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how can anything survive when these little minds tear you in two? [SEMI-OPEN]

Who: Rey, her Doppelgänger, and VARIOUS (includes both open and closed starters in the comments).
What: Following the train of separate open logs over the Dead Ringers event. The timeline in the link is relatively loose but it covers the gist of things.
Where: Several corners of Hadriel.
When: January 16th-25th.
Warnings: Violence. Possible death and implications of sexual assault/innuendo. Manipulation. Rey is not a happy person by any means and does not have a very happy background. Feel free to check out the permissions post if you have any concerns beforehand.
Notes: If you're tagging in an open prompt, please be sure to indicate which day of the week it is in the subject line! Also I'll try to match whichever format you fancy.

I. January 16th-20th

She was created out of air. Not a construct from a lab, melded together by flesh and cells donated by two exceptional genetic donors.

Oh, ho, ho, it's magic, you know,
Never believe, it's not so.

Magic. At one point her other half would have chided at the very suggestion of such a thing existing. But time breeds experience, and experience inspires intrigue. Intrigue which turns into a little bit of curiosity. After all, her time here is limited, before returning to the ether where all the constructs inevitably go. So what's the use in fretting over details and results?

No, this is fun. Too much so for it to be short-lived any more than it already is meant to be. Thus, she keeps her distance, following her other half for some time before deciding to deviate. Good thing Rey is not one to maintain a diverse wardrobe, as looking the part is simple enough. Walking the part, talking the part, being the part is simple enough. It isn't the first time she has had to.

The only difference is the usual weapons she bears are different. One would have to be observant enough to notice the long machete at her hip in place of the kukri, the blade dissimilar in shape and curve. She'll make use of it, sooner or later...

For now, she can be found in some parts of the city: By the river, in the groves, or in alleyways, hacking and slashing at the air from which she was formed. The swift motions cutting through with a whistle as the blade makes effortless strikes with trained precision.

Just be careful where you step. Wouldn't want to get cut, would we?

Would we?

II. Wildcard

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There are many ways to kill someone. For this situation, double Firo is certain that the best way to kill his original is to do it through the heart. Fortunately for him, the original has left plenty of obvious weak points in his cute little "family."

They seem like nice enough people, he guesses. If it weren't for their importance to his original, he might even want to hang out with them. Too bad. At least this means that he doesn't have to feign friendliness or good cheer when he spots Rey in the bar.

"Hey, Rey! Mind if I join you?"

He doesn't wait for an answer before he reaches for a drink and plops down beside her. They are, after all, good friends.
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Firo shrugs. "Nah. Just bored. There's not much goin' on here, you know? But I guess I should be grateful."

He holds the wine bottle out to her with one hand. "Are you gonna want any of this? Not that you don't seem to be doing a good job of finding your own."

Meanwhile, the hand closer to her stays out of sight behind their backs. He flicks that wrist, aiming to draw his knife and plunge it into her ribs in one smooth motion.

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[personal profile] wormintheglass 2017-01-19 04:04 pm (UTC)(link)
She loves the way Rey sits and holds herself: coltishly, deceptively graceful. She moves like a warrior; she moves like a wary child; often she moves like both at once.

Bianca stops very close, and strokes Rey's hair.

"Darling. You brighten my every waking moment."
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The grip on her wrist is like iron; this is a thing she loves about Rey, that Bianca couldn't break free unless she were allowed to. It makes her hearts flutter, something that couldn't be called fear but which tastes enough like it to savour.

She bends obediently, thinks of snapping necks, and watches Rey's eyes.

"I have all the time in the universe, precious one."

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Which is about when Sato - or rather, his double - steps out from behind one of the trees behind her, broad smile spreading across his face.

"I have to admit, this version of you is a lot more fun," he says pleasantly. "I thought you had the potential for it for some time, you know. But lately you've been a real spoilsport. Not really worth wasting any more time on you, now.

"I thought we should dump you in the river, but she insisted we do it this way," he adds with a shrug, by way of explanation for the hole.
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[personal profile] infinite1up 2017-01-27 12:56 am (UTC)(link)
Sato seems considerably less surprised, crouching at the edge of the makeshift coffin and reaching down to snag Rey's gun out of her stunned grip, a (by now) familiar but unseen force holding her down.

"Of course she would," he says, speaking to 'Rey' while looking down at the original. "She's a good killing machine, just like you are. If only she had any sense of fun, we could have had a grand time. But it wasn't to be," he sighs, almost sadly.

Actually glancing up at the double now, he adds, "I suppose you want to do the honors?"

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Given all he's had to put up with during the last couple of days, Nick has had it up to here with this double business. Maketh and Henry were both taken out early on, and Nick has no question what happened: one look at the bodies and the broadcast the fake Maketh had put out told him everything he needed to know about the latest trouble the gods were making. These twins apparently have enough of the original's mind to be able to fool people into thinking they are the real McCoy, leading innocent folks into whatever direction the gods want -- and knowing them, it can't be good.

It reminds Nick too much of the Commonwealth, too much of the Institute and their synth replacements, too much of what he is in relation to the man he used to be. It was something he'd hoped he'd never see come to pass in Hadriel, but here they are, with people paranoid of one another, and here he is, in charge of the Guard and wondering all the while if the doubles will be revived the same way their original counterparts presumably will. Or will Hope decide that one of each person is enough and just leave whichever one is lucky enough to survive against a their copy?

