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Event Log: All You Need Is Love

Who: Everyone participating in the event!
What: The event log for Love's resurrection event!
Where: All around the city
When: March 25th-March 28th
Warnings: Self-love (not that kind), outpourings of affection for friends and loved ones (maybe that kind), general good feelings

On the morning of the 25th, everything in Hadriel gets just a little nicer. Or maybe that's your outlook - after all, loving yourself makes it a lot easier to love everything else. That's right, Love is here, and it's time to get your self-acceptance on. From the moment of Love's revival, all the inhabitants of the city will feel a sense of acceptance, appreciation, and love for themselves and for the people around them. They'll be more inclined to give themselves a break, more inspired to show their affection for their loved ones, and more likely to forgive enemies - or at least ignore them, rather than start fights. Overall, the air in the city is full of love! It's up to you whether this affects your character strongly or not at all, but it won't force them to do anything extremely out of character - it will only gently push them toward expressions of love, both platonic and romantic.

Along with this warm, pleasant feeling of love comes the hot springs you all voted for. It appears near the lake, not far from Love's temple, walled-in but with no roof except for the (separate) changing areas. Within you can find a few different pools of differing temperatures, all the better to soak all your worries away!

In addition, all throughout the city you'll find new items in the shops for a short time. Anything that might help express your love for yourself and for others - fluffy blankets, stuffed animals, snuggies, exotic-smelling candles, and some nice bubble bath and skin care products will be left on display - everything in a nice shade of light pink, of course. The buildings will be draped in pink streamers, and you'll also be able to find a variety of delicious sweets - stuff yourself or feed them to your significant other, or maybe leave them on the doorstep of the person who you wish was your significant other.

Enjoy all this love filling the cave, and give yourself a break! You're gonna need it.

► This log covers March 25th-March 28th.
► Feel free to make your own logs, as well
► Please tag headers of threads with content warnings where they apply
► Please put your character's name and open/closed in the subject line of your starters!
► If somehow you manage to die during this event, know that we judge you. Also, please tell us here.
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Rey. | OTA | All over the city

[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-25 05:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Fuck Love. Fuck love, and fuck Love. The second she wakes up to that feeling, self-awareness trumps those warm fuzzy feelings of forced affection. Instead of greeting those with smiles and joy, Rey's immediate course of action: Cold shower. Because fuck your hot springs, too, Hadriel.

If nothing else, Rage would be having a field day with this, if Rey wasn't focused so hard on distracting herself:

She'll be cleaning up at the old bar, or putting together rudimentary supplies for non-god homebrew and wine. She's not sulking. Not at all. You're sulking, you sad, loving and beautiful jackass who she is not of a mind to greet with a most friendly embrace.

Other times she'll hang out by the river, putting her bare feet in the cool water to take her mind off this strange feeling of butterflies fluttering in her stomach. That shit just isn't natural.

Eventually, she makes her way to the stores. Whether to restock at home or for the new lounge she's tasked herself with putting together, Rey finds herself scowling at the new selection that's popped up on the shelves. Sweets. Soft fabrics. Items of despicable shades and smells intended to inspire fondness for one another or something.

Glaring, she picks out a glass case containing a pleasant-scented candle, almost like roses or some nice plant of the like. Rey isn't amused, as her skin starts burning to the touch.

And she throws the candle on the ground.

Because fuck Love.
infinite1up: (Quirky smile #1)

[personal profile] infinite1up 2017-03-25 06:11 pm (UTC)(link)
The door to the old bar creaks open and a familiar smiling individual strolls in. After the old bar was blown up (rather impressively, too), it was only a matter of figuring out where everyone was going now. Sometimes it was good to have a public place to meet new people, as long as the Guard weren't around.

But he's been bored enough lately that if there's an incidental run-in, that might be a nice bit of excitement for a change.

Still, no such luck, it appears, as he takes in the place briefly before wandering straight up to the familiar face at the bar. Familiar and oddly likable, as much as he can really like anyone.

