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what is love? [OPEN/CLOSED]

Who: Rey and Maketh Tua + Nick Valentine and OPEN prompts to anyone who wants in on that small town wedding business.
What: An actual firefighter wedding turns into more of a shotgun wedding and not quite like how those movies usually end.
Where: The Park + Church.
When: The last day of Stepford Summer.

[ooc: Prompts will be in individual comments below. Some details of the plot are here and here, but feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

[Otherwise, feel free to assume that your character has received a wedding invitation and they're there... or square.]
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It's a big day; it's a rough day.

Nick has a lot on his mind as he looks himself over in the mirror, trying to make himself at least marginally presentable. It's not every day he's at a wedding, and definitely not every day that he gets to give away the bride. He's never really thought much of grand ceremonies and all the hullabaloo that goes on around them, but this isn't his party. It's Rey's, and while he couldn't be happier for her, he's still feeling weighed down by his own regrets. He pulls on the jacket of his tuxedo, then straightens the ring on his left hand.

He does that bit with a sigh. She wanted her to be here so badly. They both did.

But for as much as Undine is on his mind, he knows she's definitely on Rey's. The woman was her real mother, after all, not just a secondhand parent like he is. Still, despite that he and Rey aren't blood relations, they grow closer every day. They were even before Undine's death; hell, even before the marriage, he'd been trying to be some kind of a father for her, someone she could count on. They had to count on each other now; they're all they have.

Well, not for long, not as soon as the wedding is over and everything is made all official. There's something about that finality that has been a real point of contention with Rey lately, especially with the grief over her mother's death. While Nick would rather she turned to him than bury herself in the bottom of a liquor bottle, he can't say he doesn't feel it, too. He's had a lot of long nights just walking the empty streets, remembering the places he used to go with Undine. They'd sit on the front porch and just listen to the night all around them, walk hand-in-hand in the park and talk about the merits of robotics, steal kisses in the streetlights by the riverside.

Another sigh. Even thinking of the good times was hard when they were so heavy with sorrow, with remorse. There was so much he still wanted to say to her, things he's sure she knew, but now she'll never hear. They say time heals all wounds, but he's not sure this one is ever going to get any easier -- not for him, and not for Rey.

He straightens his tie as he spots Rey in the gazebo. Despite the activity buzzing all around them, she's found a moment alone. She looks like she needs it -- he knows that expression she wears, recognizes the invitation in her hands. Maybe it's not just Undine on her mind. That's why he goes over, his thumb rubbing idly at his wedding ring as he stops before her.

"You mind if I join you?" Nick asks quietly.
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"It's good to see you, too."

Nick returns that embrace readily, though he's careful where he puts his arms, doing his damnedest to not catch a cufflink on her dress or one of his joints in her hair. He'd hate to ruin all the hard work the ladies put into getting her gussied up for her big day. And yet, he can tell there's something amiss anyway. Maybe it's the old cop instincts, or maybe it's the father in him coming to the forefront, but Nick can tell there's more on her mind than just the wedding and who oughtta be there, but isn't.

He pushes out a sigh, his arms tightening on her as Undine crosses his mind. It's only been a few weeks since she passed; he still expects her to be waiting by the front door for him to come home, but there are times it feels like an eternity since he heard her voice. It's got to be worse for Rey, he's told himself time and time again. As much as he loved her, Undine was her mother. It's up to him to hold it together -- Rey has other things to worry about.

Finally pulling from her, Nick gives Rey a look-over and a smile. "Guess we both clean up nice. I'll be honest in that I wasn't sure this old thing would fit anymore, but I guess it's good for one more day."

Not that a man like him could outgrow a suit, but he figures that tuxedo of his is worth making light of.
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Nick knows that smile when he sees it -- the part where she avoids his eyes, too. He lets her fiddle with his tie, fixing it in a way he never quite manages to do with that metal hand of his. It's something her mother used to do for him, too.

He cocks his head to the side, his brow knitting. "Hey," he says quietly, low enough that no one passing by should hear them. "Talk to me, Rey."
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A quiet breath escapes Nick, one he didn't need, but took all the same. He could say a lot about not knowing what the hell to do when it comes to getting married -- the ceremony he had with Undine wasn't any big affair, but there was enough paperwork involved that he'd prefer to never go through it again. He's not sure he could, anyway. His heart probably couldn't take the inevitable end.

