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Event Log: Assassin

Who: Everyone!
What: The Assassin event
Where: Throughout the city
When: April 15th-23rd
Warnings: Inevitable character death, potential horror and gore and unpleasantness. Please remember to tag for warnings in the header if it things get too bad!

The morning of April 15th in Hadriel is cheerful, with artificial light streaming through your window. Your blankets are warm, jabberjays are shrieking, and you're probably going to experience a murder attempt today.

Maybe it'll be from a stranger, maybe it'll be from a friend, but the bottom line is that everybody is after somebody and nobody is safe (...okay, twelve people are safe, but that's beside the point). Time will only tell when you'll be overcome by that murderous rage and try to kill someone else. The best thing you can probably do at this point is stay calm, keep your head high, and try not to die for the next eight days.

Helpfully, Rage will have restocked her armory for the event, for those of you have yet to arm themselves. Additionally, for a limited time only, the armory will be stocked with bear traps, tripwire (in both 'general wire' and 'barbed wire' flavor), and voice recorders. Use all of them, use none of them, just get on out there and kill each other!

Oh, and one last thing...

► This log covers April 15th-23rd.
► Feel free to make your own logs as well!
► Please tag headers of threads with content warnings where they apply
► Please put your character's name and open/closed in the subject line of your starters!
► Did your assassin catch up to you? Please remember to hit up our death post!
circumitus: Keep up the good work. (it's a 12/12/12 miracle)

[personal profile] circumitus 2016-04-19 10:06 pm (UTC)(link)
[Urge to kill innocent teenager rising? No problem.

[Of course, the downside is that when she suppresses one emotion, she has no choice but to suppress
all of them, leaving her acting a little more Terminator than usual. It's the price she pays so that she can still patrol, however. Because hell if she's going to lock herself away like a coward.

[Being so on her guard -- not only on the lookout for the girl that she's supposed to kill but also for the likely event that someone is after her as well -- it doesn't take much for Rey to notice Rhys rolling from behind one shelf to another.

[Her eyes just narrow.]

The hell are you doing?
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[personal profile] hybridification 2016-04-24 04:49 am (UTC)(link)

[He frowns, lifting a finger to his mouth to shush her. Has anyone else seen? Do they know yet? Rhys' eyes dart to and fro among the room, but upon finding nobody there worth being afraid of, his shoulders settle just a little.

In an urgent whisper, he hisses at her-]

-you can't just call me out like that!
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[personal profile] circumitus 2016-04-28 03:10 pm (UTC)(link)
[Consider Rey effectively hushed.

[She draws closer to a more conversational distance, or at least so that she can lower her tones and not call attention towards them.]

Pretty sure we're the only ones here.

[Even so, she's still going to maintain her volume.]
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[personal profile] hybridification 2016-04-30 10:48 pm (UTC)(link)
There could always be people you can't see.

[He reaches out to grab at her wrist and yank her back, so she can hide with him. Like a friend would, you know. She can thank him later.]

Don't you know what's going on?

[personal profile] circumitus 2016-05-01 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
What, you mean like cloaking--?

[Before she can finish, Rhys is pulling her into hiding. Thanks, pal.]

Of course. [Why else would she be sounding more robot than usual? Because it's better than dealing with the uncontrollable homicidal urges.

[She sighs.]
If you're so concerned, what are you doing out here? [And not holed up somewhere much safer with like twenty bodyguards, that is.]
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[personal profile] hybridification 2016-05-03 05:38 am (UTC)(link)
[Rhys squints at her, as if determining whether or not he can trust her, before ultimately caving a little with a nod, furtively glancing over the various shelving.]

...we're out of coffee.

[Which is absolutely a good reason to risk one's life.]
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circumitus: She was stuck there, we simply exchanged rides. (it's not like i paid for sex)

[personal profile] circumitus 2016-05-03 01:02 pm (UTC)(link)

You're. Putting yourself in danger. Over coffee.

[If not for Rey's completely expressionless face and tones, one would almost think that she's annoyed. As it is, it's a little hard to tell.]
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[personal profile] hybridification 2016-05-05 04:17 am (UTC)(link)
So you're not a coffee drinker.

[Obviously. If she was, then she'd understand exactly where he was coming from.]

Just- help me keep a lookout so I can get home, okay?
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[personal profile] circumitus 2016-05-05 01:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Never said that.

[Rey drinks coffee, but she still can't understand where Rhys is coming from in her present state.

[She just exhales through her nose, her expression neutral.]
Fine. Better than letting you get your ass killed over coffee.
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[personal profile] hybridification 2016-05-09 03:55 am (UTC)(link)
[He rolls his eyes.]

In my experience, you can get killed for tons of useless stuff. Why not coffee?

[And, with coffee successfully in hand, Rhys rolls out of his cover behind another shelf so he can start to creep out of the store.]

Stay on my tail.
circumitus: (could make you care)

[personal profile] circumitus 2016-05-09 01:07 pm (UTC)(link)

[Not a bad point. Rey has known plenty of people who got themselves iced over all sorts of stupid reasons. Why should she expect Rhys to be any different?