Nick sighs as he steps in the doorway to the home he shares with Rey -- while he may not sleep, he can almost feel the exhaustion in his metal bones. With him in charge of the Guard and trying to keep an eye on what's left of the headquarters, he's seen neither hide nor hair of any double of his own, nor of one of Rey... at least until now.

He expects her to be home; what he doesn't expect is the trail of filth leading through the den to the bathroom. It's unusual, and given the threat of copies wandering around and the images of brutalized Maketh and Henry still fresh in his mind, it puts the old synth on his guard. Rey could be a less than ideal roommate sometimes, but she didn't come in leaving a mess behind her unless it was an emergency. She's left lesser disasters when covered in her own blood.

Still, he can't help the concern in his voice as he follows the path to the bathroom door, one hand on his cane, the other in his coat at the ready.


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Also alone is Nick Valentine: detective, former cop, synth. He's a member of the Guard, someone who is willing to do what needs to be done to protect the people of Hadriel. These days, he's added the title of 'family man' to his list. Unfortunately, his family is currently buried somewhere, giving him a new descriptor: determined to find her if it kills him.

And it just might, given the way he's leaking coolant, leaving a trail behind him as he limps across the western bridge. Tranquility's little moped lot is in sight -- empty. Just his luck.

"Shit," Nick utters, looking down at himself to see how he's holding up -- given the stain from the hole in his middle that bleeds through to his shirt and pants, not good. While not alive, he can still feel certain degrees of pain as his sensory receptors fire one after the other, a sharp beeping in his head telling him he needs a better patch job than the one he managed to give himself after dealing with Rey's double. He didn't have time to do anything better than wrap some of his ruptured pipes with duct tape and hope for the best; his family is out there, somewhere, and he'll be damned if she dies on his watch.

At least the double left him enough clues to go on, had littered them throughout the house: a shovel like they stock at the orchard, fertilized soil rather than the parched dirt from the park. Now it's just a matter of getting there, finding her, digging her up... and not overheating until he does. With a sigh and a fiery look to the trees far in the distance, he gets moving again, one hand leaning on his cane, the other using the shovel as some kind of walking stick to help hold him up.

He might be alone for now, but he won't be for long.
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It's the trail Sharon spots and follows, having always had an insatiable curiosity along with what some might call compassion. The sight it leads her to is an even more curious one than what drew her in in the first place: Nick, one of the guardsman, leaning heavily on a cane and using a shovel to shuffle forward. He's a man on a mission and Sharon can't be too certain if it's a good one or not—the doubles weren't known for their niceties thus far.

"You look like you might need some help there," Sharon calls from some distance behind him, intent on not startling him and accidentally getting herself struck with a shovel or a cane. Or laser eyes, if he's got them (what, she hasn't the faintest idea of his skillset),"Not sure if I should call a doctor or a repairman, though."

In his state, it's unlikely he's a danger to her, even if he turns out to be a double, but she'll keep her distance until she's certain.

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January 17

[personal profile] ushahin 2017-01-20 06:43 am (UTC)(link)
The double has found this place to be simply delightful. It's so easy to go into someone's head and stir things up. Such a fragile thing the mind is. All it takes is one firm tap and it can shatter like a pane of glass. He's making his way through the city, soaking in all the little feeble minds of the people. They're so small and insignificant. It's like being surrounded by ants, things that wouldn't even be worth his time were he not trying to ruin Ushahin's life.

When he sees Rey's double, he looks her up and down. There's a subtle difference in this particular broken face, a lack of humanity and warmth that the real Ushahin exudes. Then he smirks in a way that makes it clear who he is. "Having fun yet?"
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[personal profile] ushahin 2017-02-08 02:18 am (UTC)(link)

His grin goes wider, more unbalanced than the real Ushahin would ever be. Such a nice thing, to be surrounded by so many minds that feel the same way that he does about ruining the other's life. "Do let me know if you desire any help. I plan on shattering a good many minds before our time here is over."

His ice cold claws are going to wrap around someone's head and tear into them until they are broken into little pieces. Only then will he leave them, scattered and traumatized if they are still alive to pick up the pieces.

so_dark_a_road: (we alone shall be)

Wildcard; January 21

[personal profile] so_dark_a_road 2017-01-21 02:53 am (UTC)(link)
[ Curufin and Rey meet just after she discovers her explosives cache is missing. By this point in the week, they should both be pretty nervous! I'm assuming this is after Maketh and Henry have been murdered. I can edit if you want any changes. ]

Curufin is trying to keep track of too many things at once. The dopplegangers are turning up in unexpected ways and places, people are disappearing, and the rumors are flying thick and fast. Curufin is carrying an armload of newly-forged weapons.

He sees one of his coworkers approaching, just as he crosses a street. "Rey?"
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so_dark_a_road: (in the unmeasured night #3)

[personal profile] so_dark_a_road 2017-01-24 06:19 am (UTC)(link)
It's as though she were sleep-walking. He reaches out a hand to steady her, and then when she steps back, he looks down into that scarred face with its distinctive green eyes.

"No problem. We are all a little distracted, these days." Six days into this strange interlude, and everyone is jumping at shadows or staring into space. "Are you all right?" Rhetorical question -- she doesn't look all right -- but meant to show concern.
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