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Event Log: Oh Shit (side A)

Who: All the characters in Group A
What: The event log for Group A
Where: The left side of the city
When: The evening of March 28th-April 9th
Warnings: Loud noises, Silent Hill monsters, and also half your friends are gone

On the evening of March 28th, the good feelings that come along with Love's resurrection abruptly disappear. The lighting in the city flickers and goes dark, everything hooked up to the power grid loses all energy, and the network stops functioning. Very soon after, the city splits down the middle. Everyone on the left side of the city can look over and see nothing but a rock wall where the right side used to be - along with all of your friends that might have been over there. A few hours later, the network begins to function again, allowing you to check in with friends - but though within your half of the city it works fine, any contact with someone one the other half will be accompanied by a host of glitches and general communication difficulty.

On this side of the city, since Hope is here, the lights come back up quickly. The shops are still stocked with food, people are still resurrected when they die (though in Delight's temple, rather than Hope's), and things seem like they could continue as normal - except that on March 30th, anyone on this side of the city starts hearing strange noises. Loud, echoing sounds begin to come from outside the caves surrounding the city - thudding and drilling noises, loud enough in volume to be impossible to ignore. Shortly after that, Hope calls for help from the remaining residents: go with Rage and Delight into the caves, and use explosives provided by Rage (or your own powers) to collapse them.

There are, of course, still some monsters in the caves, though Hope's power keeps them from invading the city (the other group won't be so lucky). What's more, as you venture deeper into the caves, the drilling sounds get louder and more disruptive, until it's difficult to even think. But this is incredibly important - your lives all depend on it. You'd better just keep going.

For those who can't or don't want to venture into the caves, the city itself isn't entirely safe either. Fear needs power desperately, and so the gods have released their confinement of the Silent Hill Zone. Though it won't overcome the half-city again, there will be pockets of fog and Silent Hill monsters scattered throughout the city - all in the service of scaring you as much as possible. On top of that, with half the gods missing, Sorrow's garden begins to die, Tranquility's mopeds no longer run, Confusion's GPS has completely failed, and Love's brand new hot springs run dry.

Help out, run from monsters, get lost in the cave, worry about missing friends - just try not to let that drilling noise get under your skin. Something's coming. What are you going to do?

► This log covers March 28th-April 9th.
► Feel free to make your own logs, as well
► Please tag headers of threads with content warnings where they apply
► Please put your character's name and open/closed in the subject line of your starters!
► If you run afoul of a monster or accidentally collapse the cave on your head, please let us know here.
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[ooc: Placeholder for starter comments. If you want to write up your own "wildcard" thingy, feel free to just tag here. Alternatively, you can hit me up via any OOC avenues if you want to plot anything special!]

29th; the morning after (House 1401 - CLOSED to Firo Prochainezo)

[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-30 01:06 am (UTC)(link)
When the last thing you can remember is having committed attempted murder on someone you barely know over something as trivial as a relationship chart, you're in for a rude awakening.

The events of the days following Love's arrival were still very fresh in Rey's mind, even as she snapped awake. The blood on her hands, the knife in her grip, Nick trying to hold her back and...

And that sure did happen, didn't it?

Shooting into an upright position, Rey blinks around the room. Her room. The closest thing she has to 'home' in this damned place. She's not anywhere near Hope's temple, where one would have been revived after death. That at least answers the question on whether or not she had been killed.

Still, it doesn't answer how she got here or what had happened. She gapes down at her hands, now clean of the blood that had stained them. Her fingers flex, trying to shake off the trembling nerves accompanying that gut-wrenching feeling of dread when she realizes how quiet the house is. Her roommate isn't here.

"...Nick?" Rey calls out.

No answer.

She starts to jump to her feet, but her knees buckle as soon as she slides out of bed and faceplants over the floor. The blankets tangled around her legs and waist, arms folded under her head to prevent a hard fall... Not that she could have made a more graceful landing when there's nothing graceful about this.

"F-fuck," she curses under a muffled breath.
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Firo's hovering outside Rey's room when she makes her skillful entrance back into the realm of the waking. He doesn't see anything, but he sure hears it when she tumbles out of bed.

Not a moment too soon. Things are getting weird here, and they should get up and moving actually doing something sooner rather than later.

He raps on the door with his knuckles. "You all right in there?"
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When it isn't Nick who knocks on that door, there's a sinking feeling in Rey's stomach that something has to be wrong. On the other hand, she's grateful to hear that it's Firo, and not one of the numbers harping on her pitiful case over the network.

Her skull aches. She brings a hand over her face, and realizes that she smacked her forehead over the hardwood floor. It isn't enough to leave a mark, but damn if it doesn't sting.

