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"I love it when a plan comes together!"

Who: Members of the City Guard, Sato, and a few others
What: Catchall for everything associated with Assault on Guard HQ
Where: City Guard HQ
When: From after Sato's network post through the next morning.
Warnings: Many violences, much death (likely mostly Sato's), wow.
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Since Nick's going to deal with Firo, while Sato's down and they've realised he's got someone trying to reset him, Henry can quite literally block the bullets (he has an OP shield ability) to keep Sato down?

I can offer plain old traditional KO unless another Guard member wants to get involved. We want everyone involved, so!
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Just chiming in that yep, Nick will be attempting to deal with Firo! He might not get the gun or be able to dissuade him, but he might be able to distract him long enough for the others to get Sato down without him getting a reset.

(Though if Henry or Maketh wants to follow up on why Nick isn't down there at the HQ later, since he does seem like the type who would defend the Guard no matter what, I'm down!)
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Iiiit probably wouldn't go well if Henry did it due to the whole hatred of deescalation tactics thing, which isn't necessarily a no, but really depends on what you're after, LMAO
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Hey! So I've been incredibly out of loop since personal stuff has kept me pretty much away from RP at around the time all of this is going down. I'm working on reintegrating myself now, but it looks like most stuff has already been plotted so... I won't try to worm my way in and over complicate things, haha. Just know that if you need further help removing Sato from the picture or safeguarding the HQ, Glacius can either freeze him (literally), construct defensive barriers, or any other host of things. If you need anything else feel free to hit me up, otherwise I'll just stay out of the way of everything and assume he was off dealing with some of the rabble-rousing or what have you. :]b
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No prob, man, the holidays are a busy time for most people! I understand. Anyways, barricading the HQ sounds perfect to me--as does pursuing further CR further down the line! Glacius doesn't have much in the way of negative or even wary CR, so this will be a refreshing change of pace. If you have any specific ideas as to how you'd like them to meet up next I'm all ears, otherwise I will keep an eye open for open starters. :>b

Just for my own reference, do you think Glacius would recognize Sato from the HQ attack? Or was it mostly his shadow causing the mayhem?

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rey's contribution

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* Rey has submitted a report on Sato to the Guard, dated a few weeks back. (Rather, she submitted a "report" and Nick corrected it so that it's actually a more helpful, informative report.)

* Sato does not know of Rey's role with the Guard and she intends to keep it that way. In general she has been on the down-low with her position for this reason.

* She's enough aware of Sato's IBM to know that it's going to be nearby. She doesn't know what it is exactly or what it looks like, but she has seen it tear up a bunch of Working Joes in the tunnels.

* Since she is going to try handling the IBM via heat manipulation, unless anyone wants to become a crispy critter, she is going to try and keep its focus on her. She intends to go in coated in samandrine (a toxic, oily substance that secretes from her skin when her body reaches a high temperature), which will pretty much obscure her, but she'd be giving the Guard a heads up so they don't attack that other weird black thing.
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the "friend"

[personal profile] foundafamily 2016-12-18 04:23 am (UTC)(link)
Aforementioned sniper friend here! As it says above, Firo'll be focusing on resetting Sato when it's needed. Other than that he'll mostly be hanging back to let him do his thing, though he'll fight back if someone comes after him. Let me know if anyone wants to work stuff out for that!

Side note: he's immortal too, though in a way that's a little different from Sato. Similarly, he can still be incapacitated.
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[personal profile] synthedick 2016-12-18 07:56 am (UTC)(link)
Nick is proooobably not going to be down near the Guard HQ, since Rey is going to try her hand at convincing him not to go, so if no one else takes you up on the catching-the-sniper duty, Nick could maybe spot him from afar and go to is position for a friendly* chat.

*"I am disappoint"
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[personal profile] foundafamily 2016-12-18 03:29 pm (UTC)(link)
I'd love this! :D (Rey might drop by to tell Firo to scram, but he's still going to stick around in spite of that. So he'll be there.)

He's probably not going to be dissuaded by anything short of a fight or being incapacitated. But even if Nick just wants to talk, maybe that could keep Firo from shooting long enough for the guard to do their thing? Or I'm up for working out a way for Nick to take the weapon or something. Either way, I'd like to work something out if you're still game!

Sorry, Nick :<
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[personal profile] synthedick 2016-12-18 04:32 pm (UTC)(link)
Nick is absolutely the type to go for talking over fighting, so him maybe distracting Firo long enough for the rest of the Guard to do their thing could work! He'll put up a fight if he has to (that'll go over swell with Rey) but he'll most likely try to get the weapon from him.

Either way, I'm down to see where it goes! Nick has kind of cautious trust in Firo due to his connection to Rey and Muscovy, so this'll be interesting either way!
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Cool! Sounds good to me. For all his brattiness towards Nick, Firo'd be hesitant to instigate a fight with him since Rey's so fond of him. So this'll definitely be fun, haha. He might get a bit scrappy to keep up appearances, because he has a reputation to think about, but if it came to that he'd be up-front to Nick about what he was doing.

I can write up a starter for this and link it to you here--hopefully I can get that done today. Edit: here it is!
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Bianca's contribution

[personal profile] wormintheglass 2016-12-18 12:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Bianca is involving herself for two reasons: one, no one threatens her girlfriend and two, she's an adrenaline junkie with some heightened rage issues to work off.

she has two things that might help: one is a staser pistol with a stun setting and the other is mind control, but she has to be in touching distance for that.

basically she'll do whatever Rey suggests, unless someone tries to deescalate conflict in which case she may berserk a bit.
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Henry's contribution

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Guard strategising notes:

- The Guard have two healing trinkets of their own, given by Kate to Henry for their use.
- Being a talented and experienced medieval knight, Henry can give a detailed rundown (and demonstration) of the use and weaknesses of all the medieval weapons in Sato's displayed stockpile for anyone who isn't as familiar with them.
- On the other hand, Henry is afflicted with a hatred of deescalation tactics which is probably best discovered in planning before the actual battle... s-sorry...

Combat-wise, Henry is essentially a damage mitigation/reflect tank. He's only human, but he's a top calibre knight in heavy armour with a powerful shield ability: while it's sustained he blocks all damage (physical and magical), reflects the brunt of the damage that would have been dealt back onto the attacker and momentarily stuns them.
While Maketh has been teaching him, he's still fairly unfamiliar with firearms and explosives.

I'm not sure how many people will be involved (Is it just Sato? Are there more people to subdue?) but he'll stick to close-quarters fighting on the frontline. So let's plot :)
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I'll almost feel bad if half the Guard is just beating on Sato. ALMOST. He does deserve it... and brought it upon himself...
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Maketh's Contribution

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Despite not being a combat specialist, Maketh has managed to acquire some decent weapons and armor since arriving in Hadriel. She's toting Lilith's sniper rifle, a suit of Mandalorian body-armor (like this), so she can take and dish out some punishment. AND, despite some truly ineffective storm troopers, has a few tricks for dealing with people who have powers.

She's going to suggest rigging the ground near the guardpost with shock traps that, while painful, don't usually kill anyone straight out, as well as making life miserable for anyone who tries to get in close. Just about every bobby-trap she knows is going to make an appearance.

Have fun. She's going to play mean.
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[personal profile] mismanagement 2016-12-18 05:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh yeah. This is what the Empire uses on Jedi. And they work more often than not.

Sure! I'll get that up later today.