel, Chara, Frisk, Sans, and Shadow; plus potential guests, later
What: Two plans get executed simulataneously
Where: The orchard, the Kid House, and eventually the Silent Hill zone
When: March 1st - 9th
Warnings: Discussions of and implications of suicide. Likely more to follow.

[ * besides. ]
[ * chances are... ]

[ * i've already tried to steer you in the right direction. ]

[ * ... ]
[ * so what can i say? ]

[ * what can i say that will change the mind of a being like you? ]
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[Hunting and tracking is a skill Rey has had to pick up on over the years (or, it was a skill her older selves had learned, and the Rey she is now simply cheated). Not just for food, but also potential enemies. It's a little more difficult in rural areas, cityscapes and populated places. But the Silent Hill Zone isn't immensely populated.

[Well, not by
people, anyway.

[Hearing what had happened almost comes as a disapointment to Rey. After she reached out to the kid, tried to get them to open up and understand -- as well as understand, herself -- it might have been just too little too late.

[Those two do know that death isn't the end here, don't they? That they'll just be reset even if they die on these foggy streets? It's the inevitable that she's had to come to terms with after so long, despite knowing what that feeling is like. To want to die. To go as far as ask a god not to bring you back, or at least attempt in doing so.

[Rey pauses, at first catching a glimpse of an apparition shifting among the fog. A black, gangly, shadowy shape, nine-feet tall and swaying.

[It doesn't go to attack. Rather, it stumbles into the moving mist, obscuring its form.

[Rey clutches the kukri in one hand, and marches forward. Only she isn't met with a weedy giant... but another person. A woman. Her jaw clenches, grip tightening over the hilt of the knife in case the emerging figure turns out to be hostile.]
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[ Due to her (secretly) declining abilities, Rose had made it a point to stay away from the Silent Hill Zone. The general atmosphere of the place just screams please, kill me now! Though she supposes that had appealed to the kids more than deterred them.

It had to her once upon a time, too. Some days it still does, honestly. Especially after seeing the dark reflection of herself that could have been if she hadn't had her pack mates to save her. Perhaps that why she's so set on finding them. The woman knows where they're at; perhaps not exactly, of course, but she's known what it feels like to want to die. To actually act on that desire.

Rey sees Rose before the wolf catches onto her. God, her senses really are dulled. She can hardly be called a wolf anymore, feels like... Is this what it actually feels like to be baseline?
] Yo, [ she greets casually, seeing that grip on her knife.

Not to worry, Rey. Rose isn't one of the dangerous monsters. At least not right now.
] Guessing you're here for the same reason I am?