"Taking up bartending now, Rey? It's always good to have a hobby," he says pleasantly.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-25 06:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, great. If it's anyone Rey expects not to be phased by any of Love's bullshit, it's this guy. Not that that makes her any more at ease when she sees Sato come in through those doors.

Currently she's organizing the bottles. Labeling some while throwing out others that seem to have more toxic elements to them, though she hasn't dared to try. She's seen what some of the more volatile 'drinks' here can do.

"Something like that," she quips, more to combat the pleasantries being imposed on them in recent days than anything to do with Sato himself, though it's hard to be giddy about his appearance as well. "Was getting bored, anyway."

And frustrated. Definitely frustrated.
infinite1up: (Smug fucker)

[personal profile] infinite1up 2017-03-25 07:00 pm (UTC)(link)
"You're not the only one," Sato replies, joining her to check out the piles of mystery bottles. "But then again, we're two of a kind, aren't we?"

Those times Rey killed him were always a non-issue, but he's certainly feeling less ambivalent about her difficult behavior sometimes. It's all fine. Great, even.

"We should take another trip one of these days, Rey. Maybe out to the tunnels again. It'd be fun."
circumitus: Keep up the good work. (it's a 12/12/12 miracle)

[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-25 07:37 pm (UTC)(link)
Considering that the last time she saw Sato's face he had been enlisted in assisting her doppelgänger to put Rey six feet under, it's hard to tell whether he's being sincere or not. Maybe he's as frivolous about that as he is about dying. Doesn't see a difference one way or another. Or maybe it wasn't this Sato at all, but his doppelgänger that had helped in burying her alive. There were a few of those running around at the time, after all. She could just ask, but there's always that one problem with his sincerity and candor -- in that he's lacking in both.

For now, she keeps a distance, leaving the counter between the two of them while not leaving Sato out of sight completely.

"Maybe later. Got a lot going on right now." If her project right now is any indicator, and serves as a convenient excuse not to be out there and alone with him.

Hasn't stopped her before, but things are different now.
infinite1up: (Just having fun)

[personal profile] infinite1up 2017-03-26 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
There's certainly no indication from him that it had been the real Sato from the way friendly he's acting. But then again, there wouldn't be, would there?

"A lot? Come now, I'm sure sorting through these old and dusty bottles can't be that exciting." And keeping the counter between them is less of an option when, shameless as always, he decides to come around and join her on that side, picking up one and looking at the label out of idle curiosity. "Unless there's something else you're working on? I'm sure you'd tell your old friend if there was, though!"

Whether it's Love's influence or something else, he seems in a particularly fine mood today.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-29 12:41 am (UTC)(link)
Not just taking that previous encounter into consideration, the sudden change of scenery from Sato on one side of the counter to Rey's has her almost hurling the potentially acidic bottle of liquid at his face. While she could manage more effective methods of fending off crazy people who just don't know how to die, it's just the first thing to come to mind.

Though she doesn't do that. Her upper half just leans back a bit, giving Sato a querying look at the way he mentions 'old friend'.

Old friend. Right.

"Of course. Why don't you see for yourself?" Rey says, starting to lift the bottle. Then stops. "Actually, am pretty sure this shit is poison or something."

The smell of it is very similar to the substance she has seen burn holes in the floor before, so she can only hazard a guess.

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[personal profile] mismanagement 2017-03-25 06:40 pm (UTC)(link)
The whole thing is a trick and Maketh knows it, but part of her doesn't strictly mind. She feels purposeful and determined, a clear goal in mind. The candles are strange, certainly, but part of her - perhaps shamefully - is looking forward to trying the hot springs. Just once. Just to see.

In the meantime, she's gathering supplies for a project of her own. The sound of breaking glass catches her attention and she shifts focus, turning the corner just in time to see--

Oh. Well.

Maketh sighs, shouldering her bag. "What are you doing, Rey?"
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-25 07:16 pm (UTC)(link)
What's it look like, Maketh?