"I don't think a lot of folks know what they're doing when it comes to all the pomp and circumstance of a wedding, Rey," he says solemnly, placing his bare hand atop hers at his tie. "What's on your mind?"
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Nick's smile fades with Rey's, his expression lacing with concern as he watches her own features shift with uncertainty. "Maybe," he starts, his hand still atop hers. "Things have been off for a while now for both of us. Everything happened so fast with the wedding, and your mother..."

But even he's felt something is more amiss than that: it's been in the air in town for a week now, hanging over all of them like a coming storm. He dismissed that feeling at first, sure it was just grief still settling into his metal bones; however, the longer it's gone on, the more he can't shake the old instincts telling him that something is wrong.

It's not just vague feelings, either -- from the corner of his eye on his delivery route, he's sure he's seen rundown buildings that ought not be there, only for them to be as good as new when he looks their way. He's struggled with his memory lately, forgetting the faces of people he's supposedly known for years. There was even a day he strayed from his usual path around town and patrolled on the southern end, far from the usual places he goes... and yet, it felt so familiar, like he ought to be there.

He figured he'd deal with all that was bothering him after the wedding, but now that Rey brings it up, he can't help but feel that odd sense of paranoia gnawing at him once again.

"Maybe you are just nervous," he continues, "but I can't say you've ever struck me as the type to let that stop you. I might not be a cop anymore, but I still believe it's important to listen to your gut when it's trying to tell you something."
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It wouldn't be that odd of a question for someone else, someone who wasn't mechanical. Even now, it doesn't strike Nick as odd as it really should, save for the timing, but while he gets that inkling in his mind that there is something off about this whole thing, he can't put a finger on the reason why. He'll blame the wedding for now, the obvious choice; it will only be after he comes to his senses and realizes this idyllic life is just more of the gods' nonsense that he'll remember why it is he feels so apart from most of the people in Hadriel.

"Before her, yeah," he answers; there's a flicker of regret in his eyes that clearly says he doesn't want to talk about it -- not today, of all days. "It was a long time ago, before I met either one of you. Well before I knew your mom was the one for me."

His brow knits again as he squeezes Rey's hand. "Why? What's this all about?"

He shouldn't ask -- his instincts tell him not to, but he goes against them this time, hoping that putting it into words will help Rey sort out what's going on in her head. She's had moments like these for as long as he can remember; whatever is on her mind, he's there for her. They've got to be there for each other now -- Undine would have wanted that, and Nick wouldn't want it any other way, either.
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Telling Nick don't worry about it is a guaranteed way to get him to do just that, especially when those words are coming from his only family. Maybe it's cold feet, the type folks usually get when they're about to take a step into the deep end that is married life. It's not for everyone, and hell, not all goes well even for folks who think they are as prepared as they can be.

Then again, maybe it's something else. Nick feels in his gut that it is, but he can't place why. Maybe the old instincts are getting rusty, or maybe he's just a sentimental fool who's worried for his daughter on her big day, one where she's surrounded by everyone she loves, save for one notable absence.

Everyone she loves, though... hm. He doesn't like where his mind goes with that tangential thought -- that's definitely the cop in him getting anxious about that rust, for sure.


He puts his metal hand against her chin, tilting her face upward in the hopes she will meet his eyes.

"If there's something really bothering you about all this" — he cocks his head to the side, toward where final preparations are being made for the ceremony — "and you want to call it off for now, it's okay. It's been a hard time for both of us, and you only oughtta go through with this if you're good and ready, and that's if you're ever ready. Whatever the reason is, I'm on your side, Rey. You know that, don't you?"
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"You don't know why?" Nick asks, puzzled. He gives her a reassuring smile. "Because you're her daughter, Rey. She loved you more than anything else in the world, and no matter how much work she put into this wedding, I can guarantee she'd rather you be happy."

But it does strike him as beyond odd that she'd even say such a thing. Undine was Rey's mother; of course she'd have done anything for her, desite—

... despite what?

Nick's brow tightens just a fraction. Undine was absolutely Rey's mother, no question about it... then why did he question it just then? Why was there even a second of doubt in his mind, as though it'd have been reasonable for Undine to hold something against Rey, but chose not to? It must be something wrong with his processor, Nick insists inwardly, his memories not connecting in his head. Did something happen between Rey and Undine? Or was it between himself and Undine?

There's a flash of a memory he can't place, an image that's there for only an instant -- the riverside, blood in the water, a gunshot that rings in his ears. He'd say it came from a nightmare, but he doesn't sleep; he doesn't dream.

Not that he knows of.

