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He Who Hunts Monsters

Who: Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII & Whomever else [OPEN]
What: After finally getting his injured leg healed thanks to Carlisle, the King of Light decides to test his resolve against a few fiends for the sake of training. However, the old man forgets he's no longer as young as he once was twenty years ago.
Where: Near the entrance of the Caves.
When: Evening (Ongoing)
Warnings: Fantasy violence, possible Injury, accidental swearing

It all starts as a flash of fantastic light that shatters the gloomy tranquility of this onimous cave. In just mere seconds, beasts all types came pouring out as a cloaked swordsman stood before the entrance with such a smug grin. Regis had hoped to test out his skills against a more worthy opponent but these beasts will do.

The king quickly summons forth his glaive and makes short work of the first fiend that shambled towards him. Regis might lack the agility and speed of his youth but the King still has his strength. With out breaking a sweat, Regis manages to cleave right through one of the many dog-like fiends. A messy display of blackened blood spills forth as Regis swings his sword through the chest of the next varren. The king keeps up the momentum with relative ease as the hounds circle him menacingly. He cuts them all down with just a few well aimed strikes before having to take a moment to catch his breath.

Regis instantly creates a translucent silver shield around himself to stop the incoming fiends from slashing at his throat. His eyes glow menacingly as he taps into his magic. It still surprises Regis that he can wield such power here in Hadriel. Maybe the Gods felt benevolent to grant him some of his abilities or maybe they're in need of a good show. Either way, Regis is grateful that he can keep the monsters at bay long enough to gain his second wind.

Unfortunately, the towering green Malboro that slithers out of the cave has other plans for the pesky king. The overgrown plant fiend flicks its green vines harshly against the the barrier with enough force to make Regis wince some. The Malboro's unrelenting strikes were enough to stagger Regis momentarily but the shield holds. It seems that the King could use some help here.
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Malboros. Rather pathetic, once you think about it. But that would be the case when you're someone who can melt a human into ash and metal into liquid.

Plants? They just go up in smoke. There is another flash now; a gust of oxygen when the Malboro erupts into smoldering flames.

It lasts for only a moment, as the creature requires more than just a flash bang of heat to dispatch it.

Well, not without dispatching a certain king as well. And it'd be such a pain to have to deal with the consequences of that.

This is why she usually hunts alone.

Shortly after the flicker of heat and light, a woman emerges from the opposite end of the cave, having already been within its cavernous tunnels. She doesn't even appear to be as well equipped as Regis when he came in, carrying nothing more than a long, curved knife at her hip, of which she hasn't even drawn.

The plant-thing momentarily stunned, the charred black surface of the Malboro begins fading back to its original green hue.

From the other side of it, Rey glances over to Regis.

"Unless you got a match, you're going to have a bit more trouble with this asshole."
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Before the creature even has the option to turn towards its new quarry, the flash of light has its attention back on its original target. Not long after, it makes its one, fatal mistake.

Rey retreats a step, avoiding most of the slippery mess as the plant thing bursts. She wipes some off her face, but for the most part appears entirely nonplussed by the display. After all, she's seen plenty of magic by now to know it when she sees.

"Well, at least it wasn't a deathclaw this time." She'd much rather deal with something she can punch with a fiery fist than a walking tank.

Come to think of it, she hasn't seen one of those lizard bastards around for a while.

She makes a face down at the thickest pile on the ground between them. Though it is undeniably dead, she nudges a piece with the toe of her boot. "So these big bundles of fun and fuckery came wherever you're from?"

Judging by the way he talks alone, it's obvious to Rey that Regis does not come from a time or place like her own.
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Between his voice and his manner of speech, it doesn't take long for Rey to match the face to the name he had given her when they spoke for the first time on the network. Regis, to be concise.

All that other stuff seems elementary, since Rey has faced those damned plants before. The last reveal has her brows slightly more raised. "Oh, you can eat them? Good to know. Always looking for something to cook that doesn't come in a can."

Which might be the reason why she's here -- or part of the reason. It just happens to be a positive byproduct of her intentions.

"Restraints?" She blinks. "Is that why you're here?"
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Let's be real -- Rey totally would be the type who'd eat a malboro stew on a date.

Tomato sauce and cheese... She nods. "Think the shops have some of those things, even if that does defeat the purpose of self-sufficiency."

Oh well. We can't all be winners here. Much as Rey wants to try and separate her dependency on the gods as much as possible, she's fine so long as she can avoid the meat.

She blinks at him, not really pegging him for the soldier-type. But then, there aren't many in that outfit where she's from, either. The closest thing that comes to mind is Colonel Lyonene, a seventy-something elderly vet who is just as physically capable as any youth. Because of her, Rey knows better than to judge someone's combative prowess based on age.

"Figured that was probably magic. That something your son can do as well?"

If it wasn't obvious enough that she recognized the old man's voice, then that should do it.
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It's rather odd to see a father take such pride and speak so fondly of their child. But then, Rey can't say much for her father -- or, rather, the man who created her, and is the closest thing to flesh and blood she has. Nick has had different ideas on what makes a person family, and ironically the synthetic man she now lives with has been more family to her than her own creator.

Strange, how she can't help but feel despondent at the lingering poison that is envy. To have spent years and years among friends and family, had such connection rather than several lifetimes of manipulation, one after another.

Those emotions muffle under a forced neutral expression, as she instead directs her focus to Regis in front of her.

"It's Rey," she replies, waving a hand dismissively at the apology. "So, judging by what just happened, did the results of your 'training' meet expectations?"

Hard to say otherwise, given the burnt mass of tendrils and former plant life.
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He did seem to be having some difficulty with the shuffling pile of shrubbery. If Rey hadn't shown up, maybe things would have gone much differently. Maybe it would have persisted its assault and struck him down sooner than he was able to muster that last attack.

Rey tries not to dwell on it too often. The 'what ifs' of any scenario can just drive a person mad.

She doesn't balk at all when Regis mentions having died before. Welcome to the club, she's almost inclined to say, but his phrasing interests her.

"Well, it never hurts to be prepared for anything. Are you planning on trying to 'hone your skills' some more here?" Rey asks, curious.
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At some point, Rey couldn't say she expressed similar sentiments about her death. Or deaths, as she now remembers them. And there were many.

Now she has a little more to lose, and people who would be rather upset if she were to check out anytime soon. Hell, she'd be pretty furious with herself if that ever happened, if only because it would take sheer carelessness on her part for it to happen with all the trips she makes to these caves.

Her eyes follow Regis' down into the shadows.

"Don't know. Have been through these tunnels countless of times, and it always seems to loop back to the same place." She waves a hand in the other direction -- towards the city, and the way they came.