Aware that she wasn't alone already, and just not caring, Rey doesn't balk at her exaggerated display of intolerance. Her glare just darts to the side, catching Maketh out the corner of her eye.

"Nothing that matters. They'll just make more of this shit, anyway."

So what's the point in even doing anything at all?

Catharsis, obviously.
mismanagement: (004)

[personal profile] mismanagement 2017-03-25 07:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Maketh just sighs, rubbing her face. Something in the candles is giving her a headache. If she gets too much of a whiff, she has to sneeze. She's never been allergic to anything in her life and here - finally - the gods have found another way to vex her. "There are more productive ways to---express yourself. Or whatever you think you're doing."
circumitus: What could possibly go wrong? (11% beer and firearms)

[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-25 11:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Isn't it just awful, Maketh? Everything is shit. Don't let anything tell you otherwise.

"Not expressing anything."

She says, channeling her inner cat by knocking off another candle from the shelf. Take that, Love.
mismanagement: (004)

[personal profile] mismanagement 2017-03-26 12:07 am (UTC)(link)
Glass hits the floor. Because that's going to accomplish anything. Maketh rubs her forehead with a groan. "No, you're just being a child. Fine. I don't care. Don't break anything we need."
circumitus: its people like u that make people like me go to rehab. he has a lazy eye for christ sakes. (your girlfriend is a south jersey whore)

[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-28 03:53 am (UTC)(link)
Rey just snorts.

"Like this bitch-god is going to give us anything we need."

Indulging in bubble baths and hot springs and chocolate isn't going to wash the bitter taste in her mouth this all gives her.

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queensberry: (in shining armor)

rey jesus christ

[personal profile] queensberry 2017-03-26 07:40 am (UTC)(link)
Jacob was shopping, more or less to stock his soon-to-be fight club... or rather, more to drink in his fight club rather than actually clean it. He's got a nice bottle of wine, a basket full of these dumb snuggies, and a teddy bear in his other arm.

It's that girl that made the sad, weird little balls, so he almost thought he'd be able to approach safely. No, he didn't remember her name, and he still didn't know where Chicago was, but-- there goes the candle.

He clutches the teddy bear to his chest, turning its head to look between the both of them like it were also in shock like he was. "That was a perfectly good lighting source."
circumitus: its people like u that make people like me go to rehab. he has a lazy eye for christ sakes. (your girlfriend is a south jersey whore)

[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-28 03:59 am (UTC)(link)
Look on the bright side: Rey knows someone who's more than happy to clean bars.

Though that doesn't really occur to her when her eyes shift to catch sight of a man holding a teddy bear in the way a child would hug their toy for comfort. She scoffs at his comment.

"They're technically not made for lighting." Well, not in the way Jacob's probably thinking of, judging by the way he just spoke of it. "Not like there aren't plenty others, anyway."

Which is a perfect excuse for her to wreck as much of Love's shit as she wants, right?
queensberry: (idiot-boy-2_0094_24242980211_a5e75b857a_)

[personal profile] queensberry 2017-04-03 09:39 am (UTC)(link)
"That doesn't make it any less cruel." Jacob mourns these candles for a hot minute, but his curiosity has him moving on in the next. Candle funeral over. There are better ones out there, and he's going to grab a few before they can be the next victim.

"Something tells me you aren't all that fond of this particular host. Is it all of them, or is this one just special?" He even gives a small one to hold between his bear's arms. It's safe now.
circumitus: What could possibly go wrong? (11% beer and firearms)

[personal profile] circumitus 2017-04-08 02:24 am (UTC)(link)
"It's a candle," Rey retorts flatly. "It doesn't have feelings."

At times she still struggles with the concept of machines and synthetic beings capable of emotions. Cruelty against inanimate objects is not a can of worms she is about to pop open anytime soon.

She glances out the corner of her eye, scoffing at Jacob's little bear. "They're not all bad. Love is just the worst."

The god hasn't even made an official appearance yet and Rey is beyond any shadow of doubt that this is fact.
wormintheglass: (considering)


[personal profile] wormintheglass 2017-03-27 02:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Bianca wants to feel impatient with Rey; wants to be annoyed at how she's wasting a perfectly good holiday with the sulks.

