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[open] this is not black & white

Who: Ellie & you!
What: The gal is back after a month long stint as Sleeping Beauty.
Where: Starting in her apt, then all around.
When: 26th
Warnings: A miserable, miserable bbit

[It's been a long time, Hadriel.

When Ellie wakes, it's to a dry mouth and aching head. It doesn't feel like she's been sleeping- or mediating, or what the fuck ever- for a month. It feels like she's been running a non-stop mental marathon. For a long, hard couple of hours she just sits there, groaning and holding her head in the room she shares with Jade. Shared? Ellie doesn't know for sure. She only knows that she didn't see the other girl for awhile before she went under. Connor and Matt are definitely gone, she knows that much. But considering how quiet the apartment is, and how things look exactly the same as they did when she went to sleep...

It's fine. Definitely. What the fuck is the difference, at this point? One more person in a long list. (She kicks the wall and blames the tears in her eyes on the dull pain in her foot.)

She supposes she should thank the gods for the fact that she can already get up and walk around, but incredibly, she's not in the most grateful mood. Hands clenched tightly around the straps of her backpack and eyes red, Ellie wanders the city like a ghost.

Welcome home, or something.]
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[It occurs to Rey that she hasn't seen Ellie around in a while. Hell, come to think of it, she hadn't checked in with a lot of people. Not since Undine had... That memory that looked like her mother had showed up, anyway. She had nearly died then. Sometimes, she wishes she did, allowing herself to make things right -- to trade places as things ought to have been from the start. And then the guilt of that old feeling sinks deeper, and suddenly she's ashamed of herself all over again.

[Shame sinks in when she realizes how bad she has been at keeping up with other people. Just because she has long since accepted the fact that nothing is forever doesn't mean that she's eager to be alone.

[Bianca is gone. Her absence doesn't leave as much a hole as Rey thinks it should. Not when the deeper crater of her mother's (second) death has chiseled its way into her disposition in light of their little paradise vacation.

[She just can't escape it.]

Haven't seen you in a while.

[Rey is on her way home from the Speakeasy. It's late. Or, at least, it's dark enough to appear late. But she can stop for a breather to speak. Not like she sleeps much, at any rate.]
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You'd be surprised with how much can go on within a few weeks.

[Or however long Ellie has been out of it for. Having experienced a lapse in time herself, Rey can understand the feeling.]

That depends. What's the last thing you remember?
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[Rey doesn't know a couple of those people, but she's used to loss. Feels bad, man.]

Apologies. You have anyone staying with you at all? [Since that sounds like a lot to lose in one go.]
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[That "oh" might both be in response to Ellie being a crazy cat lady now as well as the pun.]

Well, um. You're always welcome to stop by my place, if you ever get sick of the company there. Roommate doesn't sleep, so it's not a bother. [Not awkward, is it.]
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Yes. He's a synthe... a robot. He doesn't need to sleep.

[Well. Robot, synth. Might as well stick with terminology Ellie might understand.

[She snorts.]
Will live. Have lived with far worse than you.

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[Well, considering that there is only one Nick in the city that Rey can think of that fits the "robot" description...

[She nods.]

That'd be him, yes.

[It's hardly a surprise that Ellie would at least know of him. He's hard to miss, and patrols a lot.]
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[At least with Oscar back, Nick isn't the token 'bot anymore.]

Will do. The damned cat might enjoy the company, too.

[Maybe. Tripod is a weird one.]
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[Snrk. Ellie, pls.]

Like a weirdo.

[Rey, pls.

[Okay, okay:]
Has three legs and one eye. Looks like something that should've been put out of its misery the day it was born.

Also it glows sometimes.
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Don't know. Seems pretty sociable most of the time, but haven't seen it interact with others all that much.

[This could either end badly or very badly.]
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Think the less blood they shed, the more playful they're being.

[LE SHRUG. Hell if Rey knows.]