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that's what i do. fall out of the sky, make bad decisions -

Who: Cecily Trevelyan and YOU
What: As previously announced, there is a party at Chez Thedas!
Where: Second spiral, 1502.
When: 6/9
Warnings: Maybe mild language, general partying.

( ooc ; party description top levels will be posted below, but you can also feel free to make your own! )
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Rey. | OTA

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Interesting enough, Rey has seen that dog before. A blond guy was out on a walk with it once...

Christ. What was that? A year ago? Maybe more? Time really has a way of getting away from her.

Either way, the beast is the first thing that summons Rey's immediate attention when she walks in through that front door. She's carrying a bag in one hand -- some extra homebrew that she'd concocted before leaving the Speakeasy -- while reaching out to touch the dog on the head with her other. It's so brutish looking, not exactly as majestic as Emily's wolf... but still, the mindless happiness it seems to exude is charming.

"Heh," she laughs almost nervously as she remembers you should probably invite a dog to smell your hand first. That's how it works, right?
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"Oh. Wasn't worried. Not about that."

If he was going to bite her, he'd let her know, wouldn't he? Dogs growl and stuff when they're pissed and warning you to back off.

Rey draws her hand back when Cecily approaches, though. She glances to the woman out the corner of her eye. "Cullen... That was the guy who used to walk this dog? Might've met him, but... we didn't introduce names."

Not that Rey was feeling chatty at the time. In fact, she wasn't feeling much of anything.
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"Think so. Wasn't really paying attention to that last part."

He seemed rather unnerved by Rey's disposition at the time. To be fair, he wasn't the only one, and there were those who had plenty reason to be that way. Who can hold it against them?

"That's a good thing at least, right? It's almost like not all of him left, or maybe there's a chance that he'll come back to reclaim his dog from the damned gods."
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Funny, Rey never pegged Cecily for being such an optimist. But then, it's not like they know each other that well, do they? Rey needs to get out to these sorts of things more...

"Doesn't it get annoying, though? We got this... 'cat' thing recently that doesn't leave me alone. Just follows me around wherever. It's annoying."

She wouldn't be surprised if that damned one-eyed, three-legged shaved rat wasn't actually outside of this place. Right. Now.
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"Mabari? That what they're called?" Rey blinks at the canine. "Have never seen a breed like that before. Seen big brutes of dogs, but not like that."

Admittedly, Rey has limited familiarity about dogs and their various breeds, though she's been around that she's completely devoid of knowledge.
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The concept of war dogs is not lost to Rey. They've been prevalent throughout history for their keen sense of smell and hearing, making them rather convenient trackers and sentries. But they hardly make for effective front line defense in a combat zone.

"Guess our worlds have that in common. They're a valuable workforce as well as companionship. Never owned one personally, though."

Not that Rey wouldn't want to. She just isn't sure she'd trust herself; she barely knows what to do with herself with a cat and goldfish.