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I think I’ve been praying the lights won't go out

Who: The UD cast and any visitors!
What: General catchall, especially because of new arrivals and the upcoming event
Where: House 1503
When: 02/10 to 03/01ish
Warnings: Probably discussions of canon events, which would include warnings for all sorts of horror stuff, as well as the wendigo event and all that entails.

[ooc: Catch-all log! Feel free to make your own starters (including as many scenarios/threads as you want), and indicate in the subject generally when the starter takes place. Anyone who would have reason to visit/be in the area is welcome to comment!]
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22ndish; for chris.

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[Everything is awful right now, and there's no end in sight, of course, but some things never change - people still gotta eat. Those who haven't already eaten people are definitely taking a closer look at their food supplies these days, and a group this big needs frequent supply runs anyway. It's just smarter to not go out alone; everyone knows that. Nick doesn't typically find herself with an overabundance of hope, but the fact that Chris has already survived actual fucking wendigos makes him an obvious choice, and it also makes Nick feel slightly less nervous about being outside when there are monsters afoot.]

Hey. You ready?
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Right. [She laughs quietly, one of those not-funny sounds you make when your choices are either laughing or screaming.] What could possibly go wrong?

[She should know better, really. She's seen enough horror movies to know that you never say that.]

Lead the way, [she says, with a sweeping wave of her hand.]
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Chris the Wendigo Expert. That's pretty catchy - you should get business cards made or something.

[She flashes him a grim smile, easily keeping pace with his stride.]

Go hand 'em out at conventions and shit. You think they have conventions for that sort of thing? Workshops on how to kill monsters, how to survive in the woods with nothing but a pocketknife and a lighter?

[Maybe they'll be lucky, but Nick isn't holding her breath. She knows the shade her own luck tends to take.]
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If this is what conventions are like, I'm pretty glad I never had a reason to go to one before. This place sucks.

[Understatement of the year, here. On the other hand, Nick knows that there are more monsters back home than she ever thought possible. Nightbane look human enough, until they don't. She could have been surrounded by others like her for years, maybe her entire life, and never had a clue.]
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[The sound isn't familiar to Nick, but it stops her in her tracks all the same, wide-eyed and hyper-alert to their surroundings, skin crawling, a heavy weight of dread settling in her stomach. The fact that Chris freezes up too gives her a pretty good idea that she knows exactly what she's heard. Still, she asks, voice coming out a frantic whisper:]

What. The fuck. Was that?
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[She knew it before he said it, but saying it makes it real, and that's infinitely more terrifying than just the possibility of wendigos.]

OK, I vote we do this fast.
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Shit. Well - hang on ...

[She digs into her pocket and pulls out her lighter.]

You think this will help at all?
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So ... not really.

[Yeah, that's about what she thought. Nick shrugs, and replaces the lighter in her pocket.]

Maybe it's time I oughta learn how to shoot a gun, or stab things with swords or whatever. I mean, it's not like this kind of shit is gonna stop anytime soon, right?

[She exhales a loud, frustrated breath through her teeth.]

I kinda miss the days when all I had to worry about fighting off was muggers, y'know?
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[Nick gives him a dead side-eye.]

No, actually, that doesn't make me feel any better.

[Then she laughs, because what else can she do? It's a laugh-or-scream moment, the way most of the time she's spent in this absurd, horrifying place has been a choice between those two responses.

They reach the door, and Nick makes an exaggerated wave of her arms for Chris to go first.]

After you, Mr. Wendigo Expert.
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[Nick lingers in the doorway for a moment, watching Chris until he pronounces that it's safe to enter. Then, she beelines for the closest shelf of non-meat foodstuffs, as best she can make out in the darkened store.]

All right, let's do this fast. No need to give these fuckers a chance to sneak up on us, right?
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[It's too late; the wendigo's already snuck up on them. Maybe it's the surprise of it, or the fact that her nerves were worn thin by being buried alive just a few weeks ago. Whatever the case, it's been a long time since Nick has been shocked into transforming into her Morphus form; she's usually got a better handle on controlling when to change. But something about this whole situation feels a little too much like the first time, her Becoming, when she was attacked in Stanley Park after dark by something oozy and hideous, calling her by name as it scuttled its way toward her with a handful of rose petals.

One minute she's the same old Nick; the next, she's taller, bigger, an antique porcelain doll with a cracked-open forehead, dressed in piles of black ribbons and lace, dark curls of hair cascading over her shoulders.]
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[Nick is reacting purely on instinct at this point - no strategy, just sheer reflex. She's a lumbering mass in her Morphus, stronger but slower, much less nimble on her feet than in her human Facade. She can't outrun a wendigo like this, can't even dodge an oncoming attack. What she does instead is turn her head up to the ceiling, toward the sound of the wendigo's shrill battlecry, hands raised up in a bracing pose against the attack. Her hinged eyelids fall shut as her head tilts up, so Nick doesn't see what happens next, but she feels it - a pulsing bolt of black shoots out from her hand, hurtling wildly toward the wendigo above.]
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[The sudden new power comes as a bit of a shock to her - she wasn't expecting that to happen. This whole shitshow her life has turned into just keeps getting more and more bizarre, and if she weren't so terrified of the thing crawling on the ceiling above her, she might actually have the brainspace to think about that. As it stands, she'll have to consider the implications of her new ability at a later time, when she's not in immediate danger.

The threat of the wendigo is all Nick can think about at the moment - she's forgotten Chris, forgotten that she's just revealed herself as something other than human to him, the one friend she's managed to make in this awful place. She'll panic about it later; for now, she's intent on simply surviving. She can hear the wendigo moving, even though she still can't see it, but she has another weapon in her arsenal, one that has a broader range. Nick opens her mouth and screams, a loud, inhuman howl capable of stunning anything in its path.]

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