Except she remembers blood and tears, and her hearts ache.

She finds her at the old bar, and doesn't try and do anything affectionate; only starts to clean up beside her.

"With luck, we'll have honey soon. We can make mead."

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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-28 04:09 am (UTC)(link)
In all fairness, Rey likewise wants to allow herself to enjoy the company of those who've become loved ones. She tries to avoid looking at Bianca while keeping herself occupied with the bar stuff, afraid of what she might think. More afraid of what she thinks of herself, that this is a weakness that she's bearing with every second.

There's a moment where Rey clenches her teeth, stops what she's doing, because the inclination to touch Bianca is strong. And hates how she's reminded of the ways those feelings are being used against her.

"Sounds nice," she chokes out, trying to keep her tone level. "You still have bees, don't you?"
closerift: (young today)

[personal profile] closerift 2017-03-27 04:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Cecily is just walking by when someone smashes a candle, and the Inquisitor's brows raise, preceding a building grin, when she sees the source of the sound.

"I think you've dropped something," she pipes up innocently, assuming that Rey had meant to smash the thing. "Should I find you another? One with a different scent...?"

Like Rey, Cecily isn't a big subscribed to Love or the god's attempts to gift them with garbage and with oppressively-sweet feelings. She clicks her tongue at the items around them, all nauseatingly pink, and scoffs.

"Is it possible these aren't actually gifts at all, but are something more malicious? We did vote her in last of the others, after all."
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-28 04:20 am (UTC)(link)
Unlike a handful of people around here, Rey isn't entirely on board with the Anti-Gods brigade. That doesn't mean she's a fan of all of them, though. Love just happens to be the one who has earned the most ire, long before her resurrection. Long before she ever came to Hadriel, even.

Despite the bitterness and anger swelling within her, she barks a dark laugh, allowing her balled up fists to unclench slightly.

"If that were the case, don't think she'd expect to get much out of it." She then turns her head to Cecily. "But if you wouldn't mind, won't oppose to smashing another. Or the whole damn rack."

Hell, Cecily can join if she'd like. She's never seemed all that pleased with their manipulative wardens, never once shying away from speaking out against them.
closerift: (Default)

[personal profile] closerift 2017-03-30 04:10 pm (UTC)(link)
"You realize we're likely just powering Rage..." But, she's grinning at the sound of the suggestion, and happily sticks out a hand to knock over a few more of the candles. The smashing is cathartic, somehow.

"I always hope to find something ill-intended in these gifts so my cynicism is justified," she sighs, toppling a box. "Maybe that's immature of me."

Ah, well. Cecily has never claimed to be the most mature.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-03-31 01:56 am (UTC)(link)
"Better Rage than Love," Rey retorts.

There is no second guessing her priorities here. At least anger in itself is pretty straightforward, but love? Love is something to be afraid of.

And when push comes to shove, Rey would rather fuel Rage than Fear as well.

"Maybe, but it's not like the skepticism doesn't have merit."
closerift: (gone you know)

[personal profile] closerift 2017-04-03 05:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Cecily would typically agree, but there's a strange moment - one in which she sees Cullen's back to her in what used to be their shared bed - and she instead keeps silent.

"That is what I keep saying," the Inquisitor sighs. "The things lying around this city are more often dangerous than not."

Whether in the shops or the Coliseum. She still hasn't forgotten the tainted meat that transformed her into a monster, and imagines Rey, who had seen, doesn't, either.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-04-08 02:29 am (UTC)(link)
Moments like those are the exact ones that Rey is trying to ignore. To push in the back of her mind and either numb or compensate with something else. Anger is an easier alternative. She can get angry easily without much effort.

Like she said: Better Rage than Love -- and better Rage than Fear.

"Wouldn't necessarily go that far, but some are less reliable than others."

Sorrow's orchard, for instance, seems rather reliable in Rey's humble (Sorrow-biased) opinion.

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