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When's Mahvel? (Closed + Open)

Who: Sato and YOU! (+ Firo and Rey)
What: Come play the new arcade games!
Where: Rey's Speakeasy
When: Any time!
Warnings: Probably not???

CLOSED [Firo and Rey]

It's later in the day when the door to Rey's speakeasy gets pushed open and a familiar voice can be heard from the doorway behind the bulk of... a full-size arcade cabinet wedged partway inside?

"I think it's going to be a tight fit through the door. Maybe if we tip it a little. I hope Rey's around. She can give us a hand with getting it up the stairs."

OPEN [All takers!]

Although unadvertised, there are all kinds of unusual noises coming from upstairs at the Speakeasy these days, all the way from the tinny bleeps and bloops of old classics like Ms. Pacman to the loud and sustained gunfire of Killzone: Mercenary.

In fact, since he and Firo hauled the machine in here, Sato has been at the machine constantly. Most of the selectable games are ones he's played already -- from his old SD card or from the phone games others in the city had programmed -- but it's been months now since his Vita was broken, and it feels good to come back and revisit some old favorites. The only new game, added by the gods, is really not good at all: a man wandering around a box, while odd harp music plays.

Come up and find out what the noises are all about, or try your hand at a two-player game? Just try to ignore the blood on the one joystick; Sato may have wrapped his injured hand, but wounds that don't heal can get a bit messy over time.
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There's more than a little stubbornness in Firo's reply, "We got it this far already. We'll be fine a little farther." Just inside the speakeasy door, he shuffles back to allow some more space for the machine to tip. "If you let go from your side and let it fall a little, I'll catch it on mine."
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Down in the cellar, Rey has been organizing inventory between the big kegs when she hears some thudding and voices from above. She ignores it at first, recognizing one of the voices to belong to Firo at least, so no big deal there.

That is, until she recognizes the second one.

Any hints of mars or bruises from their previous scuffle have since vanished from Rey's appearance. She doesn't heal like the two immortals do, but she is more than capable of putting herself back together after a scrape.

"What," Rey says flatly, ascending from the cellar stairway to catch sight of the two moving some large machine through the front door. "--is that?"
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Rey doesn't sound as enthused as Firo'd hoped, though not as appalled as he'd worried. Firo pauses and cranes his neck to look over where Rey's voice is coming from; his voice is sheepish when he replies, "Thought it might bring in some more people. What do you think?"
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Unless Sato has gone through the effort to appear physically injured, Rey is going to have the settle that something weird is happening with him. If she didn't have other immediate concerns in mind, she'd ask. As it is...

"Arcade...?" Shit, those things are damn old, though probably not by Sato's standards, and totally unheard of by Firo's. "Guess it should be fine, if it's going up the stairs."

There are worst things Sato could be dragging in through the door.

Still, she can't believe she's actually moving forward to take the edge as they make their way to the upward stairs. "It a bit bulky to be carried by one person," Rey points out, though Sato might be correct if she could carry the damned thing the right way...
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Firo stops in the middle of their hike. "Wait, something happened between you two?"

If there weren't an arcade machine in the way, he'd be shooting Sato a dirty look. But isn't his own fault for not asking Rey first? When isn't Sato going to be up to something?
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And Rey just takes on the majority of that weight, because we're doing this now. This is a thing that is happening. Okay.

"It's nothing. Doesn't matter now," she says immediately. In Firo's defense, most of the evidence from her last encounter with Sato has healed over, giving little reason for comment. Dealing with Nick fretting over her and Firo's involvement with an immortal lunatic was bad enough, though. "Let's just get this thing upstairs."
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Firo bites his lip and keeps quiet as they finish placing the machine. Rey doesn't seem to want to talk about it, so he'll have to ask later when they're alone.

He snorts at Sato's announcement. "What a shame for you."

He has to admit that it looks pretty interesting, despite the blase skepticism he wants to project. After a moment of consideration, he steps closer and pushes whichever button is the brightest and most eyecatching.
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Grateful that Firo lets the subject go for now, Rey resumes hoisting the arcade machine up the stairs. There's little strain in the effort, more encumbered by the awkward size than anything else. So it's a relief once she's free of that and sets the damn thing up against the wall.

Afterwards, she sends Sato a sidelong look as Firo starts hitting buttons.

"And which god did you have to strike a deal for this thing?"

Because something tells her that they didn't provide an arcade machine like this out of the goodness of their heart.
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Firo manages to tear his eyes off the mysterious buttons and gadgets long enoguh to tune into the conversation.

"For what?" Or should he say 'for which thing?' because he wouldn't be surprised if Sato had a lot of rage-inducing stuff going on.
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Though Rey is no stranger to video games, she can't say that she's ever seen a working arcade before.

She casts Sato a sidelong look at his reply, Firo already speaking the query and the answer already on Rey's mind, but doesn't want to confirm what she suspects. While she had no liking for Shadow, there would be many people who'd take issue with the method in which this machine was attained.

"Lucky you," she mutters under her breath.