"Just terrific," she mutters, kicking the blankets off her legs.
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[personal profile] foundafamily 2017-03-31 02:37 am (UTC)(link)
Terrific. On his side of the door, Firo can't help but give an ironic grin.

"Well, it's only gonna get better." That is definitely sarcasm in his voice. "Are you ready to hear how everything's gone to hell, or do you need a moment to wake up?"

[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-31 02:19 pm (UTC)(link)
As she's untangling herself, she shoots an incredulous look at the door.

"Gone to hell...? What, did Love start shooting people with Cupids' arrows?"

Love had only been giving everyone the warm fuzzies for a few days. Rey hadn't been out for that long, had she?

Once she's more alert, the door to her room opens, meeting Firo on the other side of it. "What's​ going on?"
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[personal profile] foundafamily 2017-04-01 03:11 am (UTC)(link)
Firo steps back to give Rey space once she exits her room. He looks her over quickly to check for any bruising or injury from her fall, but she looks as fine as someone could be right now.

He shakes his head. Who would've thought that there'd be a time he might actually wish Love was doing that? "For once, that might be better than what's actually happening."

Don't keep her in suspense. He runs his fingers through his hair as he eyes her again. "City's split in half. The gods are freaking out."

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30th; terror in the depths of the fog (silent hill zone - CLOSED to Danse)

[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-30 02:16 am (UTC)(link)

Alone again. Typical. Rey isn't surprised when she's welcomed by silence when the fog rolls in. She can't even remember how long it's been there, or how long she had spent in the total silence by herself. For someone who really shouldn't be without company in her mental state, she sure has been wandering off on her own a lot.

You have no one but yourself to blame, the mantra reminds her. Of course. This is her fault. She did this to herself. Just like she worked herself up into despair when rage had sent her hurling herself towards Rose with a knife in the first place. In hindsight, she knows that woman didn't deserve it. Rey was justifying her own anger, needed someone to take it out on. Rose only happened to have made it easy when goading Rey the way she did.

Did she kill her? Rey still isn't entirely sure. Afraid to ask, or seek out the answer from anyone who might know.

Instead, she wanders. The fog is encompasing. It goes on for so long.

Where is everybody?

She must have been wandering for hours, holding her head occasionally when nursing the ache in her skull. It's easy to mistake the drilling noises for the hammering in her own brain. The strange noises for murmurs in the mist and dark of the city streets.

'Come with me,' one of the whisper says. 'You can tell me you hate them. You can tell me you love me,' it says. 'Won't that be nice?'

"Feel nothing." The words choke out barely above a whisper, shaky. "Feel nothing, feel nothing, feel noth--"

"What do you... feel now? Don't tell me you didn't feel something after that--"

"SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP," Rey screams at the silhouette in the fog, throwing her hands over her ears to block out that terrible memory of it. "I DON'T FEEL ANYTHING."

If she says it enough times, maybe that'll finally make it true.
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[personal profile] manofmettle 2017-03-30 03:23 pm (UTC)(link)
The fog creeps up on you. A slow crawl that slithers across the ground unheard, unbidden, unseen until its cold, damp tendrils cling to your legs.

He's heard of the fog in Far Harbour, that poisonous cloud that clogs your lungs and muddles your brain with its radiation. But he'd rather face off against the worst that Far Harbour has to throw at him, then face Sharon's fog. Still, he's taken to patrolling the area. People want to give Fear all they have, and while he's not against that? The monsters that roam in the fog aren't just for show and someone might need protection from sharp teeth and claws. And who's to say that the conjurations can't get the best of people either. A bullet can't kill your worst fears given form. Those fears are inside you. They're not going anywhere.

Sure enough, he hears the raw screams, and his eyes widen when he realises who it sounds like. Normally calm and collected, silent, grounded and unyielding like the mountains themselves. The fog must have gotten to her; Danse immediately begins to run. She must be close by. Somewhere in the area.

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Something in that fog distorts the voice calling out to her. 'Rey' distorts into 'FREYJA', and her blood boils at the sound of that name. That fucking name...

No, not her name. Her subject designation. Her real name back then was Fiona. That was what her mother wanted for her. But that woman is gone. Long dead and never coming back.

Because of FREYJA. Because of him, the fucking BASTARD.

"You son of a bitch... WHO SAID YOU COULD COME BACK?" Rey seethes, only seeing that shadow in the fog break into a run towards her. It's what she sees. Not Danse, but the despicable owner of the voice in her head.

