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Event Log: Party Hard

Who: All characters participating in the event!
What: The event log for the Party Hard event
Where: All over the city!
When: May 24th-June 2nd
Warnings: Party Rockin'

Delight volunteering to go off to spy has been a somber moment for Hadriel indeed- but she doesn't want you to be sad for her! As a matter of fact, it's time for joy- and we all know that Delight's favorite way to pass the time is with a party!

So, on the morning of May 24th, she'll be trying to inspire everyone here to get their blood pumping a little in a fun way with a constant stream of partying! To you old timers here, the party will be rather similar to Delight's resurrection event, with a few notable twists.

Don't worry, don't worry- there's still going to be patent-pending Delight Energy Shots at the new bar, but with this party, the longer you go, the harder you go.

See, Rage wants to get in on the action a little too, and what better way than by exerting her own influence on the party and making it the most wild, savage bash you've ever been to? As the party goes on, and as you keep dancing, you find yourself unable to stop. It's not forced, but... you need to keep partying, to keep upping the ante. Before you know it, you've thrown rocks through windows, smashed a bottle over someone's head, and sharpened your pitchfork for that local mob you've always wanted to join.

Be careful out there. It's dangerous to get swept up in on the action- and maybe even more dangerous to try and avoid it. You've read about mob mentalities, haven't you?

Good luck, and happy partying!

► This log covers May 24th-June 2n.
► Feel free to make your own logs, as well
► Please tag headers of threads with content warnings where they apply
► Please put your character's name and open/closed in the subject line of your starters!
► If you party too hard, go too extreme, and are just too punk rock for livin', please let us know here.
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Sato -- closed to Rey, June 1st

[personal profile] infinite1up 2017-05-26 02:07 am (UTC)(link)
If Sato thought the party atmosphere was mildly infectious to begin with... by the time it gets to outright violence, he's all in. The stab wound to his hand was a minor dampener to his mood, but otherwise these last couple weeks have been great, and he's more than happy to let the good times roll.

So it shouldn't be too surprising that, when Rey happens to see him coming down the street, he already has his machete out and in hand -- his left hand. The right is heavily bandaged, with a hint of red bleeding through the fabric front and back.

"Rey!" He calls out in delight once he sees her, altering his path to intercept, and not putting the machete away. "Are you having a good time?"
circumitus: I honestly wish I could say that I was surprised. (so you threw a sword at me last night)

[personal profile] circumitus 2017-05-27 04:43 am (UTC)(link)
Well shit, this is just her luck.

The wound catches her attention right quick, though. If Rey knows how Sato's abilities work by now, she's figured out that his regeneration comes from dying. Hard to think that he would take the time to dress up an injury when he's displayed no hesitation to stick a blade through his own chest to heal himself before.

"You could say that." She cants her head, eyes drawn to his bandaged hand. "What, are you handicapping this round?"

Sato likes his video game metaphors, that much Rey also knows.
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[personal profile] infinite1up 2017-05-29 10:15 pm (UTC)(link)
"Something like that! What do you say, Rey?" he grins, bearing down on her position with an even, measured pace. "I don't think we've ever sparred, and there's just something in the air today. It feels good, doesn't it!"

He still hasn't put that machete away.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-05-30 12:21 am (UTC)(link)
She'd be lying if she said she didn't know what he was talking about. If Delight was garnering power through festivities before her big departure, no doubt Rage would want her share as well. Figured that this wouldn't be all fun and games, in the end.

But hey, better it be Sato than punching some poor sap, or Rey than one of those still reeling over his recent actions with Shadow.

"Sure. You don't really spar with machetes, though," she points out, fully aware that Sato's idea of sparring would be nowhere near the traditional sense.

No, he's looking for an actual fight.
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[personal profile] infinite1up 2017-05-30 02:29 am (UTC)(link)
"You don't? Well, I'm sure you can handle yourself," he says, chipper. The escalation of fun and games has really risen to a crescendo of sorts, with fistfights and breaking things and Sato's just letting himself get carried away in the feeling. Besides, he's always been curious about just what Rey can do in a real throw-down. There's no time like the present.

He's not quite in range when he breaks into a light run, and make no mistake, he's out for blood, lunging forwards.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-05-31 02:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Well, he's not at all wrong. Weapon or none, Rey doesn't need a gun or or knife to hold her own.

Outright incinerating him? Now, where would the fun be in that? Truth be told, she's been hungry to revel in a fight for a while. Not because Rage has anything to do with it, but because it's in Rey's blood to never stand down from a challenge.

Her first instinct is to disarm him. It won't stop someone like Sato, of course, but it might make this more interesting.

Going for his wrist in one hand, the other makes to push against his torso to flip him onto his back. A woman of her stature shouldn't have much difficulty doing this, but for Rey it's as easy as throwing down a sack of flour.
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[personal profile] infinite1up 2017-06-01 02:22 am (UTC)(link)
He expected her to be strong, of course. Sato's seen her leap for the maser in the tunnels, and considering her weight's enough to make the rusty floors of the Silent Hill Zone creak, that's no mean feat.

But there isn't even much resistance he can offer before being knocked back, machete knocked out of his hand with Rey's crushing grip -- except to reach for one of the smaller knives with his injured hand. He's always got a few for necessary moments when there's just not enough ammunition left and you need to kill yourself in a hurry.

Getting a good handle on it simply isn't going to happen, but that doesn't prevent him from snagging it between two fingers and slashing upwards, trying to free his good arm from Rey's grip
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-06-01 02:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Finding that Sato keeps more than one weapon on him hardly comes as a surprise. Rey braces herself for when that knife comes slashing at her, blade slicing into her arm that's seized him in a death grip. Blood seeps out from the open wound, so she does indeed bleed red. Her teeth clench, bearing the lesser pain than ones she has experienced far more of.

