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Who: Armand and Rey
What: Rey catches a stalker in the act.
Where: Around poor Carlisle's house.
When: Backdated to a month or two
Warnings: TBA

[ Armand had been obsessively stalking the infuriatingly powerful clergyman for the better part of a month now. He slipped in and out of the shadows cast by Carlisle's house to watch him doing, honestly, the most mundane tasks. It would have been boring, only Armand was completely enthralled by the magic he had used that he had convinced himself that everything Carlisle did had deeper meaning to it and a potential to explain how he had defeated his vampiric gifts. Perhaps because he was so involved with his project he was more carless than he should have been.

There was a woman. Scarred and cold looking. Armand had spotted her a few times in his nightly adventures. He thought little of her. It wouldn't be unusual for Carlisle to have a few friends around. As long as they didn't interfere he didn't care how they came and went.

On this particular night, however, Armand was outside, skirting around like a ghost when he noticed something. Someone was watching him. He slowly turned to stare at the woman: her. The warrior one. She was watching him watch Carlisle. There was little point in pretending that wasn't what he had been doing. With a small nonchalant gesture of his shoulders, Armand spoke out loud. ]

Move on, mademoiselle. There is nothing to see here.
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[At first, it looks like it was going to be a normal, boring night without event. There aren't that many out and about -- and even if there were, the city is hardly populated enough to keep the streets bustling at any hour in the day.

[It's less surprising to find someone in one of the residential areas. She's seen this kid before, never sure what to make of him. Rey has enough sense to notice what a stakeout looks like, and this seems to be one, though she can't be too certain. So she keeps walking most of the time.

[This time, however, he finally addresses her. And she stops, raising a brow in his direction.]

There better not be. It would be a pain having to write up a stupid report to the Guard because of you. [Or Nick would give her grief if she doesn't.] On the other hand, anyone who says "there's nothing to see here" usually is doing something they don't want someone to see.
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["Depends on the research," Rey would have said. But then he goes on and asks that, and now Rey can't help but be a little more dubious. Her eyes narrow, bearing a blank expression to hide the suspicion and skepticism.]

Not sure. Don't keep track of who all lives where. [That would feel like stalking and that is just weird. Ain't nobody got time for that.] If he doesn't want to see you, then why are you here?

[It reminds her of a certain someone who followed her home once. A tiny nation who called her his mother.

[Hopefully this situation isn't as awkward, but Rey's not holding her breath.]
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it's fine! i'm always cool with backtagging. c:

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[Eyebrows raised, that description could apply to a lot of people. Attacks are hardly rare here, and there are quite a few individuals with unique powers.

[But of course, Rey isn't stupid. He would be correct in that assumption. If she studied the Guard reports more often, she'd probably have a better idea on what is going on here, though. Something to look into later.]

Have you tried knocking? [Wait, no. He said they had a "quarrel", didn't he?] Or leaving a note or sending text? You should just try talking to him if you're going to make a guinea pig out of him.

[At least, that's what she assumes. It doesn't take careful study to figure what his supposed research is about.]
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[Whether she believes that or not, it's hard to say. Most would not so readily call themselves a "coward" upfront. Oh well. She doesn't know him well enough yet for it to matter either way.]

No, suppose not. [Considering what she does for the Guard, Rey does a lot of watching, herself. As a sniper and a skilled agent in soldier's clothes, it's often all she ever did for days.]

So what was this quarrel you two had about?
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[Although Rey can't say she knows Carlisle all that well, she has enough of a sense to tell that he isn't combat oriented.]

Not everyone is a fighter.

[Her eyes narrow.] And that is interesting, coming from someone who just claimed to hate confrontation.

[Cowards aren't the types who want to throw themselves into a fray, let alone egg others on to do the same. Not unless they wanted protection from that person for some reason.]
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Aren't you contradicting yourself when you say that everyone should fight, but you can't?
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Children can be plenty capable of combat. In some countries, boys your age would be old enough to enlist.

[Or, more often than not, drafted. And it was usually a form of psychological warfare, using children to fight. Something which she sincerely doubts would work against the type of enemies here.]
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[She scoffs.]

Unless you were raised in a little bubble fairyland, there has never been a "time of peace".

[Even when things were relatively peaceful, there was always some shit happening on the planet. Someone killing someone. That's just how the world as Rey knows it works.]
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[She blinks.]

Master? As in, you were a slave or a servant?

[Both are synonymous, but they have different connotations.]
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That doesn't make someone your master. Sounds more like he was putting together some boarding house.

[Rey is looking at this all wrong I'm sorry.]
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And what time would that be?

[If not for her knowing immortals and machines and people such as herself, who are much older than they appear, Rey would have balked. As it is, his comment could mean something else, too. Could be referring to a time in whatever world it is he's come from.

[In any case, she isn't one to judge.]
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And because of that, you believe that others should fight while you sit back and do nothing?

[That much she will judge, though.]
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No, but would you rather someone else equally incapable do so in your place, or find someone who can? Meatshields will only get you so far.

[Trust her. She knows.]
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What sort of magic?

[She really hates the fact that she has to ask that question. This is your life now, Rey.]
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[A brow arches.]

Is that any different from god... magic?

[Forgive her. She can do the same thing without the use of gods or magic alike so she does not understand.]
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[It's clear enough for Rey to catch on pretty fast, anyway.]

And you are concerned for the wellbeing of a man who was attacked, though you consider him "wicked"?
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[Such a nice sentiment. One that Rey is all too reluctant to gain any trust in. Sure, people can say "Love the sinner, hate the sin" -- but how much of them actually mean that?

[In contrast to his smile, she just frowns.]
What are you really doing?
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[See, Armand? That has to be the first genuine thing she's seen from him this entire conversation.]

Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?
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[Le shrug.]

Have a shorter tolerance for liars than stalkers.

[Because that makes sense.]
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Same thing.

[Well, sort of.]
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Hey, there are degrees of stalking that don't require twenty-four hour surveillance.
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Yes, but that doesn't matter.

[Not to her, anyway.]

So you're staking this guy out because... he does magic? [She's just trying to figure out his line of thinking, here.]
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[She pauses.]

Okay, that's fair.

Do you really think it's a good idea to be hanging around where he lives like this, then? He might take it as a threat.

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He hurt you before, but he's too much of a coward to do it again.


[She huffs.]
Whatever. Don't really care so long as you're not hurting anyone.

[Because then it'd just be annoying.]
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[She makes a face at that title.] Just "Rey" will do.

And will hold you to that. Because if something does happen-- [She jabs a finger in his direction.] --you'll be suspect.

[There might have been more levity in that "threat".]