Scrambling onto her feet, to stand, Rey doesn't run away this time. If she ran, he'd just follow her. Even after his death, that motherfucker follows her. She charges, bolting towards the silhouette (Danse) before throwing her weight towards him. All three hundred pounds of herself, toppling them both over to the ground.
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[personal profile] manofmettle 2017-04-02 04:29 am (UTC)(link)
He hears her before he sees her until its too late: a figure hurtling out of the fog to his right. Before he can get a word in she's already thrown all she has into a powerful tackle. She slams into his front and it's like taking a rocket sledgehammer to the chest; air literally forced out his lungs, pain whiting out his vision. Danse hits the ground hard, the back of his head and his back itself smacking against the ruined pavement underneath them.

Maybe when his mind isn't registering the pain that comes with being crushed by three hundred pounds of Reyge, he'd be able to realise that a woman of her size and frame shouldn't have this much power in one tackle. But for the time being he's a bit more concerned about trying to survive. Righteous Authority had slipped out of his grip when he'd been hit, but he still has his hands. Even if it's just to reach up and grip Rey by the shoulders. He can't speak, only wheeze, his eyes squeezed from the pain, but he hopes he can transmit his panic through his fingers digging into her shoulders.
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It's not until she begins reeling her fist back, ready to pound a hole in this fucker's listless, disgusting face that Rey realizes she isn't looking at who she expected this man to be.

No. No no no no no. She's already done this once -- she doesn't need to do it again. And to a possible ally rather than some dumbass on the network. Hasn't she fucked up enough already?

Instead of swinging her fist down, she throws herself off Danse. Not finding her balance and losing her footing, she scrambles back to the ground, and crab walks a few feet away in hopes of putting distance between them.

She did this. Or she almost did. She could have killed him, or he could have shot her. He'd have every right to...

Stay focused. Stay alive.

"D... Danse?" Rey finally chokes out, her throat hoarse and raw. "Shit. Shit, didn't mean to-- Just, shit!"

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April 1st-9th; blow up the outside world (tunnels - OPEN)

[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-30 03:37 am (UTC)(link)
After a few little mishaps, Rey was starting to get a better handle on this. You didn't have to be a demolitionist, but it certainly helped to have an idea on how explosions worked. Particularly when the explosion is yourself.

Leaving Rage's cache to the others who actually needed it, all Rey took were necessary amounts to leave more calculated deconstructions of the tunnels, which she packed in a bag tucked over her shoulder.

Brushing up a hand against the cool, stone surface of the cavern, she briefly consults Sorrow's blessing in order to assess the effectiveness of what she's about to do. She has to make this quick, before whatever's capable of killing gods end up here as well.

With the rustling and tapping drawing near, her eyes squint at the darkness. Deep red veins start glowing around her hand, stretching to her forearm and elbow as heat emanates around her skin. She's about to set off a chain reaction, but only until she figures out what's coming first. Already she has almost killed one person -- she doesn't need to do it again.

"If you're a person, you better say something now or forever hold your peace. If not, then..." She scoffs. "Well, just stay put."

Rey is just going to give it a mental count to three.

One... two...
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[personal profile] kingslight 2017-03-30 04:32 pm (UTC)(link)

Regis calls out once he spots the woman's silhouette within the darkness. "I am no fiend! I merely mean to assist." Surely Rey knows his voice well enough. Out of all the people here in Hadriel, only two possess such an archaic and almost theatrical way with words. Regis is quite aware that his manner of speech gives him away almost instantly but he doesn't recognize Rey until he's almost upon her. It's then that he flashes the woman a faint smile while mentally dreading how this conversation may go.

Rey was quite cross with Regis when he spoke up against her violent threats against Rosie. The two women caused quite a ruckus when "Love" decided to make its grand introduction and had some choice words for him. All the screaming and cursing left a bad taste for Regis but he couldn't blame Rey for being upset. The young woman has every right to be upset at the time but he wished Rey would listen to reason. Nevertheless, Regis realizes that everything said was in the spur of the moment. He highly doubts that Rey truly hates him for speaking against her violent discord but he's hesitant.

Quite hesitant.

"I grateful to see familiar face." Regis mutters as he greets her with a slight nod. "The plan is to bring down the catacombs, yes? If so, I certainly believe I can assist."
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-30 10:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Fortunately for him, there is only one person that Rey knows who speaks with such a specific style of theatrics. No one sure as hell talks like that where she's from...

Hesitant, her hand lowers from the wall, no longer ready to ignite the weakened spot to cave in this tunnel. Despite what she had said the last time they spoke, Rey didn't actually hold Regis in contempt. He was just trying to be the voice of reason to someone who was beyond irrational.

Silent at first, she nods back, drawing her attention to the weak spot in the wall to avoid having to look the man in the eye. Partially because doing so is difficult, and another part to hide the flush coloration of her face.

"Should be fine. Have this area covered."

Dealing with people is just... hard right now. It's even worse dealing with those who got caught up in her little public display.