Aware of his moment of distraction, he tightens his grip on Rey's hand, focusing on her to bring himself back to the present.
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Rey says she's happy, but that strained smile of hers says something else entirely, something he can't just blame on prenuptial jitters. She might be happy to have him there, but if he had to guess, she's not happy about much else at the moment.

And that's ultimately worrying. This wedding had a lot of love put into it by Undine in her final days, but Rey is the one who has to go through with it. She's the one who the day is really about -- not Undine. Nick has no doubt her mother would agree... but Rey's never been the type to put herself first. Undine knew it, Nick knows it -- hell, anyone who has seen how hard she works knows it. Even her husband-to-be probably knows.

"If you say so," he replies, giving her hand another squeeze as he gets ready to go. He doesn't release it quite yet.

"I've got to get back and make sure things are going all right with the preparations, but... if you're having second thoughts about all this, you know your mother would come back to haunt us both if you went through with it anyway, just for her sake."
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Park, pre-ceremony

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Curufin leaves work, double-checks the invitation to be sure of the time the event is supposed to start, dresses in his best, and hurries to Pleasant Park. He runs his hand through his unruly hair and gives his bow-tie a last tweak before he gets out of the car.

He looks around for Rey, making a fast circuit of the park, and he spots the bride in her finery sitting in the gazebo, gazing at the card in her hand. There is an expression of ineffable longing on her face.

He looks around. He doesn't see any of the bridesmaids, or for that matter, the bridegroom. He has a slightly uneasy feeling, and he doesn't know for sure where it is coming from. But he knows Rey, a longtime firefighter who has his respect, both for her courage and professionalism and on her own account, as a person of integrity. When they were both in high school but before he joined the Army, he had fantasies of being in her profession, but instead he took a completely different career path. He admires her for making the choice that she did and following through with it. He approaches.

"Rey, you're looking very beautiful. But. . . a little soulful. How are you doing?" His voice and his face are warm and sympathetic.
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That question of what is real and who is real is complex enough to puzzle even an Elvish seer. Which Curufin is not. He's just an Elvish craftsman. But he does ask those same questions, and they sometimes baffle him as well. Rey is such a credible person that he feels comfortable asking the important questions in her presence, especially if they concern her.

"Oh. . . I'm sure it could be worse," he answers. "A rock from outer space could come careening down and reduce your gazebo to rubble and the town to a smoking crater!" He smiles. "But things don't have to be that bad to be. . . a little troublesome. Is something troubling you?"
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Oh, that laugh. The sound of trouble.

"What isn't the way it should be?" he asks.

Not that he doesn't have an intimation of unreality himself. He's happy in his life here, for the most part, but he's restless and he keeps having dreams and imaginary conversations with his brother Maglor about the sea. If Rey is having vague intimations that something should be different, he is going to be listening closely. You betcha.
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She sounds like she means it.

"All of it?" He nods. There is no denial in his tone, only acknowledgement. Yes, weddings should be happy, and yet, Rey is not happy.

There is something in the air. No, even more than that. It is something that is everywhere.

"Have you ever. . . felt as though all of this. . . " He gestures to everything around them, the park, the gazebo, the surrounding town, the green hills into which the town is nestled, the very sky with its dreamy wisps of cirrus cloud. ". . . is not, well, real? As though it were a backdrop curtain on a stage, or a stage set in a movie? And found yourself wondering what would be there if you tore it away, or down?"
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She's dressed herself carefully, a plain blue dress and flats, hair hanging loose down her back. The sort of thing Emily would approve of - has, in fact, helped to create. The dress is perfectly presentable, her hair pinned and hanging just so. Nothing is out of place. And yet--

It's not supposed to be like this.

She sees Rey, in the veil, looking lost and--


She stands. Her voice is sharp and clear.

"Rey! Is this what you want?"
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Strangely, she's not afraid. Up until a moment ago, Maketh had felt uneasy and out of place. A stranger among these people she ought to know. But among the crowd, only Rey feels simple. Rey is exactly how she ought to be, except for this moment is wrong.

Maketh straightens her shoulders. Stands up tall.

"This isn't right. You know that."
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Maketh goes to her without thinking, putting her hand on Rey's arm. It's always been Rey to her, never that other name that everyone else is whispering, scandalized (Fiona, Fiona, Fiona). It doesn't matter. It's not real. It's not supposed to go like this. She knows it with bone-deep certainty. Maketh shivers. Lifts her head high.

If there's fear, she doesn't feel it.

