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Catch-all July

Who: Muscovy and assorted people
What: Lots of things
Where: Lots of places, see subject lines
When: Throughout July
Warnings: TBA
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Nick just watches from his seat in the easy chair, his eyes beacons in the darkness of the room, the brim of his hat illuminated by their glow. Having finished his diagnostics, Nick had left the spare bedroom and gone to check on Rey, only to find she already had company: Muscovy, the child who claimed she was his surrogate mother. The bare bones of his scans had taken longer than expected, and whether she'd put in a call to a medic, or Muscovy was the medic, Nick couldn't tell from just a glance. The kid seemed to be preoccupied with some kind of work on her and Rey seemed as fine as she could be, given the circumstances, so he let them be.

Pulling on his undershirt over his exposed back, he'd slid his remaining arm into his button-up, the buttons still lying on the floor near the coffee table. He could sew them back on later. For now, he and the boy should probably talk. He jerks his head back, a gesture for Muscovy to move closer.
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At least Muscovy does come closer; while Nick suspects that Rey is out like a light, he wants to cut out any risk of awakening her. She needs the rest; he doesn't.

Though the darkness hides his concerned expression, Nick's eyes continue shining brightly. He'd left the light off when coming into the living area, not wanting any sign of his presence to startle Muscovy as he tended to her. Knowing just how off-putting aspects of his appearance can be -- eyes included -- he speaks first, keeping his tone low, hoping he's not frightening the kid too much.

"How's she doing?"
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"I'll do what I can," Nick replies quietly, "but no promises. She's as stubborn as I am."

Hopefully, that stubbornness extended to her determination to live. Rey might not think highly of herself, might sacrifice herself in a heartbeat for someone she thinks deserves to live more than her -- all while playing down the goodness of the act -- but they both know what'll likely happen to Nick if she kicks the bucket. He trusts she wouldn't go quietly, even if only for his sake.

He cocks his head back again, gesturing with his bare, metal hand. "Have a seat. Let's talk."
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Unfortunately, there's not much Nick can do in regards to following her, even if he wanted to. He can already tell that whatever is wrong with his leg this time is going to keep him home until it's fixed. After Rey's reaction to his loose wiring, he'd rather not have to explain why he's patrolling with a damaged leg.

Nick is quiet a moment after Muscovy takes a seat. He knows good and well the kid isn't terribly trusting of him -- and who would be of a machine living with the person whom one considers their mother? -- but he's glad to see him in one piece all the same, especially given all the city has been through in the past month.

"Glad to see you're holding up," he starts. "You find a place to settle down?"
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"You're not far, then."

A choice he's certain is not coincidental. As one of the Guard, Nick makes it his business to keep tabs on most people, especially those living in his neighborhood. Firo, a friend of Rey's, lived in a house with a few others that was practically spitting distance from the one he and Rey shared.

"And no one's been giving you trouble, have they?"

It's a dangerous city, even when not taking the monsters into account. There aren't many kids around, and Nick knows well enough that some won't give any of them the respect they deserve.