What more, the last thing she said to Nick isn't something she wants to end up being final between them. There's so much more that she needs to tell him -- it can't all end here.

She has to do this.
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[personal profile] kingslight 2017-03-31 03:52 am (UTC)(link)
Regis let's out a sigh once Rey averts her gaze. She's avoiding looking at him on purpose, a thing Noctis would do whenever he's feeling scorned. The elderly king tries his best to remain chipper despite the gravity of the situation. "Are you so certain of that?" He questions as he taps into his magic. A small orange flame forms within the palm of his hand illuminating his face some.

"I mean not to doubt you but I'm certain two heads are better than one." Regis suggests with a tense smile. He's a little worried about the cavern collapsing on top of them but they must do what they've been tasked.

"Is all your friends an allies well?" He asks for the sake of small talk.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-04-01 07:39 pm (UTC)(link)
He's right. Rey knows that he is. But then, Regis also doesn't understand the destructive force of what she is. How easy it is for others to get caught in the literal crossfire of what she can do.

For now, she drops it, hanging her head in resignation to the fact that, no matter what she tells him, nothing is going to change his mind. Not with words, anyway.

"Right now they are. A couple of them are immortal, so they can handle themselves." The fact that she says it so calmly, so nonchalant because this is her life now, is almost comical.

And then, something about it does become comical.

Rey laughs.

Maybe it's insanity taking hold, or something else entirely. But she actually fucking laughs.

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[personal profile] save_theworld 2017-03-30 09:40 pm (UTC)(link)
"Person! Person!!!" If that frantic call isn't the loudest thing she's ever heard from them, then she's been listening at temple doors, most like. A hurried patter of feet, and that shadow turns into a child thrown into sharp highlight under the glow of her- veins?

Upon their back is a little bag; it's really cute. They might have got it purely because it reminded them of something...someone.

It's also chock full of explosives, so maybe don't add to the boom.

"Don't blow me up, please! I don't like it!"
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-30 10:51 pm (UTC)(link)
The many glowing veins around her arm fades as Rey withdraws her hand from the wall, hearing a familiar voice and shape emerging from the shadows. And she's glad for that, too -- she'd hate to have blown up Frisk or crushed them to death. Or both, really.

She scoffs at their last comment. "Makes two of us."

Rey doesn't much like getting blown up, either, though she can still somehow manage to get pretty far after losing a few limbs and pints of blood.

"Are you by yourself?" Rey can't see anyone running and yelling behind Frisk, but it's good to know that she didn't almost pulverize more than two people today.
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[personal profile] save_theworld 2017-04-01 07:15 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, good. Good. They heave a sigh of relief; or perhaps they're just a little out of breath as they skid to a halt in front of her, hands immediately resting on their knees. Just uh-

A second, if you will.

"Uh- I'm alone. I don't think anyone's down there." Where Asriel is, they don't know; but then, they lost sight of him hours ago. Before they came into the tunnels at all. They- very likely owe him another apology, for going off on their own.

But the city is still safer than here. They've put him through enough, the past few days.

[personal profile] circumitus 2017-04-01 10:13 pm (UTC)(link)
"Oh, good."

No, wait. Not good. This isn't good at all.

Rey gives Frisk a double take, brow arched. "What're you doing out here alone?"

The answer should be obvious, if not making herself to be something of a hypocrite, considering she's come all the way out here without a buddy. Still, she has means of fending for herself, whereas Frisk is... small. Having killed people or no, they're still small.

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[personal profile] amos_moses 2017-04-08 02:58 am (UTC)(link)
"Definitely a person, please don't shoot. Or...whatever." Amos steps around a corner, carrying a flashlight and his AK-47. The light and the muzzle of the gun are angled down at the floor, however, as Amos is trying very hard to avoid friendly fire.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-04-09 12:30 am (UTC)(link)
That 'friendly fire' was close enough to be literal. Fortunately, Rey holds herself back, allowing the dim glow of the red veins under her skin to diminish for the time being.

She squints at the shadows extending beyond Amos, as only one set of footsteps draws near.

"Didn't bring anyone with you?"

Like you're one to talk, Rey.
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[personal profile] amos_moses 2017-04-13 08:37 pm (UTC)(link)
"Not 'less the jays count."

Amos isn't sure if she does count the birds as "someone", and eyes the fading red glow along her arm with interest. "Didn't know you had magic, Miss Rey."
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-04-21 02:54 am (UTC)(link)
She snorts. It's not the first time anyone has compared what she can do to magic, but it never fails to confound her.

"Not magic -- it's tech." A very specific, unnatural sort of technology. One that can't really be explained or understood enough to study and replicate it.

Close enough to magic. Shut up.

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