[So really. Why
not coffee?]


[She says this as she follows Rhys out, because she might as well make sure that he doesn't get his ass killed over stupid coffee. Just don't expect her to be dodgerolling her way out, though -- she's about as subtle as a cannonball. Fuck that.]
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[personal profile] hybridification 2016-05-11 05:35 am (UTC)(link)

Rey doesn't... actually seem that enthused though, nor is she making any attempt to actually hide her movements and be subtle. Rhys, who is an expert in subtlety with his florescent yellow arm, shoots her a little glare over his shoulder after the third tuck and roll that she just... doesn't do.]

Are you trying to get us found?
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[personal profile] circumitus 2016-05-12 02:39 pm (UTC)(link)
[Such subtle. Very friendship. Wow.]

Relax. If anyone does come after you, will just kill them.

[When she puts it that way, it all sounds so goddamned simple. Because, to her, it really is. She doesn't have enough shits to give to really see anything wrong with her statement, anyway. Senseless murder? No sir. But self-defense is another story entirely.]
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[personal profile] hybridification 2016-05-14 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
Wait, like- kill-kill?

[Not like, just-kind-of-incapacitate kill? Or lightly-knock-out kill? Damn, that's pretty hardcore. Rhys gulps a bit of dryness in his throat and nods, moving to stand up fully because... well, he knows that Rey is absolutely capable of it.]

You'd do that for me?
circumitus: I CAN QUIT ANY FUCKING TIME I WANT. (i'm not drunk YOU'RE drunk)

[personal profile] circumitus 2016-05-15 04:49 pm (UTC)(link)
If it has to come to that, yes. Am not going to just let someone off you in the middle of the street.

[Plus talking someone down from their murder urges isn't a particularly strong skill of hers, especially when she's lacking in the Care Department.]
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[personal profile] hybridification 2016-05-17 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
Well, I mean... I'd hope not.

[But it's still weird, to Rhys anyway.]

...thanks, man.
circumitus: She was stuck there, we simply exchanged rides. (it's not like i paid for sex)

[personal profile] circumitus 2016-05-18 01:38 am (UTC)(link)
Don't mention it. Let's just get you home. Unless you have any other pit-stops you need to make or whatever.

[In which Rey becomes something like a terrible bodyguard.]
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[personal profile] hybridification 2016-05-20 05:17 am (UTC)(link)
No, just, uh- just home is good.

[Other stops might be nice but really, he'd just be happy to be in the safety of his own bed again.]
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[personal profile] circumitus 2016-05-21 04:09 am (UTC)(link)
All right. Home it is.

[She takes a few steps before stopping again.]

...Where do you live?
hybridification: (ɪ sᴘʏ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍʏ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴇʏᴇ)

[personal profile] hybridification 2016-05-23 12:08 am (UTC)(link)
Oh. I live with Gren.

[Rhys moves forward ahead of her so that he can lead the way.]

You know, one armed guy? Eighties rent-a-cop goatee?
circumitus: I CAN QUIT ANY FUCKING TIME I WANT. (i'm not drunk YOU'RE drunk)

[personal profile] circumitus 2016-05-23 09:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Mm. Never met him.

[She may have seen someone like that around, since that's a pretty telling description. But she's never shared discourse with this man before.

[So Rey just shrugs and keeps following Rhys. Whatever.]
hybridification: (Default)

[personal profile] hybridification 2016-05-26 08:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Ah, well you know. He's cooler than I make him sound.

[But he continues to lead them home anyway- still suspicious of everyone and everything around them, but a little more relaxed now that he knows he has Rey on his side.]

Anyway, we're just up here.
circumitus: Keep up the good work. (it's a 12/12/12 miracle)

[personal profile] circumitus 2016-05-29 07:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Will take your word for it.

[Which isn't saying a whole lot, considering it's Rhys. His judgment in what's "cool" is a little questionable. Sorry, bro.]

All right. Am right behind you. [As she's keeping an eye out for any potential assailants than she is interested in being a conversationalist.]
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[personal profile] hybridification 2016-06-01 06:46 am (UTC)(link)
[What a good friend.

It doesn't take long before they're back to Rhys' door and he turns back to look at Rey, smiling just a little despite the grim setting of everything else. Her protection is kind- kinder than anything he'd been able to manage toward her, and while Rhys isn't exactly the type of person to indebt himself to someone and say that he owes her, he can at least appreciate the gesture.]

Thanks. For helping me out here, I mean.
circumitus: its people like u that make people like me go to rehab. he has a lazy eye for christ sakes. (your girlfriend is a south jersey whore)

[personal profile] circumitus 2016-06-01 01:09 pm (UTC)(link)
[Rey can be truest of pals. When she wants to be.

[While received, she just continues to grace Rhys with the same, emotionless expression that's been plastered to her face the whole time. If not for her actions contradicting her temperament, it'd almost be a wonder that she cares at all.]

No problem. Just don't get yourself killed over anything stupid. You need to make an outing like that again, don't do it on your own. Call or something.

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