"Let's get out of here."
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They kiss. They kiss and it's not fireworks or world ending joy, but it feels right. Maketh takes a breath. Lets it go. And nods.


She kicks off her heels so she can follow. She thinks she'd follow Rey just about anywhere, now.
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Now that the madness has actually been done, it feels less like madness and more like the inevitable conclusion of a successful operation. None of it was planned, none of it was rehearsed, and yet Maketh feels no regret. No part of her second-guesses this.

It feels inevitable now that it's been done. The easiest thing in the world.

She follows Rey silently, standing in the doorway. She doesn't know Carlisle well. It's possible he won't react well.

Nonetheless, this part too will be done. It's been decided.

"Hello, Carlisle."
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Carlisle doesn't stir from the first poke or two; however, once he does open his eyes, 'not reacting well' would be putting it lightly. The clergyman is simply startled at first as Rey rouses him from his sleep -- his eyes crack open and he sits up, looking as dazed as a man who might have napped through an appointment.

"Wh- what? What is it? What time—"

His voice dies as he looks to the window; it's dark outside. They dart back to the women, but stop midway on the bottles -- evidence of his shame -- littered all over the floor.

And there comes the guilt. He stumbles to his feet, which knock into some of the bottles, causing them to roll and clink together as he tries to straighten his vestments.

"Oh! Oh ah- sorry sorry sorry. I just- th-th-this is nothing! Nothing, just. A mess. Just a mess. Unrelated to anything, really. Was doing some cleaning and found these old things just- just lying about. Need to dispose of them, that's all. What can, ah."

He adjusts his glasses, running a hand through his disheveled hair to smooth it as he recognizes the two who've barged into his office in the dead of the night.

"Ah, Miss Rey. And um. Officer Tua, I believe? Weren't- weren't you getting married today?"

He asks that of Rey; he has no idea that's why they're there.
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Maketh abandons the doorway to stand next to Rey. It's important to do this properly, and to commit fully.

Deliberately, she takes Rey's hand in hers.

"Someone will be married, yes."
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That initial response is immediate, said in an oh, that's nice sort of fashion rather than one of comprehension. It's a second later as Carlisle's eyes trail down to their entwined hands that he realizes just what that favor they need is, and who he's doing it for.

"Oh. Oh, th- that's what- ah." The clergyman tugs at his collar nervously, his gaze flicking back to the ladies before him, meeting their faces with polite trepidation. "I- I suppose I could accommodate you in the morning, if you'd like to, ah. Come back and make an appointment for a proper ceremony."
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"Marry us," Maketh says softly. She could give it as an order, but that wouldn't be right. And she wants to do this part right. "Please."
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Carlisle's eyes go from Rey to Maketh, and back again.

"Er... right. Well." He wrings his hands together, his lips pulled into an apprehensive grin. "I suppose I could, ah. Get the papers ready tomorrow." Emphasis on that last word. He slides away from them toward his desk, rifling through the cabinet beside it until he finds what he's looking for: a leather-bound journal, the parchment inside yellowed, but as official as he is.

"See, I'll have to write the documents, and then you both sign them, and then I sign them, and then it's done. We would like to do this, er... as properly as possible, of course."

He says that, fully realizing that these ladies broke into his office after presumably calling off Rey's wedding, considering that Officer Tua is most certainly not the fellow he was sure she was marrying.
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Except for Rey's hand in hers, the whole thing almost feels anticlimactic. It comes down to paperwork, of all things, and Maketh fights back laughter. Paperwork. Of course.

"We will wait," she agrees softly, covering her smile with her free hand.
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They insist they'll wait; they end up doing that for at least another several seconds as Carlisle inwardly hems and haws over what to do. It really isn't proper wedding protocol for two people to break into the church in the dead of the night -- one of whom was supposed to be married to someone completely different that day -- and demand he write a marriage license right there and then.

And yet, here they are, Rey and Maketh standing hand-in-hand, awaiting the aforementioned license. Carlisle clears his throat, as though that might make them reconsider somehow, and when it clearly doesn't, he eases uncomfortably into his chair and draws his pen, flipping to an empty page.

"Right. Guess I'll, ah. Get started."

And so he does. It's going to take him a while, given it's a rather lengthy document, but when all is said and done, they'll be wed, no matter what anyone else may think.

"Are 'Rey" and 'Maketh Tua' your legal names?" he asks as he gets to the blanks he's drawn. He continues scrawling hastily, not realizing that he's written goddess and Clarity rather than the name of the deity the gods have created for this illusionary world.