Instead, this time she goes to throw a punch at Sato's throat with the hand that isn't grappling his other arm. Knowing that whatever fatal injury he receives would end up resetting any injury he has, she wants to see something for herself.

Like why that hand of his is still bleeding when he could easily stop it at any time.
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[personal profile] infinite1up 2017-06-09 01:22 am (UTC)(link)
It's a horrible noise when Sato's windpipe is crushed and neck broken, head snapping back at an awful angle. It's not the first time Rey's killed him, and let's face it, probably won't be the last. Just like before, he goes limp for a few seconds, nothing but dead weight until, right in front of her eyes, his head seems to right itself, pulling back into the proper position and life returns to his body. And, just as before he just seems to pick up exactly where he left off, as if his death didn't even happen, trying to jerk his arm out of Rey's grip and roll to the side to get some distance.

His hand's bandaged, so it's not immediately clear, but there still seems to be an awful lot of blood soaking through that wrapping over time.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-06-10 04:16 am (UTC)(link)
Everything's moving too fast to confirm her suspicions for certain, but Rey is in no rush. So long as she knows that he's been 'reset' now, that's good enough.

So she releases him. He could have effectively yanked himself free; she wants to give herself some space. Assess the situation within the next few seconds.

She reels back, pulling up her hands into tight fists. Red veins begin pulsating under the skin, from elbow to fingertips, as heatwaves emanate from her arms. If Sato is going to use his little tricks, then she might as well use her own.

Hell, makes it fun that way.
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[personal profile] infinite1up 2017-06-10 06:27 pm (UTC)(link)
As spry as ever, Sato rises to a crouch from his roll, snagging his dropped machete from the ground -- once again, in his left hand. As if matching Rey, for a moment there's an odd wavering in the air in front of him, before some thing materializes, seemingly out of thin air.

There's no sign of any sort of face, let alone mouthful of teeth, only an oddly flat-topped featureless triangle of a head atop the strange black humanoid. But the claw-tipped hands and muscular shape, never mind the circumstances, leave little doubt that this is exactly what she'd seen on the attack before. Only now... it was visible.

Hands curled into fists, it takes a fighting stance in front of Sato, taking measured steps forward towards Rey while Sato himself hangs back, directing it into the fray.

"I never expected to end up anywhere with so many great battles to fight," he can't help but remark, unaware that Rey can even see it. The gods' events always feel very odd, but this one is particularly enjoyable. He'd always figured by the river would be the best bet for killing Rey, but if he has to use his ghost, that's fine too. It's going to be great. "It makes for a real challenge!"
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-06-10 09:15 pm (UTC)(link)
So, that's what he's been hiding this whole time. A little different from what she was expecting, but she didn't know what to think, having only a vague idea on its size and bulk -- and how it had nearly torn her guts out with those claws.

For a moment Rey wonders if the visibility of the creature is a conscious thing on Sato's part, or something that it does on its own. But it doesn't matter, does it?

This is happening now.

"You often send your friend there to fight for you when things get challenging?" Rey snorts, similarly unaware that Sato hasn't intended for this creature to make a more obvious appearance.
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[personal profile] infinite1up 2017-06-11 11:46 pm (UTC)(link)
"Oh, you can see it now? I suppose I've just been looking forward to this for a while now, so I can't help getting excited about it," Sato remarks. That changes things a little, but it shouldn't be a problem.

This sure is happening, with the thing in what seems to be a more calculating mode under Sato's direction, lunging in with a quick feint and jab.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-06-12 01:07 am (UTC)(link)
What Sato says shouldn't make sense, and it mostly doesn't. It does answer some of her curiosity as to whether or not its materialization was ever intentional or not. Sort of.

Before Rey can reply, the now-visible black figure charges towards her. In an odd way, it seems both humanoid and animalistic, mimicking its corporeal counterpart while moving and behaving in an uncanny manner.

Not much unlike synthetics, when she thinks about it. She has to think of this less in terms of fighting a person now, and instead going toe-to-toe with the enemies she was equipped to combat.

She parries in a fluid motion, only in time to avoid a more fatal jab before slamming her red-hot fist against the side of its neck. What is this thing, exactly? Is it alive? Does it breathe? Any internal organs? How about blood?

Guess she'll find out soon enough. Rey is a different matter entirely, its claws having left a rip and slash against her side. No big deal.
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[personal profile] infinite1up 2017-06-17 08:33 pm (UTC)(link)
The black material bubbles under her fist, bits breaking off and drifting into the air... only to pull back and reform in moments, a small cloud of black particulate with each fiery punch. There's no blood, no organs... and unlike Sato himself, it regenerates on the spot.

Speaking of which, the old man hasn't sheathed his machete, simply hanging back and watching the fight, still smiling.

"I have to admit you're pretty tough!" he remarks cheerily, while his ghost's claws come forward again in a sweeping uppercut.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-06-17 11:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Not organic, then. That makes sense, if it's something that Sato can just manifest out of thin air. It also doesn't utilize cloaking technology that she's seen in her own world, resulted by mirror-esque reflections. This is something else entirely...

Its impossible but vaguely human form reminds her of some of the synthetics she's encountered from home, but it isn't even mechanical.

What the hell is it, then?

Rey grunts as she swings back. She seizes the creature's black forearm with both heated hands, burning hot to the touch. In one, arching motion, she kicks her leg against its abdomen, hurling it over her. Not letting go as she bounds backwards as well, swinging the figure onto its back, with Rey and all her weight pressing her knee against its chest.

"Sounds like you've been wanting to do this for a while," she finally says with the few seconds she has. Her grip tightens around the creature's arm, but she remains aware of Sato standing there with his own weapon.